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  1. In Dutch too. There was an anouncement made in our meeting that Bethel send a letter to the congregations here in the Netherlands that there were some difficulties with the jwlibrary app in some languages. So I think Portugese is one of the other languages. They hope it will soon be solved. Today, wednesday....still not working...We'll be patient 😏😄
  2. Songbook Sing Praises (Ssb) Song 133 Sowing Kingdom Seed (Matthew 13:4-8, 19-23) 1. O come, all you slaves of Jehovah Most High, Who’ve given your heart to your God. Come out to the work he’s entrusted to you; Walk pathways your Master has trod. The seed of God’s truth you’ve been given to spread On soil that is able to yield Fine fruit to God’s praise if you faithfully work And you do your full share in the field. 2. True, some of your seed by the wayside may fall, Which Satan’s birds likely will eat, While other seed often on rocky soil lands, To wither from enemy heat. Both worries and greed are like thorns that can choke Your seedlings before they mature. However, some seed is quite likely to fall On the soil that is good, fine, and pure. 3. How much of your seed falls on soil that is fine May often depend much on you. With patience and love you can thwart Satan’s birds, Reduce persecution’s heat too. By being alert you may ward off the thorns, By measures some gentle, some bold. And thus with rejoicing you can hope to reap At least thirty if not hundredfold.
  3. John 3:20 = " For whoever practices vile things hates the light and does not come to the light, so that his works may not be reproved."
  4. An interesting article on this subject is W87 7/15 pg 29. " ... It is also of interest to note the definition given to the word "fanatic" by Webster's Third New International Dictionary, 1961 edition. It says: 'Fanatic - Latin, inspired by a deity. 1. possessed by or as if by a demon; broadly: crazed, frantic, mad. 2. governed, produced, or characterized by too great zeal: extravagant, unreasonable; excessively enthusiastic, especially on religious subjects.' "...Why, then, has fanaticism been so common in Christendom? The apostle Paul indicated that the time would come when imitation Christians would appear. They would bear the name Christian but not live up to it or produce its good fruits." Paul himself once was a fanatic persecutor of Christ’s followers. What made him fanatic? cj chapt. 3 pg 129: reasonable : "..Saul (Paul) directed by worldly wisdom, was misled by unreasoning fanaticism before he became a Christian. (Acts 9:1,2; Gal. 1:13,14)."
  5. Brother Jackson gave an example of the new translation. In english you have the expression ‘to exercise faith’ - that’s because the word ‘faith’ is not a verb so you have to use a verb to express that word in an active way. For example: you cannot say I faith you – but: I have faith in you. But in Dutch we have the word for faith (geloof) but also the verb (geloven). Our old bible-translation was more of an english-dutch translation. Our translators back then used the exact translation for the english ‘exercise faith’ which is ‘geloof oefenen’ in stead of using the verb ‘geloven’. That makes it a little bit strange for outsiders to understand that expression. In Dutch the word ‘to exercise’ (oefenen) has the connotation of exercising as in a fitness-centre. So, when explaining the need of a more accurate translation, br. Jackson was on the stage making movements as if he was jogging – to show how you may have understand the expression ‘geloof oefenen’ (exercising faith) as if you physically have to exercise to have faith. The audience burst into laughter – especially when the interpreter made more gymnastic movements while translating. By the way, it was a blast to hear br. Jackson. He made so many jokes - we were almost constantly laughing. An unforgettable event it was. I’ll give you my own example: Rom. 10:10 : “For with the heart one exercises faith for righteousness, Old translation:” want met het hart oefent men geloof tot rechtvaardigheid New translation: “Want voor rechtvaardigheid moet je geloven met je hart Aahh….so much better and more beautiful…it comes right in our heart. Thank you Jehovah.
  6. Even though English is not my native tongue (thank you Google Translate ) I always feel free to write down some comments - because I know we're between loving and understanding brothers and sisters. I learn so much from your comments and deep insight and I pass it on to my friends. Thank you all.
  7. I was thinking that this can be a learning moment for us if we find ourselves in a situation of any kind of terror. We can prepare ourselves not to panic but to stay calm and to obey every instruction of the brothers even if it seems odd to us. Our God given calmness and peacefulness is even an outstanding mark of us as Jehovah's true people. Our state of tranquility will even triggered Gog of Magog to attack us. Ezech. 38:11= ...I will come against those living in security, without disturbance...
  8. I just saw it on the news. Thank you for sharing this. My prayers are with you. May Jehovah help you all there to stay calm and have trust in him.
  9. Aha..that is the icon for History! Thank you. I always wondered why there's no History icon as in Android.
  10. Does anyone know why in several other languages(Dutch,German,French etc) it's called: Ezri- an introduction to Ezra?
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