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    Was engaged to my wife at the time, in the early 70's. Wife's family had fallen away for about 20 yrs and started attending meetings when I came along. Never heard of JW's then. Studied. Was going to prove them wrong (Baptist). Ha! You know the rest. We were baptized together Dec. 1, 1974. The rest is history.

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    Music, guitars, RV's, camping, ect.
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    Classic Country, Classic Rock, Bluegrass
  1. I heard there was going to be no milk in the New System due to 'udder' destruction. (snicker)
  2. Hi friends, Is it possible to be considered for full membership at this time? I read a lot, but don't post a whole lot since I come here periodically, being very busy. I've been a member for a long time though, If that helps. Keep up the good work you do. Much love, Trenton
  3. This was back before the internet was probably conceived. It wasn't in our song books. Just a beautiful melody and lyrics about the hope we have. They happened to have played it at our District Convention back then. Hardly a dry eye. If I remember right, it was a husband/wife couple that wrote it. One or both served at Bethel. It really hit home to me, as it would to many of us, who wished that our worldly family would just listen and take to heart God's promises.
  4. I'm glad someone remembers it. Just wish I could remember the lyrics. Thanks for responding.
  5. I'm trying to find the lyrics to song from the 70's written by a Bethelite. It was called "I'm coming home mom". It was played at a District Convention back then. Beautiful song. It was about a son singing to his mother about the Bible truths he had learned and encouraged her to listen. It started out something like "There once was a man, whose name was John. And he had a vision of things to come".... And so on. So those of you friends who have been around for a while, had you heard it? Do you remember it?
  6. Hurts my heart to read about it. It made the evening and morning tv news. No details were given. They said neighbors are afraid to comment for fear of retaliation. They are in Jehovah's loving memory now. Jehovah will take care of it.
  7. One thing is sure my friends, your strength comes from Jehovah and from your endurance. Be assured of our prayers in your behalf. Christian love, Trenton
  8. I currently work for an RV dealership in the sales dept. Though I like the business, It's too many hours. That's usually a problem with retail. Looking for other opportunities for a change that allows for greater spiritual growth. I'm pushing 60 (never thought I'd say that), so not a lot out there. But I'm looking and perhaps Jehovah will bless my efforts. Until then, doing what I can.
  9. We went in '02 with another Bro & Sis. Flew into Anchorage. Drive down to Seward for a couple of days. Went out on a glacier tour boat for 6 hrs. Then drove to the other side to Homer for a couple of days. Then back to Anchorage. Only had a week. Would do that same trip again. We had a great time. Doctor gave me the 'patch' for motion sickness. Worked. I think it's called "Transdermscope". Just not supposed to have alcohol with it. Great trip.
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