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    My mother studied off and on when in the Spartanburg, SC area (my father moved us around a lot), and I remember up to when I was around 11 or 12 that I would sometimes sit in on the study. My mother's mother was a witness in Columbus, OH, and when we moved again to Columbus, I started reading all the books we had and started riding my bicycle over to my grandma's house to catch a ride to the Kingdom Hall that was on S. High St. at the time - I was around 14 to 15 when I was doing that. I kept progressing and expressed a desire to get baptized and they had a sister (Nancy Brown) start a study with me and she decided very quickly that I did not need a study and recommended I could go through the questions for baptism. I was baptized at age 15-1/2 in the London, OH, assembly hall.

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    Making jewelry, oil painting, painting rocks (like they are buildings or animals, etc.), studying the deeper things of God.
  • My favorite books
    The Bible, the 2 Insight volumes, The Aid to Bible Understanding (before Insight), Revelation Book. I also like to read mysteries and science fiction (like Star Trek) but seldom get a chance to read much of those.
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    I love nearly all types of music, other than music that has lyrics of foul language.

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  1. And just like a talk we had a week ago at our Kingdom Hall, we are all "parts" of a congregation just like "parts" of a body ... so if you lose a little toe, even though it is a small part, the whole body suffers ... so we NEED all our little and big parts (participants/congregation) to help us ... just as the scriptures tell us to NOT isolate ourselves ... because we learn from each other ... we feel part of something MUCH bigger than just ourselves - part of Jehovah's organization. Those scriptures are put there for US, to help us to endure, to encourage one another, to show love and compassion. We may be able to help another person by what we say and sometimes it helps someone to see something in a completely different light/angle and it helps them. I appreciate each and every one of you for all your comments, scripture discussions, soothing words, uplifting thoughts, jokes and banter!!
  2. As the governing body keeps telling us, something catastrophic could happen and everything change. Just think about the 9-11 attacks and how it affected things ... if the United States pulls out of the United Nations, then it could be a prelude to something catastrophic happening! So keep on the watch!
  3. I must say my first reaction was similar to many others - looks like a commercial warehouse type of building, but, a lot can be done to make it more appealing. I know they experiment on designs - our newer Assembly Hall design (Orangeburg, SC) was the first of a "type of design" that the brother over it said it was experimental to see if they would continue this design. The inside hall area is designed more like a half circle instead of a long auditorium. Love it. Big screens too. Lobby/concourse is very nice but they put 2 sets of doors to go into the auditorium. Brothers wind up standing there holding them open during lunch, etc. (no foot peg door openers). The negative is the entrance to the bathrooms, which turned out to be a major problem. They have one narrow entrance and then inside it branches down 3 separate aisles of stalls on both sides (total of 6 sides of stalls, about 7 per side, so there are a lot of stalls) and it always gets bottle necked at the entrance with a huge line because everyone is trying to patiently wait their turn and they cannot see the upper aisle lines for empty stalls - they can only see the very first aisle of stalls. The friends have started volunteering to stand at each upper aisle and call or motion for the next person in line to come on down to this line - "2 here!" or "sisters, come on down here!" for instance. There is a narrow exit that they started putting up signs "exit only", when it should be open for friends to enter also instead of a huge line coming out in the lobby/concourse waiting for the restrooms. Hopefully, they have learned from this failed design - lots of stalls but "sight failure" on the side of the friends to realize to walk on up 10 or 20 steps to see down the next 2 aisles. Also, they tried to modernize the paper towel dispensers (motion detector) but many of them have failed already after only a year. So the brothers are experimenting with designs to make it easier and more functional, and sometimes it is a failure - so we will see how this new KH design will work out in the long run.
  4. It was so fast that it looked like those Gumby shows! LOL (showing my age knowing Gumby)
  5. It amazes me what people think up and can actually make a business of it!
  6. Demonstrates how complicated life (in general) is - it would have to take a "master worker" to figure all this out for all living organisms. Way too complicated for "chance/evolution". People just can not see it - they want their ears tickled and turn a blind eye to our Grand Creator.
  7. I did try frying bacon in water (they said it would cook consistent without pockets of fat that doesn't cook) but I hated it - the flavor is in the grease, so when you cook it in water the grease goes into the water and leaves the bacon basically tasteless!
  8. So much is kept from the general public - I had not seen anything about this - you just have to "catch" the right documentary or national news to know some of these things. I have a feeling that the time Jehovah steps in is in order to save the Earth because of these type of things. It is a miracle any of us are not poisoned - oh wait, I think we actually are poisoned by the air, radiation, water and food grown in these conditions!
  9. Been married 10 years ... it mentions he told his "ex-wife" that his wife "went back home" so it makes you wonder if he was having an affair with the "ex" and that was what he told her as a reason he was showing up at her door (which was a lie, of course, because he had killed her). Just shows that you cannot really know a person. Just like Judas Iscariot.
  10. I have read reviews from people that got the high-priced memory foam ones and see that people say they get "too hot" at night as the mattress holds in the heat (that would be bad for us who need cooler temps for sleeping or who suffer from hormonal night sweats!). My hubby likes to sleep in the middle of the queen size bed - he is in the bed so much that it has definitely dipped in the center - making it absolutely awful for anyone else to sleep in it. But years ago, due to him getting up and down all the time and messing up my sleep, I moved into the other bedroom so I would not have to be a zombie the next morning. It saved our marriage! LOL
  11. I went to visit Brooklyn HQ on three separate occasions - and I have to say that I am one of those who did not like that it was in a big city and all the problems of getting around in the city (traffic, using subway, tunnels) and all the many warnings by the brothers we were told to remember every time - it about made you paranoid to be there! It is directly because the brothers worked so hard to improve these buildings and the area that this DUMBO area of Brooklyn is worth so much more now! Frankly, I am so relieved they are getting out of the big city (all I did was worry during 9 / 11 about the brothers and sisters and ever since then too!) and it will be so much more relaxing to be able to visit the new HQ, if I choose to do so again. One of the brothers was planning a new trip for the friends last year and all I could do was think "I want to wait until they are relocated to that beautiful acreage with the lake!"
  12. I let my lap top update to Windows 10 (it kept bugging me constantly and I finally "gave in") and it completely lost my documents, pictures, my email, my Microsoft Excel and Word, etc. It left a few programs on there. I went to their help "on-line" and let them take control of my computer and even they could not find my documents, excel spreadsheets or pictures or any of that. I tried to do a "restore" - the W10 does not recognize the earlier program that has a restore point! They wanted me to do it again (I checked to "save files") and then I was left with a black screen and the Recycle "Trash Can" and nothing else. I am a Realtor so that would mean I lost all my contracts, photos on houses, visual tours, etc. So I was pretty upset. Took it to the hospital - they were able to put an earlier Windows on it (7 I believe) and tried to save my files. Cost me $125. I have found my excel files but have not found my Word files. I lost all my "favorites" and have had to slowly add them back - I was having to find my passwords and everything. It will be a slow re-build - I have had to reinstall programs such as Microsoft Office (Excel/Word/Picture Mgr), Visual Tour, Quickbooks, HP printer, Adobe Acrobat (for saving and emailing documents and contracts), my photo program, etc. My computer guy says my email program does not work with W10 so it is completely gone and so I have to figure something else out on an email program (for my business). I hate the "web mail" program that our server uses and I have not been able to restore Windows "Live Mail" that I was using. Seems to have some sort of glitch in it and will not let me load my email info for some odd reason. He says the data is there - I just have to find it and may not ever be able to. Probably have to reinstall hundreds of email addresses again as soon as I find a good program for that. I may have to go to "gmail" like so many others have! I recommend that no one update to Windows 10 unless they have everything backed up and ready to restore. You will lose most of your programs you have been using because they will not work with W10. You are probably BETTER OFF if you do NOT let your computer update - just later on get a new computer that has W10 on it. It has cost me $125 money wise, and hours on hours of my time - and will still cost me hours on hours.
  13. We are so warm here in South Carolina that I have the windows open - so much rain, rain and more rain. More flooding in the area too. Wacky weather for sure!
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