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  1. * It is important to understand what is functional complexity. Something may be rather complex but at the same time not carrying any specified function. We may say any rock formation is as complex and with the same probability of appearing randomly than the presidents carved in mount rushmore. In a mere complexity definition (shannon complexity) it is true. The probability of a certain number of rocks and dust form a specific formation is the same wheather that formation is gibberish or has a specified, functional pattern (in this case the functional pattern is the abbility to iddentify it with specific people). However, the mount rushmore has functional or specified complexity and the other rocks don't A random chain of nucleotids may have a high complexity (for example, a non repeating pattern) but it hasn't the same functional complexity has a chain of nucleotids that constitute life's DNA Since, wherever we observe functional complexity, we identify a designer, it's a logical, scientific conclusion to say that the DNA also had a designer This is no pseudoscience, rather continuing to bypass step 6 above is the pseudo acience attitude
  2. Does it not? The scientific method (article) | Khan Academy Point 1 We observe that life exists Point 2 How did it appear? Pt 3 a) It appeared by chance b) It was designed Pt4 a) Prediction: In a primitive "soup" of molecules, that where in a favorable enviorenment, aminoacids formed by chance, then proteins, then RNA, then cells, voila... Life! b) A designer created life, much like a designer created a car Pt5 a) The primitive "soup" is carefully recreated, controled lightnings and radiations are shot into it.... No ife appeared b) Tests are constantly made everywhere. Whenever there is functional complexity* there is a creator. Incidently the experiment in a) also serves the purpose of validating b) Pt6 a) The results are not used to make new hypotheses or predictions. Keep waiting for an experience to have success >>> SCIENTIFIC METHOD BROKEN b) The results validate the hypotesis, no need to further iterate
  3. I usually think of this text as perfectly depicting the action of the expansion of the Universe since the big bang We don't know exactly what Dark Matter is, and apparently it is impossible to know, because (altough the name) it is transparent! It's existence is deduced from indirect observations of what we can see and it's existence is almost certain, but what it really is its a complet mistery
  4. In fact there is no "simple" cell! Even an eukaryotic cell is complex enough that it can't be explained by evolution of simpler versions - There is nothing more simple than a cell (whatever the cell) that could evolve into a cell. There are elements of the cell that if isolated are simpler than a cell, like proteins, DNA, etc... But this elements don't carry life. They are needed for life to exist but in itself thei're not life We have an experiment that can prove that an inteligent being is needed even if we consider that life arouse from a primitive "soup" of materials on an higly active enviorenement - That is the Miller experiment. Atheists usually use that experiment to show that life could have started by itself from a primitive soup. Only theu forget the role of the inteligent mind that conducted the experiment... Miller himself! That was a key factor for the apparent succec of the experiment. At most it proved that life needs an inteligent mind in order to appear
  5. I know what antimatter his, you wrote ant matter I seriously doubt any sort of thing would be done as there are fare more simpler solutions. 1st when there is matter/antimatter annihilation there is the release of energy correspondent to the ammount of mass combined. For example for 1g of matter and 1g of antimatter annihilation there would be a resulting explosion correspondent to the Hiroshima atomic bomb!!! 2nd for such rain of antimatter to exist during it's travel it would need to be isolated from any matter on the path from it's origin to the destination, which is impossible and would detonate atomic bombs just by touching the air There are theoretical ideas for the use of antimatter as guns but the antimatter must be contained in a complex vessel Also, when creating antimatter one must create also matter and spend energy doing it So, using antimatter as a means of destruction of the unjusts would require several miracles and Jehovah wouldn't do that if he can do something simpler like the decomposition of the dead bodies and turning them into "dust"
  6. This is great news!!I I followed this link and it showed the news in Portuguese directly. And it was very well translated nothing like the google translator! Are there brothers translating this site?
  7. came across this excelent video on the fossil record Dr. Douglas Axe has also an excelent book ("Undeniable") which I'm starting to read Here he presents the basic ideas on the book He had a promissing carrer on biology but got fired from the Lab he worked on because of his involvement on Inteligent Design ideas Also small videos with excelent arguments:
  8. I think the objective is to resume meetings on a larger scale on the beginning of 2022. The pilot program will show the problems that can arise while meeting amidst the current circumstances. At the moment only a few selected congregations are chosen for the pilot program. Even if there are more congregations that could fit the requirement not all of them are selected (we don't need a large sample, just some congregations per context) Portugal will also have this pilot program but only selected congregations. The LDC is involved in selecting the congregations, which must have all the conditions in place, like good air flow, ability to have the required distance, the hygienic devices in place, etc... All publishers will have a zoom training from the LDC on health and hygiene in preparation for the return to the KH. I assume this to be applied to all congregations weather they are on the pilot program or not.
  9. The worldwide vaccination statistics and results don't differ much from what was presented so it was not a case of a biased enviorenment - You can search for this statistics and find out that's the case The brothers wanted to share this statistics because many don't know anymore who to trust but he stressed that you can trust on those numbers because brothers gathered that info Nothing in this world is absolutely sure but we still carry on with our lifes. John ( @Qapla) made a very good point on an earlier post. Most of the times people just look on the negative side of the percentages and give it too much a value! For example, Yesterday I was talking with a friend who didn't get vaccinated and also influenced all his family to not doing it and he said something like this "I heard of people dying or suffering severe side effects after taking the vaccine. What if I told my mother to take the vaccine and then she died? Who would I feel about it?" I then said that I also heard (true story from the news some years ago) of two children that died while walking on the side walk of a street. A car had a malfunction and went strait against them. But guess what, it was their mother who told them to go by the side walk! But what would their mother say? To go by the middle of the road? Off course not! I also told her if her mother had a severe illness and doctor presented two possible treatment to choose from, one with 98% chance of survival and the other with 1% chance of survival what would she do? She said off course I would choose the treatment with 98% chance of survival... but yet the mother could dye just the same The point is that although anything can happen, even an event with a 1% chance we live our lives and make our choices based on chances. Br lett also stressed that they were presenting those statistics to help brothers take the best decision. everyone makes their choice but hen everyone has to live with the consequences of their choices. The GB just wants us to make the best choices! I'm confident that the GB thiinks that, unless you have a specific contradiction against the vaccines or some kind of allergy, the best option, statistically wise, is to be vaccinated. Just like deciding between a treatment with 98% success or one with 1% success That's why they shared that information, compiled by Br's, so that you and I could have a trustworthy source of information That's not new because early on the br's have been advising in favour of vaccines if you don't have any specific allergy or something medical agains it. They even sent announcements to the congregations stating that altough it's a personal choice, ones deciding not to be vaccinanted should be more careful and with their liberties diminished Also elders have received specific information about the vaccines that go inline with the updates You're not doing anything wrong and the slave will never force you to be vaccinated. Just understand that whatever they saying about it is in order to help you to make the best decision. The statistics say that if you get the covid it's much like you get a worse case if you're not vaccinated than if you are. And also by the statiscs if get hospitalized if much like that you die if unvaccinated than if are. they said that knowing that information they had the responsibility to share with the brotherwood Also of note is that the slave will never say that it's mandatory to a JW to be vaccinated, but, if the autorities say it's mandatory, then in order to follow bible principles you should get vaccinated

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