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    I was born in a family of witness. My grandfather (mum's side) was a circuit overseer. Dad was an elder. I was taught from infancy, though i came to make the truth my own when i was 16.

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    I love soccer and laughing.
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    The Bible
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  1. So sad. I can't wait for the time when News of this nature will be no more.
  2. Ok, here the situation is very bad. But one thing is for sure. WE HAVE FOOD, COVERING AND SHELTER IN MOST CASES.
  3. Are you sure you want to know about the economy in an African country?
  4. It is so sad. My heart goes out to my brothers and sisters there. I wish they could just leave the country and go somewhere else as refugees. My heart bleeds for my sisters who have been raped. It is such a horrible thing to do to someone.
  5. Wooow, this is beautiful brother John. Please brother John, adopt me, and my wife, and my children. We want to come and live there.
  6. This is beautiful. I love the new look.

  7. Things like ENTERTAINMENT are matters of conscience. I strongly doubt if at any point we will be told specifically what to watch or not. We use Bible principles when selecting entertainment. For example, i love watching soccer, but i have chosen not to watch from stadia. I watch from my tv even when my favorite team is playing in my home city. At such events, people are emotional, violent, they use bad language etc. I do not want to be exposed to such an environment. Talk of a concert, are we sure of all the songs that will be played there? Now we should be able to use our trained conscience to make decisions. We can not expect a LAW in that regard.
  8. I workt in a Laboratory in a Copper Mine as Lab Technician. My job is to analyse copper content at various stages of mining process. Though am more of material coordination for my department. making sure that the lab has enough material to use.
  9. Dont you think you are a little too young to be a teacher? 2 years that is infancy..
  10. We are about to start our family worship right now. Frankly am heart broken. We planned to sing tonight. Maybe this will cheer me up. I know Jehovah does not lose. I hope to be strong, i want to be an example to my wife. I feel like just going to bed and cry.
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