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  1. Sad... Are they all in the Truth ? May Jehovah give you comfort. In France, a non mRNA vaccine has been developped, by a company called Valneva. Results look better than the AstraZeneca.
  2. The first article is incredible... we are being prepared for the very end... 😮
  3. I just took a picture of my QR code and saved it in Google Photos. Then I simply show the picture to the scanning people in shops, malls and so on.
  4. When I was in Japan, I found a nice little car in a garage, got it for 100 000 jpy (about 1000 USD), it was great for our use. Now, my car in France, I pay 200EUR/month to buy it. I don't care, in Paradise, I want to find a Tesla
  5. Funeral for a 92 yo brother today. Many connected on Zoom. 69 years of faithful ministry for Jehovah in my region. Lot of emotion, people meeting again after decades... Can't wait for the reverse ceremony in Paradise...

    1. boodles


      I just attended a zoom funeral for a brother who was in his 30's. He sure lead a full life in Jehovah's service! He knew he wouldn't have long, and actually did a short clip of him getting up from the ground and running towards his wife, like he will one day. That was amazing! 

    2. Dages
  6. It's been a while. I did not really know which feature I likes about this house, but I enjoyed it... It's in Medellin, Colombia, the city of "eternal spring". I guess the weather is nice (and so it has an effect on the isolation/design of the house). But what I noticed first was this picture : Positionned on a hill = nice view. Also, green ! trees ! Grass is clean. House is rather "small". I like the casual style, this isn't a billionaire mansion Evening style Not bad at all.
  7. I like the accent, the way they speak, it's like they don't speak english naturally
  8. Check (redoing it right now), Check Check (that's a crazy one) Outloud reading is a very nice idea. Might do it next. Another idea (maybe already given) Read all the biographies in our litterature... one per day... it's awesome https://wol.jw.org/fr/wol/dsync/r30/lp-f/r1/lp-e/1200024627
  9. Same idea, that's the point of the topic, giving idea we would enhance and reproduce in Paradise.
  10. Just a few bucks, that's enough to bring one more bottle of water to friends that are in trouble... What a nice video
  11. All my family (parents, siblings with their spouse) are Moderna'd without side effects (little bit tired that's all, a nap and that's ok)
  12. by lay members missioned by the church... it's evident that if we take into accounts any Joe going to the local church... this could go x20 easily
  13. What about future you, in Paradise, with perfection and thousands of years of experience...
  14. There is another study that will be published soon... they are talking about +10k victims...

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