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  1. Robert Dugoni... The eight sister.. I enjoyed it very much. Got a epub file. A beautiful novel. Sent from my Infinix X604B using Tapatalk
  2. I enjoyed her life story. Ty for posting the link to her story. Hope she is alive and active. What's her name?
  3. And this app is very good in that we can set a time for the scriptures to keep changing according to our convenience. I have set to 30 min. And it works fine. They post the scriptures randomly.
  4. Brother I need a widget which will show Bible verses. This I found. It seems good but there is no nwt. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=game.frst.me.bibleversenew
  5. I am looking for a app/ widget where I can have the nwt bible verses displayed on my android phone. My point Is that I should be abel to add/ upload nwt version since the widget apps that are there on the play store have some versions pre installed.
  6. Pushing Left right dance Hand muscles workout... Pushing here denotes Sweeping the floors Left right dance denotes mopping the house Hand muscles workout ... washing the vessels. Sent from my SM-A315F using Tapatalk
  7. . *WELDING & WEDDING:* [emoji848][emoji849][emoji848] An engineer was asked: "What is the Technical Difference between welding and wedding ...." He replied: "Not much; both are joints, in a way.......In welding there are sparks first and bonding forever; whereas in wedding there is bonding first [emoji183]and sparks forever ..." [emoji851][emoji1783][emoji15][emoji28][emoji41] *Keep smiling* . Sent from my SM-A315F using Tapatalk
  8. *a Hypothetical Puzzle game[emoji4]:* Today I called my Bib Sty Mr.Leo for studying the Bible but with low voice he said " *Not today brother"*. When I asked him *why?* , he said " *a woman in my joint family is there now she will disturb the study. So we will study tomorrow* ".. I asked him politely " *who is she* ?".. as she was near to him he replied in riddle that " *She is the mother of the father of my wife's only son".* Can you help me *how she is related* to my Bib sty Mr.Leo?[emoji848] Sent from my SM-A315F using Tapatalk
  9. A question for you all. Is spider a insect or an animal. ? Happy googling and giggling ..
  10. I have used isilo on android and have the files brother. Had heard about equipd. So thought of installing it on my iPad. But found it was not there. So I was enquiring about it. Thank you anyway. Sent from my SM-A315F using Tapatalk

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    My wife got the truth first. At that time we were in love with each other. And my in laws were against our marriage. She asked me to meet a sister, who was taking study for her. So I went, spoke with them, study was arranged. I became un baptized brother. She couldn't become a publisher. But she completed her study. We got engaged. But was disfellowshiped because of the engagement. ( a ritual took place of which I was unaware of).Then we got married and was reinstated,together took baptism at the same time, in the same tank.

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    Books, food, travelling, bible discussion, comical movies,association, cracking jokes etc.
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    Hindi songs. Plenty.

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