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  1. Dentyne is so hot (just the regular version, there is no way I would try that). I just can't tolerate it. I think I will order one pack and see how it goes. Sandra, I was going to buy stock in it, if it would pull out cavities.
  2. They have 3 different flavors on Amazon, bubble gum, chocolate with mint, and cinnamon. I looked it up a few weeks back, but wasn't sure how it would taste, so I ended up not ordering it. Let me know if you decide to get it, I would love your feedback.
  3. Your story about the sister and her cooking made me laugh. I think you and I just have different opinions about things. I did look up hospitality in Stockholm and was surprised about some of the customs. It was a great learning experience for me.
  4. Johan, you seem very rigid on your etiquette requirements on the matter (just my opinion, I don't mean to hurt your feelings or be harsh). You don't want to change your menu, you don't want people to know what they are having since you like to surprise them with random ingredients, you don't want anyone to bring food to the gathering, and they can't refuse a gift. I guess if I am having a gathering it is more about everyone being comfortable and having a good time. If that means I learn to cook a new dish or someone brings a side dish, then I would adapt and make sure everyone is comfortable. Remember that what makes you comfortable and is considered acceptable to you, is not always your guests thinking. I have attempted to eat a meat dish at someone's house one time. It was a beautiful Bolivan family that cooked a dish they had back home (I forgot the name of it because it has been 20 plus years). It smelled dreadful and I was terribly afraid to try it due to the meat and the smell. But, I was in my teens and did not want to appear rude. Hindsight is 20/20. I attempted it and I spent the next several minutes in the bathroom getting sick. I started gagging at the table. I put everyone in a bad position by attempting to please someone else. The family was very forgiving and I apologized repeatedly, but you can't ever forget something like that. I knew I had hurt their feelings and was very ashamed, even though I meant no harm. Now, having lived through that situation, I would rather politely refuse food than cause someone to experience that again. Also, I feel like it is very important to not push food on a guest, I assume that as adults they know what they want to eat and will eat accordingly. There is no need for my feelings to be hurt if they don't like a dish or don't want what I have fixed. I could always order a pizza or make another dish for them. Remember it is about your guests comfort not yours.
  5. Hmmm......actually fixing a dinner for a vegetarian does not require more effort, but less. For example, you do not have to fix that steak for me, think how much time that saves. Or you can cook a meal that is accommodating, such as a taco bar. I can fix a pretty nice salad out of the toppings that go on a taco. Those are just examples. But, if I ever make it over into your neck of the woods, I will invite you and your family over so that you don't have to worry about being unnecessarily inconvenienced and we can just enjoy a meal together and enjoy the fellowship. I won't even try to convert you to the vegetarian lifestyle.
  6. Johan, a vegetarian can not just eat meat. It is the exact opposite of what we do. And it is Ben for the win! Great answer.
  7. Vegetarians are not going to eat meat because a cook has fixed it. Talking from experience here. But, I also feel uncomfortable saying to anyone that I would need separate food. I will often bring something that I will eat and share with all (a cooked dish, salad, etc.). That seems to have worked best for me and I don't have to make anyone feel uncomfortable about it. And, in no way am I stating that people should be a vegetarian or not eat meat. I am only commenting on what I personally do in that situation.
  8. Cricket, no worries. The home owners already have the guns. You just don't see them often. Now they can walk around with them. I hear that there are certain areas that people are more included to pull a gun, but around here, we don't see that too often. An attack goose or chicken is hard to get away from. They are relentless.
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