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    Central Oregon
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    My parents were witnesses when I was born. I was pretty much a missionary breaker they were serving as missionaries in Bogota Columbia when my mom got pregnant with me.

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    I enjoy music especially country. My husband and I own our own business's we do custom home designs. And we also do marketing for other businesses. Our boys (young men) are 21 and 20 they are still at home and help in the businesses. And we work on the RBC in the planning/drafting stage of projects.

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  1. Can you find out if any brothers are in real estate and/or contractors and get their info? I would love to pick their brains. I will send you a PM with my info too. Sandy
  2. My family and I are considering relocating to Wyoming possibly. We have looked at several areas via the internet and will be traveling thru after the convention to check out the area. We are looking at Cody Wyoming, (and possibly surrounding communities) I would love to chat with ones from that area. If you don't mind sending me a private message that would be great. Thanks Your sister Sandy
  3. My family and I are looking for an airbnb near Aurora, CO. We will be attending the convention and are just curious if any of our brothers and sisters have rentals near the assembly hall. We enjoy a home rather than a hotel since we are a family of 4. Thanks Sandy
  4. My husband is a home designer, and we recommend that to our clients especially if they are outside the fire district or in a forested area. He knows of one home in a subdivision that was the only home saved here in central Oregon when a fire went thru. So many of the subdivisions here are requiring sprinkling but that helps on the interior, the rainbirds on the roof can help with flying embers, when you can run them and saturate the home and surroundings. Another thing to consider is if you have outdoor BBQ's tied into a large propane tank add an auto shut off for the gas. A home my husband designed you can see it here: https://www.houzz.com/projects/366190/the-old-keystone-ranch-refined-yet-rustic-western-ranch-home was lost due to such a fire. The owner had a large 500 gal propane tank and had just filled it, he went to BBQ and left it on for weeks, they went on vacation and got a call when they arrived in Arizona that their home was gone. The BBQ metal could only take so much and melted away. My husband suggested to install an auto shut off for the BBQ a rather inexpensive item but the owner elected not to have it added. They were outside the fire district but the loss of their home could have been prevented with a simple shut off valve.
  5. I had issues with Firefox but am trying on chrome. My son said in the sound dept that they had issues with firefox for the annual meeting. Maybe try the different browser. I will have to update tomorrow since I am getting ready to leave my office. I hope it works at the 720 though.
  6. We are still eating low carb/keto along with IF. I follow dr. Berg, Dave Asprey, Jason Fung, and Mark Sisson, and others. I also incorporate some from William Hoff method, with ice cold shower for 10 minutes or more. Sounds crazy but I feel awesome. I have been able to reduce by half my blood pressure meds and am ready to reduce again. And I am down 16 lbs so far. Dr Berg is my recommendation for newbies along with Mark Sisson his new book is the keto reset. Dr. Berg has many videos online but if your interested in learning about IF = intermittent fasting than Jason Fung has some great info on that. We have done his method for 7 days and felt great.
  7. Being in central Oregon, with so many visitors from all over, our congregation did cart witnessing from 8-8. I am looking forward to hearing of any experiences. We had a good one my step-mom and my sons were working the cart at the park and taking turns walking thru town. As we were about finished a woman came up and said she wanted to give us 4 yogurt shakes. She admired the work we do (as a group) and said she had seen ones from our group at the cart all day with smiles and showing respect to all people. The yogurt shop she works at, I believe is owned by her daughter, and she even said that they don't mind staying open late for us (memorial, students first talk) because they appreciate the support the friends give. As for as the eclipse my husband got some great pictures. Here are just a few.
  8. I loved the special broadcast. My husband brought out a point of Jehovah speeding up the work. With only 175000 in Russia the news coverage may be the only way for some to hear the message with the population at 140+ million in Russia. Not to mention the rest of the world. We will wait and see what Jehovah has in mind.
  9. We sent ours out. We had 36 total. Our family of 4 did 1 to each official. Then we did the same from our 2 businesses. Shout of praise to Jehovah. The postal gal must have been ready because when I asked for the international stamps she had them at the top of her desk.
  10. To Sunshine Sounds very good to me. There have been some good thoughts here. I have been working on ours. My husband and I own several business too so we are sending individual letter and also letters with our business letterhead.
  11. We are seeking an experienced drafter in chief architect. So I thought I would check here to see if anyone has that experience. If so please feel free to send my a PM and we can discuss further. Thanks Sandy
  12. Hi We are looking to hire someone to help with a new website. We want a wordpress website and have already purchased elegantthemes for the theme package. If any have experience in this area and can PM me some of your previous work examples (resume) or your business website that would be great. Also what your fees are for such services. Then we can go from there. Thanks Sandy
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