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  1. Regeneron is not a convalescent plasma therapy. Regeneron's antibodies are made in a laboratory, so they're expressed in some mammalian cell line in an incubator. Then it gets grown up and then purified out of the cells there. Almost all medical options are a conscience matter. Based on this brief internet search, I would have no problem taking it.
  2. Fauci is a good man. We've all be learning about this new virus shoulder to shoulder with everyone else. The vaccines are all new and we've had to wait for data to come in, and now we can use that data to tweak the reliable vaccination program so it can be even more awesome.
  3. But if someone isn't techy enough to know how to make such an edit, it's really not a big deal. This isn't a rule of any kind.
  4. We had been using wireless boom mics for a few years before the pandemic. Our sister congregation wouldn't touch them, lol
  5. At the time, J&J proved that it worked and was safe and effective, albeit not as effective as the mRNA vaccines. In the effort to end the pandemic, we wanted everyone to get vaccinated ASAP. There was no way Pfizer and Moderna alone could keep up with the demand back then. Vaccines aren't wildly popular, in case you haven't noticed, lol. So "one and done" was certainly appealing to huge amounts of people.
  6. The FDA has determined we don't, to the Chagrin of Pfizer who would love to keep the government money flowing towards them, lol. The FDA has permitted boosters for high-risk individuals, namely, the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions that make them high risk of death. T Cells, if I recall. Now the FDA might approve boosters for everyone in our efforts to put an end to the pandemic, but over the long term this coronavirus will just become a common cold like the other 4 human coronaviruses that circulate the globe because everyone will have been exposed one way or another - Through the risky form of catching the actual virus, or the safe and effective way by means of these awesome vaccines.
  7. At the risk of sounding like a stiff-necked Israelite, Zoom is like manna. Sure, it fills the hole, but I sure miss the spiritual banquets we filled up on at the Kingdom Hall. Anybody could tyoe those words at any time or day in the year and it would always be true, lol. Antibodies begin to go down. But your body now retains the information on how to fight a future infection and can produce future antibodies rapidly. Immunity is not dependent on the concentration of antibodies in your blood. Yes, it will anxious for some, exciting for others. Change is strange for all personality types.
  8. So far just 2 regarding the News article containing the announcement. The one from a month ago though was about wondering when we'll go back doesn't fit the bill. Done It says "Down & Under" on her Displayed Location. We're handing out an extra day of everlasting life to the first person who can guess where that is
  9. FDA (F as in Food) wants to lower salt intake - Good. FDA (D as in Drug) wants smokers to try safer alternatives in their efforts to give up the habit - Also Good.
  10. Moved to General Discussion since this post isn't about a personal issue.
  11. Hmm, let's see... there's a discussion on JWTalk about Governing Body Update #8. Do you think I should watch it first before joining the discussion? 🤔 Ironically, literally nothing has been spoiled yet.
  12. I've been using the Surface Pro 3 since 2014 (?). I love it very much. It was convenient to doodle on, have customers sign contracts, sign PDF's etc, and of course take to meetings. All until I cracked that screen that is. It wasn't powerful enough to edit video though, which I learned during one of my YouTube stints. Nor was it good for music production using Ableton software. So I had to use a desktop for that, which I eventually gave to my son to use for gaming. So I wanted something with power when I needed it, but I still love the tablet form factor and the pen. I looked into getting a 2-n-1 but hated feeling the keys under my fingers when I flipped it around into tablet mode. This new device looks to marry the laptop and tablet in a unique way and I won't feel the keys the way this folds down. It should have power when I need it (rare). I get 60 days to play with it. If I decide it's not for me I'll swap it for a Surface Pro 8
  13. I cracked the screen on my Surface Pro 3 last year and have been stuck using it as a desktop. It struggles with Zoom and to power my 4k monitor. I was waiting to see what Surface 8 would bring, but then they announced this 2-n-1 hybrid device... ... so I ordered one to give it a try. I think I'm gonna like it a lot. But if not, I can return it and just go with the Surface Pro 8.
  14. Which wouldn't be all that abnormal. We already get annual flu vaccines. I could see annual coronavirus vaccines for several years, but then I think the need for them in general will end.
  15. ^ that's awesome that he corrects himself and states the facts that Jehovah's Witnesses are in fact in favor of the vaccines.

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