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  1. To inculcate is not a one time and forget ,To inculcate” means “to teach and impress by frequent repetitions.” To do so, parents need to spend time regularly with their young ones. It could at times seem frustrating to have to repeat instructions to the children. However, parents can strive to see this as a way to help their children understand God’s Word and apply it.Deut 6:6-9
  2. Paul emphasized (Rom 1:3,4that a Christians would benefit from his planned visit but he and the congregation would also be mutually encouraged by expressions of one another’s faith.,,oh how we need each other look out for one another,Heb 3:13
  3. What have we to fear with the almighty God on our side? Jehovah has not changed Since Elijahs day,2 chronicles 16,He is just as eager today to use his power in behalf of those who love him as he was ancient times.
  4. Vinnie,,a good 👍 point Maintaining mildness under provocation will help even some of these opposers to have a change of heart. ... Proverbs 15:1 states: “An answer, when mild, turns away rage, but a word causing pain makes anger to come up.
  5. We maintain fine conduct in imitation of Jehovahs loving qualities,not only because it’s expected of us ,1 Peter 2:12,and even criticized by many,it’s because of our loving father’s name. And because of our conduct some have come to realize the “REASON “behind our good conduct “and have a change of heart,no doubt even in Russia ! !!
  6. As we have always appreciated the value of our sisters in bible times and now
  7. Like all your comments (💕them all) the appreciation of our beautiful hope too welled up in my heart, as I read today’s text ,,we will keep on enduring regardless of what the Lion try’s to scare us with,,nothing can take away our love for Jehovah because we have the encouragement from one another !
  8. So true,you all made beautiful comments,,,like Paul humbly said through his weakness it glorifies Jehovah.,.remembering where Jehovah rescued me from,Ps 113:7,I want to always glorify Him ,that I hope will always keep me humble
  9. Yeah I’m with ya on that one,,Anniebea it will be a blessing,in new system,to sleep “throughout” the night!!!
  10. The transformation Paul had in mind involves more than a superficial change in appearance. It touches every fiber of our being,,—our innermost attitudes, feelings, and inclinations. jesus helps us to see It is not enough to get rid of wrong thoughts; we need to fill the void with godly thinking. matt 12:43-45. June 2019 wt
  11. Wow! You sure make me feel appreciated thanks for that..elders need encouragement too ,remember a beautiful “gem” became such after a lot of polishing ,,I know because I have had a few rough edges knocked off of me over the years .. I am SURE that there is a hidden GEM in the young elder!! And yes the WT study had a lot of underlying lessons for us.. May Jehovah bless you my sister..Agape!
  12. It Is Easy To Be Busy In This World. But To Be Busy In The Work Of The Lord Boils Down To Priorities Romans 12:11...
  13. We are the only ones that stand out as different with our “white “robes,we’re rewarded now as a result,but look forward to the ultimate reward soon to come,,1 John 1:7
  14. After the dust has settled the lone survivor=Jehovah’s people,the true worshipers of the only tru God !! Ezekiel 38:23

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    Brothers from Swan River conducted WT in our home in Bowsman

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    No hobbies.my interest is in honing my effectiveness in giving a good witness,being a good brother,husband ,dad and grandpa ..and elder..
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    that really interests me !!
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    Enjoying a new study with the “enjoy life forever “book,and first and foremost the Bible.I don't really have time
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    Theo.music first,and some country western,classical ..
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    "The bible is the only book who's author is always present when it's read"
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