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  1. Thank you thank you my brother. You are the best! All your hard work is acknowledged and very much appreciated.
  2. Interesting topic.❤️ I know for myself.. I so appreciate the expressions of the brothers and sisters. It makes me dig deeper and the expressions that are shared are like sitting in a big Congregation and “hearing” their expressions. The deep spiritual insight and knowledge that many have adds to my own knowledge and appreciation and sometimes even gives me a different slant on a scripture. Also the tools that our talented brothers and sisters make available for us are powerful memory aids for us older ones. Words lack the appreciation and gratitude we feel in our hearts. So.... to all the contributors..thank you thank you thank you. And a big hug to each of you. Virtual that is. 😘❤️
  3. I ordered a go bag April 13 and have not received it. They answer my ticket request for delivery date but with an obscured message. And still no go bag. I am worried that they are not legitimate and until I hear from someone who has actually gotten a go bag from them, I advise the friends to be cautious. I am thinking I was dubbed😔
  4. Here is a pdf packet for the regional convention for kids. Enjoy!Regional Convention ALWAYS REJOICE! 2020.pdf
  5. May Jah keep you and your family safe during this dreadful storm. You are in our prayers


    your sister and brother  in Texas

    The Kincaid’s. 

  6. I love love love your compilation of the Christian Life and Ministry Mtg.  Thank you so much for making it available to us and all the hard work that goes into preparing it.  And thank you to the moderators of this site for allowing it to be posted.  I look forward to May's edition. 


  7. Corpus Christi, TX Spanish August 11-13 English August 18-20 Looking forward to the encouragement we all need living in these last days.
  8. July JW Broadcasting was indeed a kindness from Jah to remind us who have suffered at the hands of an abuser that Jehovah knows, He sees, and He will take care of it. Never are we to think that He does not care about us. Thank you Governing Body for discussing this topic.

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    My mother was found in the door to door work in l968 and accepted a bible study. Growing up in the truth I dedicated my life when I was 15.

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