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  1. Hmm one of the mildest summers here on the Gulf Coast of Texas in years. No drought, I don't think we even hit a hundred degrees. If we did it was just a day or so. We are fixing to get a soaker from the Gulf though so I may have to add us to the list of weird weather at the end of the week.
  2. At least nine Catholic and Anglican churches across Canada have gone up in flames amid a backlash over the country's use of church-run residential schools to forcibly assimilate indigenous children from the late 19th century until the 1970s. Ten churches vandalised in Alberta on Canada Day - BBC News
  3. I can only hope not. I want simple. Please no satellite dishes, no power lines, no telephones. No TV please. Modern electronics, factories and the like are the Devils tools. The manufacture of all these things causes pollution. I don't need trains or subways. I will not be in a hurry. Give me a horse and a trail and I will be fine. I believe the face of the earth will change to meet our desires. I think there will be land bridges to all the continents. Everyone I know wants water, usually moving like a stream or river, mild climate and what I would describe as the earths bounties, food like we have never enjoyed before. I want to work my land and reap it's rewards. I, my wife or both of us will teach my children. No "higher" education will be needed. I will love my creator, my family, my neighbor and his creation and I will spend my time showing this. My biggest wonder is how he will organize us. If I make it into the new system, will I be the head of my family. As My Mom and Dad, my brother and my aunts, uncles, grandparents etc. come back will I be the one who is responsible for them? For teaching them? There is kind of a precedent for that isn't here? What is our relationship with the 144000 going to be like. And if he ever wants me on another planet I am sure he can get me there without me building some sort of flying saucer.
  4. Blueberry buds survived the freeze! Pulled the tarp off, cleared all the pine needle packing and they still looking good! Will check the spinach, brussels sprouts, romaine lettuce, onions and garlic this evening when I get off work.
  5. Hmm, I think I might be offended. Don't really get the connection with the clairvoyant, but it appears you have consulted them in the past, so guilty feeling on your part?
  6. Definite increase of cases. Especially in the group that I was told was not supposed to be as susceptible, kids. Kind of off topic. We have a chiropractor we go to. He is a good bone cracker but a bit of a nut case. He is big into conspiracy stuff. He claims he has had a few military contacts calling and telling him to get ready for evac. Warning his patients that something will occur in the next couple weeks violence will start to escalate and we need to be ready to hunker down. Then I was talking to head of our security at the chemical plant. He said they have been told to check all their gear and be prepared to go to full PPE mode which means all their body armor and carrying their personal side arms at all times. Obviously not a sure fire indicator something is actually about to happen but the conversations concerns me. These folks/types are getting worked up. Where will it lead? I mean I know where but things sure are changing rapidly. Ya know what I'm saying? I know what's happening but I am still shocked by it all.
  7. Actually another solution is also fairly simple. Drink more water with it. Dilution is the solution.
  8. Um, that would be peanut butter and JELLY sandwiches. Never heard of peanut butter and Jello. Why do you have to make it personal, America, really. I think mixing foods together can be awesome. Come visit we will set you straight 😁

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