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  1. Hi Manny I'm also the TS and I use the Territory Helper website. I have no problem logging in (just checked) so maybe the problem is on your side? Have you tried accessing on a different device/network? Usually when I contact the support team I get an answer in a couple of days Just a side note: I used the site to build the territories divisions and use the QR code functionality, that is printed on each card, so that each publisher can access the boundaries on the site and see the details I don't use to manage the designations and publishers records - And I don't advise using it as it needs to upload the publishers information to the server and you need consent from each publisher to do that (at least here in Europe). I use a separated local mobile app for that
  2. Interesting idea! One could see the light that left the Earth at some date, IF we could travel faster than light or take a shortcut to appear in front of that light. Then we would watch the Earth at that precise moment 😉 Unfortunately some brothers just take their opinion about some subject as the truth and everyone has to accept it... Jehovah could have prepared other planets to the point right before human creation. So at this moment there is a possibility that planets with vegetation, oxygen, even with animals, exist out there in the space... We know that it is impossible to find other inteligent beihgs, like ourselves, on the outer space, but there is nothing in the bible that goes against the existence of life on other planets, right now That is not possible and would go against the Justice of Jehovah. He creaated the universe along with time and he made time a one directional thing. Otherwise don't you think Jehovah would just rewind time until everything would workout well? Besides, the fact that Jehovah gave us free will implies that we can't go back and change our options if something went wrong. No, definetely we have to live with the consequences of our decisions. And Jehovah to, lets the universe takes its course along the laws he created. Giving the possibilities to circunvent that natural flow of things would go against is own justice
  3. I'm inclined for this KETO diet. Even subscribed on the Facebook group for it that Uani(#Hope) posted before ... The problem is to start
  4. That will be awsome! Did you also hear about an ETA?
  5. I thought you were referring to a image to be presented in-between the meeting like the current daily text image
  6. I recently bought this product following a search on something that would simplify my shaving task (I also hate shaving!) Unfortunately it didn't work on me (on the face). I tried by different manners and result was always zero effect (also it didn't cause any irritation) But other on the comments of Amazon say great things about it. I even wathed videos showing the good results.... It just didn't work for me... The idea is to shave without any razor and supposedly the effect lasts for 4 days or more https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01IAE2Q72/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1
  7. Thank you very much This did work 😉 Never would thought on that!
  8. I've tried the refresh button but how do I do the repair thing? I'm not familiar with it... (but it shouldn't be anything specific with the pc because yesterday we hadn't any text on the KH. Today I instaled the JW app on the work pc and it showed in english altough the language is portuguese)
  9. Thanks for the help I'll wait for an update. In the meantime I'll make an image and use it as wallpaper. I think it will do the trick
  10. I managed to install the JW app on my work pc (I don't have administrative privileges but was able to install trough the store) The interesting thing is that the windows and the jw app are in Portuguese but now the year text appears but in English! I then overwrited the existing files with the ones Manfred shared with me (German version) but the year text appears in English just the same... >>> I think this shows that the text itself is not embedded in none of the files...
  11. But the screen shows all black with the JW logo on the bottom left corner. So something is being processed. Only the year text is missing When I get home I'll see if I can find the year text on the script file... Is included where?
  12. Can you please send me your yearTextDisplay.html file?
  13. Thanks Manfred! With that information, I will try to repair the file instead of damaging it
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