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  1. That's beautiful and would make a wonderful screen saver.
  2. Hi Allen thanks for that.....I don't know what planet your from but " I am picking up what your putting down" MUCH appreciated nice thoughts. Wendy
  3. We see those a lot in Finland but we also see them here in Canada …..pretty but....not to eat but great to photograph .
  4. I must have native in me .....I love all wild meat . I get bison when I can find it ....my little butcher shop closed because big box stores they can't compete. He used to bring in Bison for me. I think if I was to pop across the border into Washington I could find it.
  5. Thanks Eric is it new .....I’m hopeless at finding things it’s not coming up on my WHATS NEW section, just curious .
  6. Hi Eric Is that Video on our regular website JW.org I can’t seem to find it? So excellent .
  7. I am not new but still need help in this department.....I hate relying on my husband to do it sometimes I just want what I want to pick....
  8. I am thrilled just hearing about it. The Canadian delegates are trickling back home now ....thanks for your hospitality Carlos and helping them all feel the LOVE.
  9. They are not joking .........I have seen it with my own eyes. :) Don't worry Carlos just feel the LOVE and enjoy
  10. I have so many dear friends from all over the world that are there Carlos , If you meet anyone from Vancouver ask if they know me they probably do. LOL Also a couple in Circuit work are there from Alberta....I am feeling a little left out . But we did go to Helsinki and were able to enjoy the throng of our friends coming from a distant land that is under ban .... that itself was the biggest treat imaginable. The Fins housed, fed and in some cases clothed those ones 5000 strong that were able to make the courageous journey to attend we got to visit and hear experiences that we treasure.
  11. Anna that is great.....lol a reporter with a sense of humor.
  12. I also have taken it for anxiety ..... I used drops and eventually found a product that worked well. It was NATURAL FACTORS Serenity Formula. I don’t take it now but if a stressful situation Pops up I start again .
  13. Update : To make a long story short if possible I had a bad fall about two months ago in my closet if you can imagine ( took a nose dive off of a short foot ladder, I thought I was on the bottom rung and I was two up....stepped down and fell hard against the wall) . Unknown to me it triggered Bursitis in my hip. So off to the acupuncture & physio which helped some but I just wasn't getting better I still had pain. I could tell it was inflamed so last week I was fed up and bought a high potency extra strength Curcumin ....honestly within two days if started to feel better I can walk longer and the pain has subsided almost 75%, that's in less than a week. Just in time for the memorial campaign. The one I bought is made here in Canada by a company called Purica. I actually phoned the company and talked to a rep and she told me about a young man who had broken his back and surgery was on the table. He started taking the Purica and no longer needed the surgery. There expensive but well worth it. Thanks for the tip Annie it has really saved my bacon. Don't over do it in your garden Annie that's my problem I have grandiose ideas to accomplish things and end up in trouble.


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