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  1. They just seizure our properties however Jehovah will soon completely destroy their churches, that is matter of fact.
  2. The letters are flying to Russia. I hope they will support our dear brothers and sisters there. Of course with the letters our sincere prayers are flying to Russia as well. Sent from my D504 using Tapatalk
  3. He mentioned Jehovah as an Intelligent Creator who has even name and he said his name is JHVH, Jehovah and he explained meaning of Jehovah´s name - He causes to Become. Then he spoke about The Biblical expression "heaven", in Czech language "Nebe", where Jehova dwells and Jehovahs active force "holy spirit", in Czech language "svatý duch" as something what is not possible to measure with a scientific scales or measures. Br. Vyskočil spoke about some a scientific questions (the function of the brain, importance of sleep, male and female difference - brain of the women uses "multi-tasking", while men´s brain uses only "single- tasking". ) And he spoke about many more interesting scientific viewpoints. It was very interesting TV show and it was very nice to watch and listen to the brother who is well-known and very famous in the scientific world as well as Jehovah´s witness.
  4. We also watched it, great movie. At last, I understand what is taking place in my head:-)
  5. Very actual issue of WT because today has died our COBE, he was very kind and he loved congreg. so much. He was only 56 y. Now, we really think more intensively about Job 14:14,15.
  6. Yes, of course, I know Bobošik family, my wife knows Anna (Anička) and as they meet together, they both have great and laughing time. As we say here: "world is small" "svět je malý", and it is applies to Gods people. In Ostrava, there is a great hokey hall, where are hold our Assemblies (Reg. conv.), later i will send some pictures. And near Havířov is our Assembly hall for smaller conventions.
  7. It would be nice, but I will attend Reg. conv. in Ostrava because I live in that city, it´s a first convent. in Czech Rep. So, come to Ostrava :-) July 3 - 5,
  8. Czech is also there, it´s great, and with subtitles, it´s super-great
  9. We have 85 publishers, Memorial attendance was 126 people, no partakers. We have 15 regular Bible students in our cong. and all of them attended the Memorial, they expressed that it was beautiful occasion for them. Many were first time and admired the way JWs remembered Jehovah and Jesus act of love.
  10. Hi, try this useful tool: ComboFix. It can remove matware, spyware etc. First, Google for more information.
  11. Great language learning site: http://www.lingq.com I recommend

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