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  1. This online course is for me a big thing to advance the preaching work I just wonder why they didn’t wait for the annual meeting to release it. It’ just in less of 3 months Maybe they have other things
  2. Is it possible to have pictures of brothers and sisters writing/sending letters, so I can encourage the brothers and sisters of my congregation to do the same. Thank you
  3. I found unsual to have three morning worships in the same broadcasting. Or there is something else? Is there anything special in this month program, because two members of the GB are involved. Let's wait....
  4. If they want to ban us in Russia, and start to arrest brothers and sisters, I just ask where they gonna put 175 000 people ? we 're not living in the same old days, and they will not be sent to Siberia. Something big is around the corner, and we will be on the side of the winners.
  5. I don't think they know something we don't know. But if the fds is warning us so much about the near of the end, imagine what they say to them, perhaps in those meeting.
  6. w93 11/1 p.22 par.17 says; The report " out of the sunrising " may well refer to this act of Jehovah, when, in a way that he chooses,he puts it into the hearts of human leaders to annihilate the great religious harlot - Daniel 11:44 w93 11/1 p.22 par.18 says: But there is another target for the wrath of the king of the north. So, the king of the north will have two targets. And if it's confirmed that he will lead the coalition of nations.............. I'm eager to see the new developments
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