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  1. According to one CO it is only minutes away! scholar JW emeritus
  2. I completed all of the Units for study and was very impressed by the layout, teaching content and professional presentation. I would like to see a more advanced program for mature bible Students so as to update our knowledge and understanding of the Bible with a more structured method which allows one to fully utilize all of our Study Tools. Further, a online Theocratic or Kingdom University would be excellent so as to allow all who desire to pursue advanced Theocratic or Bible education which would supplement our current programs of Meetings, Theocratic Schools and Conventions. scholar JW emeritus
  3. RodLS45 Brilliant M'lud! Keep up the good work. scholar JW emeritus
  4. The video presentation was very moving and the talk in Russian was indeed beautiful and encouraging. The brotherhood in Russia are made of very tough stuff as the previous generation endured so much hardship in Siberia during the fifties and yet they came out strong and with their integrity preserved. May Jehovah bless them all during this time of great difficulty. scholar JW
  5. vern Sadly, Philosophy has and continues to alienate people and has always suffered 'bad press' particularly in religious circles. I studied Philosophy in my older years and as a active Witness and found the subject fascinating, exhilarating and faith/spiritually up building. I was fascinated by the many 'proof's for God's existence and their relative histories which one could use to good effect in the field when dealing with atheists. For me Philosophy along with His written Word draws me closer to my Heavenly Father because philosophy provides the grammar in understanding God and the world and using the Bible to understand His purposes so I do not have a common, negative of this subject for after the Bible itself contains much that could be considered Philosophy in its purest sense.
  6. Beggar for the Spirit You raise some interesting issues. Your questions are in the fields of Theology and Philosophy (Metaphysics) with the latter underpinning Theology. The Bible as God's Word even though it contains books on Philosophy known as the Wisdom genre does not deal specifically with the subject of 'Being' as a Concept. The word relates to existence so anything that exists would properly 'be' thus would be a 'being' in that formal sense so in this way we can refer to spirit beings which were created and human beings which also were created. However, it is only God that can properly described as Absolute Being so in using such terms, discrimination is essential. Philosophy also concerns itself with words, grammar and trying to explain the world or reality in meaningful language and that is why the term 'Being' is so profound perhaps the most awesome word in human language. There are many good reference works on Philosophy so time spent in pursuing this subject would be most productive. How Jehovah views the matter I cannot say for I do not the Mind of God but what I do know that the subject of 'Being' has fascinated Philosophers since the time of Parmenides but what I think is important is that we understand that words have great power and meaning no more so then this beautiful and abstract word 'Being' or 'to be'. scholar JW
  7. The word 'Being' or 'being' are very important terms in Philosophy for it could be argued that these terms are indeed the most important of all in the vocabulary of Philosophy both Western and Eastern. The meaning of his terms relates to the property of 'existence' which therefore as the First Cause of Existence or the basis of all existence is the Creator, Jehovah God. The very meaning of His name relates to these properties such as causation and existence. For these reasons it has been the traditional that such a term or description 'being' should properly belong to the Deity- God, Jehovah God. From this perspective, should properly be described as 'human creatures which removes the aspect of Deity which alone is the property of the gods to that of the Creation being an act of the Deity - God, Jehovah God. scholar JW
  8. May I have the link too. With thanks and best wishes scholar JW
  9. Neil,


      After now having enjoyed your comments in a number of areas.

    And reading your over all profile you sound like a brother I would

    like to get to know better. Could you please drop me a PM ?


    GStorrs46 ( MIke )

  10. An excellent and highly recommended book on Jehovah's Witnesses has just been published, it is expensive and its details can be found on the Amazon website. The research is titled: 'Jehovah's Witnesses- Continuity and Change" by George D. Chryssides. Chryrssides has over many years written books and articles on our faith and beliefs and is quite accurate and fair in his writings and one recent article discusses an interesting topic', Conflicting expectations? Insider and Outsider methods of studying Jehovah's Witnesses" published in the Journal of the British Association for the Study of Religions, 2015. scholar JW
  11. Brother David If this subject is so clear to you then can you explain to me why the current updated online, June 2015, Insight On The Scriptures, article 'GENERATION' in the very last paragraph does not in any sense discuss or imply any two-stage hypothesis or any notion of overlapping in the context of Jesus discussion of 'this generation' . It simply suggests quite prudently that "the word 'generation' with reference to humans whose lives would in some way be associated with the foretold events during his presence." scholar JW
  12. I was rather disappointed in the explanation of 'this generation' by David Splane in the September Broadcasting. He really explained nothing but simply added to the confusion over the interpretation of this most problematic phrase. Further, the current explanations seem at odds with what is now published on this subject in the updated online Insight to the Scriptures. A much more prudent interpretation of matters is simply to return to what was published in the Watchtower in 1927? that 'this generation' represented the Church or the Anointed as a whole which is well supported if one consults the meaning of the Hebrew/Aramaic form of which Jesus spoke in his Olivet discourse. scholar JW
  13. Tortuga I agree with you, us old guys should just watch the daisies grow, be seen and not heard and leave it all to the young folk. scholar JW
  14. This brother needs more 'fire in his belly'; he is putting me to sleep. We surely expect a much higher standard of Public Speaking for these men who enjoy great status and privilege inside the Organization. scholar JW


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