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    Working on it!
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    Western United States
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    My best friends Mom was studying. It made sense. My best friend and I started going to the meetings, and out in then door to door work. We were baptized the next year. Had no personal bible study. Have you any idea just how wonderful things are today, vs. what happened in the early 60's?
    But I do consider my self so blessed. So blessed....

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    My life in the truth, and all it entails. My husband, though not in the truth yet is a big part of my life. Plus, I love the outdoors, good hard work, and our dogs and cats. Outside, I am a dog person, inside, a cat person. We have 4 dogs, and 3 cats. One of those cats is mine. Batgirl. She is asleep right by me on the couch. I am hers, too.
  • My favorite books
    Of course, our theocratic literature. Beyond that, fiction, Clive Cussler. Not in depth literature. e. e. Cummings is one of my favorite poets. Not much time for that though.
  • My favorite music
    Eclectic. Late 40's and 50's country music. Mandy Patinkin is one of my most favorite singers. I pretty well enjoy music. In the new system, I will have a great singing voice, learn to play the violin, and go from there. Oh, Jeanette McDonald and Nelson Eddy.
  • My favorite movies
    Older musicals, Finding Nemo, Star Trek, Documentaries.
    Television. Doc Martin, Antique Roadshow, A movie, if I can find a decent one. Not much television.

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  1. Okay, this is just beautiful, and, I want to learn to do it, so, here I am! Did not know it existed.
  2. Help! I’m in jail. JWTalk jail. I toss black hearts into our friends comments. I cannot quote, and I cannot reply. And, my brain was full. It is draining. Cryptic, I know, but...

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    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Able to comment. Yippee. 

    3. Dismal_Bliss


      Slow internet connection maybe? 

    4. GrumpysWife


      That was happening to me after the Google Chrome update. I had to delete the app after I cleaned out all cookies. Then did a reinstall, refusing any updates.

  3. Sorry. I’m paranoid. I do not trust them with what brain cells I have that are still functioning!
  4. GI heard some study in Europe where they are saying cell phones will be the next tobacco. To keep the things away from, especially soft tissue. Women putting phones in bras, and even men putting them in pockets. If this is true, men, do not put them in front or back pants pockets. Same for all of us, I guess. It was a talk at a university. We do not put them near our heads. Use the speaker phone. It’s just a mess. When we had no electricity, except what we made, I could listen to the radio. With all systems off. Now, we are like everyone else. I think if we could see what’s in the air, transmitting... We live rural, so, pretty much, it’s just the stuff we make that we have to deal with. But, I’m driving down the highway, and the car tells me the speed limit. What’s that about? Bluetooth next to my brain? Does not sound good.
  5. My self-reminder. Earthy governs, good, bad, indifferent. Not my business. Don’t think about it, even. Or, the mouth will betray me! 

    And, Jehovah. 

  6. 1 Samuel 21: 13-15. David was feigning insanity, and Achish said the words of vs. 15. The Insight book said Achish let him go because he had no need for a, “harmless idiot”. Off David went!
  7. We had the CO’s visit this week. He said that, historically, when Jehovah’s people are persecuted, that they are really helped by Jehovah, in Those countries. He named some of them. And he said that, undoubtedly we will get the same sort of reports from Russia. Special help from our Father. We need to continue to pray for them, and use the integrity shown by them as an example when things start to roll in this country. Or whatever country you are living in right now, with relative freedom. It’s coming, and it is a grand opportunity to show our support for all that Jehovah has done for us, and will do for us. His final talk was on endurance. And how we can do that with joy.
  8. I know. Part of our job at the hall are the hinges, etc, in the restrooms. I found we take a lot for granted. Like the chairs really are connected to the cement floor. (We got two task sheets)
  9. I’ve printed this out. I thank you, kind brother. Can ournassociates make a difference in our life? Yes, they can. This is a prime example.
  10. Victoria, my dear, precious sister. Don’t give thought to this. Pray for them, as we pray for you. Satan would like nothing more then to frighten and intimidate us. This is a fact. Jehovah is with you dear ones. He is fully aware, and he will take care of it in a proper way. Concentrate on the blessings you have been promised. I did read this, but, with so much of the news today, I see headlines, and move on. I don’t want deatails. But, these are my brothers and sister. And I need to be aware, so I can pray for them, and you, too. We will pray for you to have strength and integrity. Concentrate on the good promises Jehovah has given us. Not one has failed to come true. Not one.❤️❤️❤️
  11. Oh, I imagine we have stories to tell. Our mistake was building it as we lived in it! It’s quite comfy, but, um, some of the details...missing!
  12. Finish building the house we’ve been working on for 30 years. Put a little of it away. And give the majority of it to you name it. I’d start with Jehovah’s organization. Look for any local needs in the congregation. Then, figure out how much I could get by sending to Venezuela. Maybe really discreetly to see if any of my three kids had a desperate need. ( they all are good at taking care of themselves, and their families) As they should be. Not much would change in my life. We are not well set, financially, but try to make the best of what little we do have. And we go without nothing we need. My idea of being comfortable, financially, have enough to live on, and enough to share. That, we do.
  13. Your tribulations way heavy on our hearts! We pray for the friends here in Warwick, NY. and will continue to pray!

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    2. Gregexplore


      I have a feeling that I missed something, because because of no clue what is happening.

      Whatever it is, my support is here as well. :hugs:

    3. Carmen Endean

      Carmen Endean

      HI Gregexplore, that was a comment made when someone asked to pray for our brothers in Venezuela.  Here in Warwick our hearts are heavy.  I know that i pray for them all the time.  May Jehovah be with them and all of us in these last hours of this wicked system of things.

    4. booboo


      Me too🤔

  14. Wow! 5000 posts! :thumbsup:

    1. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Um, thanks. I have mixed feelings about it, but I do enjoy this site. It has actually  add a difference in my life. Love you all💕💕💕💕

    2. rocket


      Ask Tortuga how duct tape feels. :lol1:Congratulations !

    3. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      I was a bit concerned, then I checked you know who’s status. Mr. Almost 20,000! I relaxed!😂😂😂😂

  15. You come up with astounding facts, my dear brother. Your brain, a fully working gift.
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