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  1. https://www.jw.org/en/whats-new/bible-teachings-section-redesign/ still no singles section also sorry if there is already a topic on this, presumably this being announced now hasn’t got anything to do with the AM tomorrow?
  2. "The Schoolgirl, The Nazis, and The Purple Triangles" is a really good documentary about Simone Arnold Liebster and he experience as a young witness under Nazi rule.
  3. I am reminded of Esther, the decree had been sealed with the king's own ring. The decision had been made. Jehovah's people were to be removed. Yet Jehovah was by no means to be outdone. Jehovah manoeuvred things so that ultimately what was to be a dark day for his people, became a triumph. The celebration of Purim still held by Jews even today. Perhaps a similar situation, no I'm not saying Mrs. Putin is gonna turn out to be a secret bible student, but Jehovah may have bigger plans in mind, things may yet turn out for an even greater witness.
  4. As I understand it one of the exwitnesses testified that he was forbidden from higher education. The fact that three doctors were among those witnesses who had just testified does rather make for an awkward experience surely. And too are the lawyers themselves witnessses? If so this would add to the real contradiction of the testimony.
  5. Never mind it started playing and I can hear it's the scene of this world is changing Just realised the lyrics light up as you play the audio like a karaoke
  6. Song 143 melody isn't playing for me bc of my data connection but the lyrics look entirely new is it to an old melody?
  7. Being 20 I consider myself young and of those who say the truth is boring far and away it's not because the truth is bring but rather because they would rather be doing something wrong and try and excuse it by blaming the truth. Of the other set who believe the truth is bring the problem I notice is they make no effort. I think whether or not the truth will prove to be boring is a choice. If you want it to be boring it will be. If you don't want it to be then it won't. If you're not changing it you're choosing it! I do think it's important for social activities and recreation. If you're trying to encourage someone don't focus on just inviting them field, get involved in some form of recreation that they enjoy. Also don't even focus on encouraging them, just be their genuine friend (I say this because when people have shown interest in me it comes across if they are genuine or if they feel like they are doing you a "charity" by talking to you). I know that put me off certain people when I was younger, it sent the message "I'm not interested in hanging out with you unless it's out ministry". I'm not saying don't have the field and spiritual things and I'm not encouraging placing the main emphasis on recreation. I find my calender booked with weekends away with friends but they will always involve going field as a part of it, and we always get to the meetings. But you see most of my friends live in other congregations in other towns. But I only have those friends because I made an effort. For young ones friends are like hooks. Friends in the world will pull them to the world, friends in the truth will pull them to the truth. The problem is it is up to the young ones to choose (once they start getting older anyway). When you have friendship with the world the truth does seem boring and restrictive, but when you have friends in the truth you realise the world doesn't know what fun really is, the world is boring place. Many young ones more locally have complained about the truth being boring and it's like "well what concrete steps have you made to change that?" ...can they even name one thing they have done... Some of these ones seem to have no trouble making efforts to hang out with worldly people. Makes one wonder. I think as a congregation it's good not to be killjoys, of course we don't encourage wild parties but at the same time it's like when I was growing up it felt like every gathering was frowned upon if it wasn't witnessing. There were two congregations in my hometown and I never got much chance to associate with the other one because it just wasn't done. It's a shame too because things started getting better and I discovered some really awesome people right under my nose, but that was just before I moved away. I know my comment has been all over the place it's just really struck a nerve.
  8. I'm trying to find a software program for the brother who takes the school and does the scheduling. He needs a new one that is designed for the new meeting setup. Of all the ones investigated, this one looks most promising. https://theocbase.net Any body used this one? Anyone know of one that is better? Thanks.
  9. I would love a few tribulation songs, a paradise song or two. Maybe a memorial song about Jesus death. I like the idea of a song about Armageddon/paradise in a past tense. Like it's already happened. Along the lines of "the former things have passed away". This always appealed to me: www.centralprint.net/jwtalks/Music/This%20is%20the%20Moment.mp3 It's a Jw version of a song as if being sung at the moment of Armageddon.
  10. Two years in and I'm still discovering new things about the revision! Have to confess I never noticed fatherless boys is now fatherless children
  11. The size of some of the badges are getting out of hand. I find the small ones quite nice and tasteful but there are some..you'd think they were bringing back sandwich boards!
  12. It's usually available the first Monday of every month, or Tuesday for us over here a little closer to the international dateline.
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