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  1. I think this Video was part of our RC 2017 - so touching and fits well to our WT-Study for last week and this week.
  2. I wish you Jehovah's blessing for your assignement - my husband also has a part
  3. Breaking news... In addition to our 3:39 Video "Why study the Bible" there will be a shortened 1 Min. Video which should be easier to use in the ministry (letter was read to us yesterday in our mid-week-Meeting) Does anybody have the link?
  4. What a week to come! Monday = February Broadcasting Tuesday - Sunday = Visit of the CO
  5. tv.jw.org Love it - listened to it allready twice! Time is running out!
  6. That seems to be the same in German - p.ex. Matthew 5:3 "Happy are those conscious of their spiritual needs" will read in german "Gl├╝cklich sind die, denen bewusst ist, dass sie Gott brauchen". English: Happy are those, knowing they need God - I love it - the german People will understand this much better!!!!!
  7. Sorry! - But towards the end it is all in english again starting from about 37:16
  8. We'll get part 2 on January 15th and part 3 on January 29th - wow what a month!!!!!
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