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  1. Let's see lack of trust/faith to start. Guilt or feeling of unworthiness
  2. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/06/18/us-urges-russia-to-release-political-religious-prisoners.html
  3. Just read my post. Not a shame in the since he lost, but in the since he has lost his way.
  4. Well good to see another judicial decision in Jehovah's favor. But it's a shame for our ex brother. Would be nice if he could now see his mistakes.
  5. Not just trump, hillary pelosi shummer ryan mcConnell obama(s) Who is not spewing garbage? It's all pookie, and it's from every politician isn't it? His personality makes the skin crawl but in reality, the bottom line is he is no different than any other politician. He just sells himself as compared to the media selling the previous chump. No real difference in ego's that i can see. No one is capable of solving any real problem and they know it. (And we should know it more than them.) So they put on their faces and sell their snake oil and try to appear more righteous than the other guy. Tell me one thing that has gotten better in the last 20 years? And they (politicians, politics and media) will ALL get worse at what they do as this system crawls to it's demise. I still watch the news, not to hear the "facts", but to hear the REAL news we all wait for. Some day.......
  6. Very sad https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/25/europe/ireland-abortion-referendum-exit-polls-intl/index.html
  7. We might be populating one of those other planets Jehovah is building out for us
  8. Umm, we not be here...............................
  9. Wish we could share. Constant rain it seems. Since 1st of year we have established a record for most overcast days in the Texas gulf coast area, somewhere North of 75%. Currently under 4 different flood warnings. http://www.intellicast.com/Storm/Severe/Bulletins.aspx?location=USTX0262
  10. We have to accept this is the norm for the world we live in. Things are not going to get better in this system. Easy to get sucked into the politics of the world on such an emotional event. We have to look at it as an opportunity for witnessing. Awake #6 2017 back out on my desk today.
  11. Loved that song, especially with the part where we sang a part and then someone else (my son and I always did it, no one else?).
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