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    Eastern Utah
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    My Mother and Father(unbaptized) taught me the truth as a child, but became inactive when I was still young. I always knew it was the truth although I allowed myself to venture into the world as a teen. After marriage my wife wanted to decide on what to teach our soon-to-be born child, and knew it wasn't going to be what she was taught at the catholic church. We began our study, and after many big moves,which set us back each time, we were baptized together.

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    Being in Jehovah's creation: going for rides/hikes in the desert, mountains;hunting,fishing,target shooting, 4-wheeling
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    Never was one to read for entertainment, my reading is usually for educational purposes, studying. Although I do enjoy it. So all of our wonderful publications I would recommend.
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    R&B, oldies
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    You are never too old or too young to learn something from someone old or young.

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  1. Breaking news on JW.ORG: BREAKING NEWS | Kenneth Cook Appointed to the Governing Body I thank Jehovah for caring for us so well with these gifts in men.
  2. Have noticed that the Spanish language of this publication is now available to be ordered in the printed edition, but does anyone know if it'll be available electronically before we begin studying it later this year?
  3. Is anyone else having problems loading sjj to their media player? It is as if it will not recognize the card. I found the website sited above and followed the instructions to a T, I also read that if it is 5.1 or lower you must create a B file with enough files to have 225 total, which I've done. please help I'm lost
  4. So yes, no on the pocket Bible? I thought I heard there will be, I could really use one for my desk at work I've been keeping a close eye on the order catalog but nothing yet.
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