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  1. Hi John, I'm having a senior moment and can't find 'media' under jw.org. thanks
  2. Thank you. I tried it again and was able to put it up on the monitors. Didn't try with multiple pictures yet. Thanks again
  3. Good morning Deric, I recently installed VLC on the hall computer. That is as far as I got. I tried opening a picture and it didn't come through as a full screen and didn't stay on the screen. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. Maybe if Scotty had all his thrusters it wouldn't have taken so long...
  5. I'll sell you the RIGHT answer for $15.....sorry couldn't resist.
  6. I don't care what anyone says, that's funny. Lol
  7. I agree Brian. I used talks for years and when our cobe started using KHS, so I did too. It really helps us keep on the same page.
  8. Amen to that. Last January I had bilateral knee replacement and can vouch for the benefits of therapy. I had some very good help. I am really glad I did them both at once. I couldn't imagine going back after 3 months to go through it all again like Lynn'so brother in law.
  9. Hi Jamie, I was curious as to how some are able to get a look at the publications before it goes up on JW. ORG? Thank you
  10. Brother Tim, Just like other parents who have children who no longer serve Jehovah, I can feel your pain and discouragement. Obviously, I don't know your circumstances or what you did or didn't do in raising your daughters. I can only assume you did your best. That having been said, even if you didn't do all you could have done, your daughters still were exposed to the truth and had the opportunity to make it their own. Think of the experiences of young teenagers who find the truth and their parents violently oppose them, even destroying their books and kicking them out of the house. The difference is in the heart condition. Not always what we as parents do or don't do. Our experience as parents bears this out somewhat. Our son and his wife are BSCC graduates and regular pioneers and he is an elder. Our oldest daughter and her husband are pioneers. One of our daughters is regular at meetings but a low hour publisher. Our youngest daughter has been disfellowshipped for 4 years. Through 45 years of parenting, I've learned that parents can get too much of the blame and too much of the credit for how their children turn out. Finally, please don't be too hard on yourself and keep hoping and praying for your daughters.
  11. Carlos, my brother. I have been meaning to post and compliment you your fantastic input and contributions to this forum. I am still a little in awe of how really worldwide our group is. When I read of solutions to problems, either personal or technical, it shows how much love and concern our brothers and sisters have for each other and you are outstanding at this. Thank you. I'm finally writing this because of your suggestions about floating Bible and moon reader. I have both on my tablet but seldom use Floating Bible. I might try to use it more now. Thanks again
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