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  1. I would love to go to a music festival, but for sure only one in the NW, the vibes I get from worldly ones aren't that great, especially in the current covid era 😬 Drugs and smoking, large crowds, being in close proximity with strangers, people dressed inappropriately, general reckless behavior and loudness, sometimes being so loud you can't even hear the music... My introverted self cannot handle it.
  2. In reference to what you mentioned in your first post, a lot of my faves are sitcoms too, especially King of Queens too and other shows like Family Matters, 227, Fresh Prince, I Love Lucy, etc. The sitcoms of the past (vs many of the shows that come out today) will always be some of my faves to relax after a long day and watch
  3. I'm actually glad they didn't use CGI lions! I was watching a movie recently with a "realistic" CGI animal (I think it was a raccoon) and it looked awful! There was also a movie about dogs or dog sledding that came out recently with no real dog actors, all of the dogs were CGI and on set actually men in suits, and in the movie they looked a bit uncanny! No matter how high the budget and how great the CGI is, you can always tell and it takes you out of the scene, same with CGI humans in non-cartoon movies, computers can't completely replicate the beauty and warmth of Jah's design just yet
  4. Two of my favorite musicals are The Lion King and Dreamgirls. Some of the only two I've seen in person haha.
  5. I play Sims 3 and Planet Coaster. Thanks for the recommendation of Planet Zoo in the thread here, need to try it. But simulation games are my favorite genre, I also need to try that racing one
  6. Kind of a random share as well, but this is another sweet song that could hold multiple meanings that Nick Jonas put out when he was just 11! His voice on this album reminds me of a young Michael Jackson, but it could be just because he was also a boy soprano
  7. A YouTube channel that I sub to that basically reviews animation has decided to cover our Caleb shorts and I've noticed they are slowly but surely coming into the consciousness of "bad" animation reviewers, probably thanks to apostates, I'm just like...ugh, one of my favorite YouTube genres (when clean) has been tainted. Animation and story wise, our shorts aren't even bad, the only thing I imagine they'll find reason to gripe about is the teachings and that's all biblical. And it's not intended for general public viewing like Sesame Street or even being sold/profited off in any form like "Christian" kid shows so... yeah it just bugs me. Idk whether to unsubcribe for that one video or ignore it and keep watching the channel...
  8. Garfield specifically? Why would you want to put yourself through that torture lol
  9. Music video for the song above (forgot to add it to the original post). Pretty cool to add since all of this was produced at home under quarantine in Hong Kong by the artist himself (both song, all the instruments, lyrics and vocals and of course the music video)

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    PSL, Florida, originally from Baltimore, Maryland
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    Yes, I've been publishing for as long as I can remember :)
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    Yes, as of 11/13/16!
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    I was raised in the truth :) My parents were baptized many years before I was born.

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    I like reading, being creative, listening to music (duh), biking, drawing, making bead jewelry, anything Disney-related and so on, I have a ton of interests!
  • My favorite books
    The Bible, all of our publications, Notes of a Liar and Her Dog, It's Hot and Cold in Miami, plus a bunch others
  • My favorite music
    I like all sorts of music from all sorts of genres as long as the music and lyrics are good, but some of my favorite artists are Hall & Oates, the Jonas Brothers, the Staple Singers and a million other artists and bands I like. I really enjoy listening to international music specifically c-pop or mandopop or music in the Chinese language. I also love to listen to songs from Disney films and shows and even a few from the attractions :)
  • My favorite movies
    Mulan, Lion King 2, George of the Jungle, other Disney movies, other animated or family movies primarily
  • My favorite quotes
    Pretty much everything in the Bible. Some of my favorite scriptures include Psalms 83:18 (the first one I learned by heart)and Heb 6:10: " For God is not unrighteous so as to forget you work and the love YOU showed for his name, in that you have ministered to the holy ones and continue ministering." and also Rev 21:4, of course.

    I also like a lot of other secular quotes, but it'll be impossible to post and remember all of them here xD

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