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  1. Here’s what happens when you give bears chocolates Glenn, you might run into him at your local supermarket binge !
  2. The article mentioned that this is a low-profile ranch style design compatible with the existing neighborhood in Menifee California.
  3. http://www.menifee247.com/2021/02/public-hearing-will-address-request-for-new-kingdom-hall.html
  4. Hi Sis Gabe, how have you been ? Wondering is Sambucca the same or better than Ouzo ? Have you tried Sambucca “Con la mosca” or “With the fly” 3 coffee beans added ? We stopped in Rhodes Greece back in 04 on a Mediterranean cruise. Ouzo was free flowing in the tourist section...what a treat !
  5. No conflict here Cheryl, thanks for sharing the article. Not too long ago in the oil refineries, the old timers mentioned that benzene was widely used as a solvent/degreaser and was commonly used by pipe fitters, welders and machinists to clean their hands and tools with benzene, at the end of their shifts. “Nothing worked better”. My supervisor was diagnosed with leukemia, and here supervisor succumbed to cancer, along with a whole lot of others. Benzene was even detected in 5 different well known brands of soda. It’s shocking that it is still being used in consumer products. Your vodka sanitizer sounds real good...with a little bit of orange juice.
  6. Thanks for sharing the article, we’ve enjoyed most of the herbs that you mentioned in Thai curries, Vietnamese pho, and lemongrass dishes at a very packed local asian cuisine restaurant, before the pandemic. Isn't it amazing that our carnivorous pets even enjoy tasting herbal treats every once in awhile.
  7. Actually Sis. Anne, it probably was just fine, the first time i used arugula in a fresh green juice, I thought the same, that it was spoiled. It is very bitter, almost up there with collard greens. Both are extremely healthy, but with intense flavor.
  8. Oh yeah...Garlic , lightly broiled served over salmon, and in some asian recipes prepared with ginger, and used most generously in some of our favorite italiano dishes. Technically garlic is still a vegetable, huh ?
  9. John Cougar Mellencamp, Indiana’s Heartland Rocker, utilizing the fiddle, hammer dulcimers, autoharps, accordions, electric guitar, and percussion. Achieving many honors and accolades.
  10. That looks so delectable scrumptious ! I envy the poor chicken that you are having over to go swimming in the curry and freshly made marinade, this weekend. If we only lived a little closer...we sure miss the get togethers with our brothers and sisters, thanks for sharing...


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