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  1. I am actually an occupational therapy professional in the public school system so this is my specialty so to speak. Schools no longer teach cursive because it is not a skill that is tested in their standardized testing. If this was a skill that the school was judged on, for example, reading, then we would have more emphasis on it. Now, having said that, the act of writing is beneficial for a child's growth. It increases fine motor skills and reading to name a few. Reading is directly related to the ability to write. What is not talked about enough, is now we have a large population of people that can not read cursive handwriting either. This is why I always send my field service letters in print. But, it is important that people are able to read documents in the past. How many people in the United States can no longer read the original documents signed years ago? You would be surprised. I know this was a homeschool question, but I wanted to chime in and state how important it is for handwriting to be taught. Even if you do not advance to full cursive, children need to be able to sign their name (although this requirement is fading fast) on some official paperwork.
  2. Leslie I am so sorry. I hope and pray that you get to see him and that he and the rest of the family can recover quickly. Pray to Jehovah for strength and faith. I will be praying too.
  3. I do not do well with the breakout rooms. I have tried but I am to self conscious. I dont want to be there looking at myself while I talk to others. It just feels so awkward to me. But, for a few weeks the brothers were putting all of us into break out rooms before the meeting. Now, I didn't have any choice on the matter. Although it was odd, I actually enjoyed those a lot. I talked to some brothers and sisters that I hadn't talked too for a year (except for the hello, hi, bye comments). I'm not sure why I can't get into the rooms. I really want to make a better effort to do so.
  4. I got my first one in January so I guess come October I will be getting a booster. But, I wont lie. I am definitely nervous about it because I was so sick with the second booster. I was down and out for a week straight. But, if the booster made me this sick, I hate to think how bad I would have been with covid. So, I will be getting mine as soon as they allow it.
  5. Can I just jump off topic for a second to tell you how amazing that Drama was. I really feel like I knew Daniel now. When he dropped down into the Lions area, my heart was thumping so hard. I just love Daniel and his work for Jehovah.
  6. Are you saying we have to wait until the next morning before we begin wondering. 🤣 LOL I couldn't resist.
  7. Katy I have been doing the same. Really reflecting on what neutrality means and looking in a mirror to make sure that I am maintaining it. I have found faults in myself that I continue to work on and pray about. Everything we are doing is for our future so I have spent a lot of time on this. I never realized how easy these thoughts we hear on the news can grow in our heart and mind so it’s been a good exercise for me to learn to deflect them and rely on Jehovah. I hope that makes sense.
  8. We bought potato flakes, dehydrated hash browns and oatmeal in bulk containers at Sams. Then, we weighed them into food saver bags and sealed them so they could last longer. It ended up being really cheap to do it this way. Also, in the states, Idahoan and Bear Creek have amazing soup mixes that take under fifteen minutes to fix.
  9. We were told to try to stock up for 30 days of food. I think I have been going overboard. It was really nice to hear the Update Five where we were given specific instructions not to be hoarding or stockpiling food. I needed to hear that. I just wanted to have enough food for everyone that needed it (which is impossible) and it was really stressing me out.
  10. My Mom and I actually ordered these on Amazon. At the time a 2 pack was 17.xx. I originally got them for my special needs at school, so that they could see my face. However, I love it so much I am thinking about using it everywhere.
  11. That is good to know. I might jump right in and do the same. My Mom enjoys watching the birds and the deers and I would love for her to have an upclose view of them. Thanks for the encouragement.
  12. If you check the Wyze cameras on Amazon, they supposedly have solar power now to run them. The camera themselves is very good, but haven't tried the solar panel option yet. I plan to do so soon though.

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