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  1. I'm late to the party. I would just like to mention that this picture above from a very old publication shows the friends eating cheese, which Adam and Eve weren't allowed to if we are to take Genesis 1:29 literally. Of course, the publications don't show anyone watching tv or using a laptop or driving a car in the new world. But that doesn't mean that we won't do those things, just that we don't know. (According to this picture it seems we will always be dressed up as for the meetings.) The truth is that our publications haven't taught the idea that we will all be vegetarian in the new world in many many years. One more post for Bob to split.
  2. I understand the situation. Is there an internet cafe or some place where you can have a more reliable connection to the internet and where you pay by time? That way you could download the file there making sure that it's not corrupted and then copy it to your laptop. That should be much cheaper than using your mobile data. You don't have wifi at the Kingdom Hall, do you? He means the Org. There's nothing you can do in that regard.
  3. The branch doesn't provide the Watchtower DVD anymore. And even if there's some DVD still left in the congregation, the program will need to be updated. That is exactly Chigozie's situation: He already has the DVD installed but he's unable to update it because his internet connection is not reliable. There's one way to do what he wants. If you have an updated Watchtower Library, you can go to the menu Help > Manual updates > Create. It will prepare an 2 GB update file that contains all the cumulative updates. Then you can send that file to the brother who needs it. I'm preparing the file and sending it to Chigozie so there's no need to do anything else in this case. But this method may be useful if someone you know has the same problem.
  4. If an armed and violent person entered a KH we would try to calm them down. If they ask for money or other things, we would give them up. But if they tried to hurt our brothers and sisters, of course we would do anything possible to protect them.
  5. After the terrorist attacks in Madrid in 2004 everybody here was shocked and scared, so the branch organized a special campaign to bring some comfort and hope to our neighbors. I remember we were suggested to read them Jeremiah 29:11: (Jeremiah 29:11) “‘For I well know the thoughts that I am thinking toward you,’ declares Jehovah, ‘thoughts of peace, and not of calamity, to give you a future and a hope. People in general responded quite well and even many who usually don't listen to us expressed their appreciation. I guess a similar campaign will be organized in NZ soon.
  6. Now there will be a lot of disappointed brothers.
  7. I don't fully understand the issues here. If I invite someone for dinner I want them to feel well and comfortable and enjoy the food. Forcing them to eat something they dislike or find disgusting doesn't make sense. If I know my guest is vegetarian, I wouldn't offer him meat. If I know he dislikes cheese, or seafood, or fish or whatever, what's the point in serving it to them? To make them feel disgusted? We also have to admit there are different tastes. If my guest prefers some more salt in his food, it doesn't mean I didn't cook it well, it just means our taste is different. It doesn't cost me anything to put a salt-shaker on the table. Some people like their meat rare while others prefer it well-done. Why wouldn't someone adapt to the tastes of his guests? What's the point? Regarding alcohol, of course I wouldn't bring a bottle of wine to someone who is an alcoholic the same as I wouldn't offer a beer to a guest who used to have problems with alcohol. But when a group of friends are invited I offer them wine, water and some sodas, and they each choose what they prefer. If they are alcoholic, it's their responsibility, not mine, to pick a soda instead. On the other hand, if I offer someone a drink and they refuse it I would never insist. I don't think this is so complicated. Simply do your best to have your guests feel comfortable.
  8. That sounds like a wonderful plan!
  9. Yes, this works. Probably you will have to manually click on SETUP.EXE to start the installation. On Windows 10 you can right-click an ISO file and select "mount". The contents of the ISO file will appear as if you had inserted the DVD. This doesn't work in older versions of Windows.
  10. Glad to hear some good news from Russia. It seems there are still some judges with common sense in that country.
  11. That's true, in most dictatorial countries foreigners are treated differently to save face with the international community. That's why it's surprising what the Russian authorities are doing with brother Christensen. The usual thing would have been to deport him.
  12. I didn't even know that Mayan language is still spoken. I thought the Maya disappeared a long time ago and that everybody in Mexico spoke Spanish. Then when I traveled to Yucatán I was surprised not only that Mayan dialects are alive and well, but that many of their speakers hardly know any Spanish. It's great to hear that our Maya friends had their first assembly. It must have felt like a historic occasion. It's wonderful that the Slave is now giving special attention to these native peoples so that they can learn the good news in the language of their hearts.
  13. For some reason, military service is in fashion in Europe. The French government is thinking of resuming a compulsory military service, and if they do others will follow.
  14. Well, to be honest this decision has some logic. Military service is compulsory in Finland but people who are conscience objectors are allowed to perform an alternative civilian service. But for some reason, Jehovah's Witnesses were exempt from doing both. The law didn't say they were exempt, but in practice officials allowed our brothers to simply delay their conscription indefinitely, while non-Witnesses in the same situation went to jail. The judge decided that practice is discriminatory, and I think he is right. People shouldn't have different rights depending on their religion. It's not like our brothers now will go to jail for refusing to do a military service. They will just have to serve a civilian service as everybody else in Finland.
  15. This is a bit off-topic but I thought it might be good to mention. A sister sent my wife today a video of Putin speaking in Russian. The video was subtitled and it said Jehovah's Witnesses need to go to jail because they are extremists for not accepting military service and several other things. I always distrust this kind of videos. Besides, although I know no Russian at all, the subtitles mentioned Jehovah's Witnesses several times but I didn't hear Putin say "iegova". So we asked a Russian friend to translate it, and he confirmed the subtitles didn't have anything to do with what Putin was saying. It was a conference about economy and commerce. I wonder who prepares this kind of fake videos for Witnesses. Either they are well-intentioned but rather stupid brothers who don't realize the harm they can do, or they are our enemies trying to create problems for us. True Christians never need to resort to fake news. Please if you receive a video like that don't spread it forward.
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