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  1. The government recommends to stay indoors with doors and windows closed, and use a face mask when outdoors. I guess some idiots will say it's their right not to use one and no one can force them. Please yourself!
  2. Yosemite is an absolute must. You can spend there as many days as you wish, but even if you only have one day it's very worth it. The last time we went there we came from Nevada and crossed Death Valley. That's an impressive trip too, and what a huge contrast in the same day. We stayed for the night in the Mammoth Lakes area and were so sorry that we didn't have more time to explore the zone because it was wonderful too. We entered Yosemite from Lee Vining and went out by Mariposa. But depending on the time of year road 120 from Lee Vining may be closed. The Redwood National and State Park was breathtaking too, as was all the way up there. As for cities, besides San Francisco, we loved Sacramento. Maybe it doesn't impress an American so much, but for someone coming from Europe it was like being in a Western. I think the way from Sacramento to Los Angeles took us some nine hours. Most of the landscape is quite dry and desert-like, and the last part until you reach Lancaster and Palmdale is a real desert. A different kind of beauty. Not sure how far you plan to go, but we went to San Diego and spent one day at the most famous zoo in the world. We could have spent a couple more days and wouldn't have seen everything.
  3. Thanks, Chris! That's an interesting video. I am surprised when I hear intelligent people saying maths allow the universe to simply have appeared from nothing. They know a lot more maths and physics than I do, but they don't realize how absurd their conclusion is. No matter what their equations say, things never come from nothing. This video explains that brilliantly.
  4. This picture is all over the news: This house was surrounded but pardoned by the lava river. Its owners, a Danish couple who use to spend their vacation in La Palma, haven't lost their house, but they have no way to get to it.
  5. There is no custom to pay a bride price either in Europe or America (the whole continent). A man and a woman simply get married, without any party paying a price to the other. Typically their parents, as well as relatives and friends, will give them gifts to help them start their married life. In the past it was common for the man to have a formal meeting with his girlfriend's parents and ask them for her hand, but even that custom is disappearing, at least where I live. Now most couples simply inform their parents that they have decided to get married. It is no longer considered that they need their consent. I agree that paying a bride price where that's customary is not necessarily a bad thing. In a way it can be viewed as a show of appreciation for all the efforts those parents have invested in bringing up their daughter. But it can create some unpleasant situations. For example, a spiritual and mature brother and sister are in love with each other, but her parents ask for a huge bride price that he has no means to pay. That's sad. Of course, spiritual Christian parents will not give in to greed, rather will be glad that their daughter has a good brother as a husband. Of course I am not neutral since I am looking at things through the lens of my own culture, but I like it a lot more the idea of a couple being able to get married by their own choice, without needing to pay any price nor ask parents for consent. On the other hand, regarding dowry, I read that in some cultures it is paid TO the bride by her parents. In those cultures it is considered her part of the inheritance. I like that custom better.
  6. I liked the change. It didn't really make sense to give people a magazine which contained study articles that were far beyond their understanding. It seems more logical to have two different publications, one internal with study articles and other material just for Witnesses, and a different one for the public. On the other hand, the current situation is strange too. We have a study and a public edition of The Watchtower which are actually two completely different publications. Then we have Awake! which is identical with the public edition of The Watchtower and published every four months too. IMO it would make more sense to call the study edition of The Watchtower simply The Watchtower, and call the other public magazine Awake!, published bimonthly.
  7. We were told today at the meeting that four JW families are among evacuated due to this eruption. They are being accommodated by the friends. Their houses are in the affected area but they still don't know if they have been destroyed by the lava or not. So far no one has been hurt or killed because the whole area was quickly evacuated and the lava flow moves very slowly. The 10-meter high lava river is going through a small town and nearly 200 houses have been swept so far. The neighbors were evacuated but were later allowed to go back and rescue everything they could before their houses were swallowed by the molten rock river. It's impressive how man, with all his technology, is completely helpless in the face of a lava flow. Nothing stops it: Neither houses, nor stone walls, nor concrete blocks. At some points the army is digging trenches hoping to redirect the flow and save some houses, but they are not very confident it will have any effect. They said different methods were tried at other eruptions, such as cooling the lava with water, building concrete walls or even bombing the lava flow, to no avail.
  8. Thanks, Felix. Which aspect do you want to discuss about this picture? What did you find interesting in it that you shared it with us?
  9. In Bible times, as in some countries today, it was the bridegroom who paid a bride price to the bride's parents. Although I dislike that custom too because basically you were buying a bride, at least it meant a bride was valuable and worth paying a high price for. But dowry, where the bride family has to pay the bridegroom, that's humiliating. It's like they are paying to get rid of an undesirable daughter. Dowry is forbidden in India since 1961 but, as with many other traditional customs, it's still followed by most of the population. India is also infamously know for the huge number of rapes, even group rapes, that take place constantly. The Indian government is sincerely trying to put an end to those barbaric traditions, but it's so difficult to change the mentality of people. On the other hand, our brothers and sisters and India are a wonderful example of how divine principles are much higher than human traditions.
  10. I think that's reasonable. It's not the end of the world to be somewhat sick for a few days until your immune system defeats the virus. You can't keep your body overflowing with covid antibodies forever.
  11. La Palma is an absolutely beautiful island. The Canary islands are in Africa but they are part of Spain. That same volcano had an eruption in 1971 that added a good size of land to the island (good-for-nothing land, on the other hand). When we visited that area, if you tried to dig in the ground with your hands you couldn't get deeper than a few centimeters because it was too hot.
  12. Yes, very true. And we will be able to make them even better. On the other hand, with such a small population (initially) and with our respect for the planet our waste produce won't have a significant impact in the environment.
  13. I tried that once. They were the worst ten minutes in my life. Ok, ok, I'll leave now and let you discuss fasting seriously.
  14. I agree that whatever kind of technology we have in the new world will be completely different than what we have today. The whole philosophy behind those devices will be completely different. Now for some things there will need to exist factories. Richard has already mentioned toilet paper, but what about paper or screws? You can't make those at home. Those are products that are much easier to produce massively. Someone will have to work to produce those, unless we develop machines that take care of the repetitive work. But it's not unthinkable that we have to take shifts to do some of those jobs. Electricity is wonderful and surely Jehovah created it with some purpose. We already have means to produce and store energy without polluting the environment, but they are more expensive and less efficient than traditional methods. In the new world greed and efficiency will not be an issue, and we will be able to obtain energy from tides, wind, volcanoes, whatever. Jehovah created people with a huge ability to invent new things to resolve problems. It's unimaginable what a perfect humankind with an eternity ahead will be able to invent.
  15. I think it depends on what you consider technology. The moment Adam invented a comb to arrange his hair, or a fork, or a plow not to have to dig furrows with his hands, he was using technology. A mattock and a shovel is technology, so is a lamp or a horse-drawn cart. Where do we draw the line? At phone lines? Electricity? But Jehovah must have created electricity for some reason. At cars? Hot-air balloons? Computers? How will we be able to research Jehovah's creation without telescopes, microscopes, chemistry, computers? Of course technology in the new world will be completely different, respectful to the environment, not based on greed, no rush. But I am confident we will always have technology at our disposal.

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