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  1. Welcome to the club Linda! I passed the grand ole age of 79, this year, and am a member of good standing. The story is so relevant for us.
  2. I am puzzled by this drink, ade with warm water, honey, and vinegar? Would someone please enlighten me? I don't diet, just eating as healthy as I can, avoiding packaged, boxed enveloped, foods. Good Ole Dr. Oz has an ice cream recipe, that incorporates kale. Yup, kale! I am tempted, as kale is a super food, according to the experts.
  3. I personally choose not to read this magazine. JW News on-line suffices to keep us a rest of Satan's zoldiers. On another note, I was told about the status of anyone wanting to help with Kingdom building projects, must be ' morally clean'. It proves Jehovahs standards, and am wondering if anyone else has any input? btw, why is jwtalk, linked with facebook?
  4. Well, Sandra,look for the blessing in you and your daughters situation. She can ask you questions, that you have experience with to some extent.
  5. A question that might help? If you approach someone to witness to, and they state they area same sex couple, married legally, would you withhold the ' truth' , from them? Extremely difficult situation, but with Holy spirit all things are possible, isn't? And who are we to judge someone who hasn't been enlightened? The English refer to this situation as, "a bit of a sticky wicket" ?
  6. That must be why I was told,that if I planned on upgrading, I-pad should be the best choice.
  7. One of the brothers, in our congregation, has a charter fishing business, and he can personally tell you that getting bit by a gar might be likened to a shark bite. He has pictures of his chomped on hand, when a customer caught one, and Joe was trying to release it safely. Nasty bite marks.
  8. Meant to post this earlier. Article from The Washington Post, newspaper.:New disease killing people, called despair, suffering from a lack of hope. The pain in their bodies might reflect a "spiritual" pain caused by cumulative distress, and the failure of life to turn out as hoped and expected.

    1. campanula


      Going to google it. Thanks for sharing:)


    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      And, you know the cure!

    3. vern


      pain in your heart is for reals... and can last decades....  there's a reason persons kill themselves....


  9. Yes we have! That can really stretch your perception, of your own reality, can't it? We're encouraged to meditate on where we will be busy in Paradise. My problem is making a visual of my place, and it weighs on my mind a lot. Trying to figure that little problem out, keeps me entertained for periods of time. I came from a large family, 6 boys, 5 girls. I distinctly recall the two acre garden that fed us all, and some of my memories are of that garden, plucking a carrot out of the ground, and washing it off to eat, and you won't ever get a veggie that tastes better. ;-)
  10. I am waiting for the model, that will one catch a bit of shut eye at stop lights. Now, that would be a bonus, as life just seems to get more hectic each day! Almost so crazy at times!
  11. prayers are called for. A hurricane is expected to hit the Mobile, Alabama area tomorrow morning. The Anual meeting is being broadcast to our Hall at 9 a.m. Praying things turn out well. 

    1. Vinnie


      We pray things turn out well. Be prepared for when disaster strikes. This months Awake is so appropriate.

    2. hatcheckgirl


      MAy you be spared he worst! Praying for you.

  12. Attended a memorial talk for a dear, dear sister who passed away last week. Wait til I tell her about her timing! The whole thing was put on speed dial, as our viewing of the annual meeting is next Saturday. Mayhaps by then I can  shake off this lethargy, that comes with the grieving process. I dislike it, but believe He knew what He was doing when He planned how our pea-picking little hearts would handle this type of stress. Eileen was one of those individuals you never forget, and truly wish that some of her might have rubbed off on others. Leave a light in the window, Eileen!!!

    1. hatcheckgirl


      So sorry Peggy to hear of the loss of such a close friend. Our hope in seeing our loved ones again really is a comfort, despite our pain. Enjoy the Annual meeting next week. We haven't been tied in or streamed this year, so I'll be reading up on it here and on Jw.org. And big hugs sis xx

    2. GeordieGirl


      I'm so sorry, Peggy.  Many hugs for you from me. One day I'll be able to give you a real one .. and so will your dear friend, Eileen. xo


    3. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Just makes one love Jehovah all the more! What a precious hope, the resurrection. Look it it this way, she went on a long cruise, and you will be at the dock, with an armfull of flowers, welcoming her back. I'm so sorry for your loss, sister. 

      A good friend of mine and I were talking about how horrible it would be to loose one of us! We are in our mid 70's, and you know the story. 

  13. Thanx, Uani. I had wondered what the final talley would be. The monies realized from those transactions, will truly be put to good use, in the coming months. World-wide work, printing costs,etc.
  14. May be the use of ESP might be the fulfilment of. how we can communicate in that new world. I personally have experienced some situations, and a woman's intuition is a fore-gleam. Kind of scary. lol. But please receive my gratitude for all of your posts, well wishes, and encouragement. I always come away from here feeling refreshments and blessed. This staying "witness strong" can be difficult at times, but when you succeed, you do feel very blessed, and make Jehovah smile!
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