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  1. I was just checking for a new version of The Secretary and realized the Site is down 😲 Did you find anything out since you posted this question? I am worried, since I use The Secretary. I dont like any of the alternatives, or the thought of moving all the data to a new Program.
  2. Hi Friends, just a quick question, we are off to New York in a few days. We got tours at Warwick and Wallkill. But we have never seen the Stanley Theather. Is there any way to Tour it also? Or does anyone know if there is an Assembly on April 29th? Thanks in Advance, Matt
  3. In this weeks Bible reading my hard copy reads oil tree, the one on my tablet reads pine tree. Chapter 41:19.
  4. And the sides of the Anchor-Desk changed from White to Silver with lighted Blue Grooves.
  5. Yes it's smart enough to keep quiet. It doesn't have a speaker all it does is vibrate But I could even mute my phone from the watch in case I forgot to do so.
  6. Hi Friends, as I finally got my first smartwatch I was wondering if others have one too. After playing around with many watchfaces I decided to make a JW.ORG watchface. Well for a lack of time I did only a very simple one with WatchMaker, but theres also an App called Facer which is even better. But hopefully there are others of you who are more artistic and creative. Anyone else tried to make a JW.ORG Watchface? Greetings, Matt
  7. Satan is like a bald man selling Hair Tonic. He is trying to selling happiness, while being the most unhappy person in the universe.
  8. I found the Android app. But can anyone point me to where to find the Windows 8 version? Since there is no search function in the Windows 8 store I can't find it - if its already there.
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