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  1. Neil, my friend 

    Hope you are getting much better.

    We are all thinking about you.

    You are much loved and respected here on the forum.

    Please get well soon :givehug:

  2. The most important part of this WT magazine is actually a specific part of the picture Joao shared of Noah’s Ark. Below is this entire picture which shows this most important part that is based on a prophecy that has never been in any WT in history! 😲
  3. Sorry this is happening in your area Fae. But thanks for letting all of us know. How about you and your family, is the flooding near your home?
  4. Hi Issac, I didn’t know that other games used the ELO system? That is interesting. I really enjoy the strategy of chess and I like the ELO rating system as it gives me some idea of if I am improving. My understanding is that mathematics is the foundation of this rating system, so it would be interesting to see how this rating system is applied to other games? If you find some games, please post them if you are able. Oh, and if your chess ELO rating gets to be around 2700, I will start calling you, “Grandmaster Issac”.
  5. Currently, I am in the middle of having to make a very important decision. I definitely want to make a good decision that pleases Jehovah! But I realize that sometimes we start off with a proper motive of wanting to make a good decision but we may never finish COMPLETING what we started. So I found an outstanding WT article that focuses on exactly this, helping us to “complete what we started to do”! In order for me to fully identify and grasp the various points in this article, I transformed the article into an “outline”. Likely because of all the training we have received in preparing talks, my mind just tends to prefer outlines, as these really help me to easily and quickly identify vital points and examples. But almost everything in this outline is directly from the WT article, the examples, the scriptures, even all the words! I only added a few sub-titles to help me to make a full outline and I just added the scriptures that were cited. I just finished this outline now, but then after saving it, I thought maybe others might also like such an outline when wanting help to make good decisions and trying to complete them. If so, here below is a copy. On the original version I have pertinent words/phrases/subtitles “color coded” which helps me to remember these important points. So if you would like a color coded version let me know and I will send you a PM. “Complete what you started to do.” 2 COR. 8:11 (w19 November p. 26 ) JEHOVAH • allows us to choose our course in life. • He teaches us how to make good choices • He helps us to succeed when we make decisions that please him. (Ps. 119:173) “May your hand be ready to help me, Because I choose to obey your orders” STRUGGLES WE MAY HAVE COMPLETING WHAT WE STARTED • Even when we make a wise decision, however, we may struggle to complete what we started. • EXAMPLES: ◦ A young brother decides to read the entire Bible. He does well for a few weeks but then stops for some reason. ◦ A sister decides to serve as a regular pioneer but keeps pushing back the date when she will begin. ◦ A body of elders makes a unanimous decision to be more involved in shepherding those in the congregation but after many months has not acted on it. • These situations differ, but they have something in common. Those decisions were not fully implemented. • First-century Christians in Corinth faced a similar challenge. • Note what we can learn from them. A BIBLE EXAMPLE OF NOT COMPLETING WHAT WAS STARTED The CORINTHIAN Congregation • About 55 C.E., the Corinthians made an important decision. • They learned that their brothers in Jerusalem and Judea were suffering hardships and poverty and that other congregations were collecting money to help them. Out of kindness and generosity, the Corinthians resolved to donate to this effort and asked the apostle Paul how they could help. He sent instructions to the congregation and appointed Titus to assist in the collection. (1 Cor. 16:1; 2 Cor. 8:6) • A few months later, though, Paul learned that the Corinthians had not followed through. • As a result, their gift would not likely be ready in time for it to be taken to Jerusalem along with the contributions from the other congregations.—2 Cor. 9:4, 5. • The Corinthians had made a good decision, and Paul commended them for their outstanding faith and their earnest desire to be generous. • But he also had to encourage them to complete what they had started. (Read 2 Corinthians 8:7, 10, 11.) “This is for your benefit, seeing that already a year ago you not only initiated the action but also showed your desire to do it. So now, also complete what you started to do, so that your readiness to act may be completed according to the means you have available” LESSONS FOR US: • Their experience teaches us that even faithful Christians may struggle to implement a good decision. • Like the Corinthians, we may find it difficult to carry out our decisions. Why? ◦ Because of imperfection, we may simply procrastinate. ◦ Or unforeseen events might make it impossible for us to follow through on what we had decided to do. (Eccl. 9:11; Rom. 7:18) • How can we review a decision and discern if we should adjust it? • And how can we be more effective at completing what we start? DIFFERENT TYPES OF DECISIONS • Some important decisions we would never change. • EXAMPLES: ‣ We stick to our decision to serve Jehovah. (Matt. 16:24) “If anyone wants to come after me, let him disown himself and pick up his torture stake and keep following me” ‣ We are determined to be faithful to our marriage mate. (Matt. 19:6) “So that they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has yoked together, let no man put apart.” • Other decisions, though, may need to be adjusted. Why? Because circumstances change. • What steps can help us to make the best decisions possible? BEFORE MAKING A DECISION 1. Pray for wisdom a. “If any one of you is lacking in wisdom, let him keep asking God, for he gives generously to all.” (Jas. 1:5) b. In some respects, we are all “lacking in wisdom.” c. So rely on Jehovah both when making a decision and when reviewing that decision. d. Jehovah will then help you to make wise choices. 2. Do thorough research a. Consult God’s Word! b. Read the publications of Jehovah’s organization c. Talk to people whom you can trust. (Prov. 20:18) d. Such research is vital before making a decision to change jobs, to move, or to choose appropriate education to help you support your ministry. 3. Analyze your motives a. Our motives matter to Jehovah. (Prov. 16:2) b. He wants us to be honest in all things. c. So when we make decisions, we too want to be honest with ourselves and with others about our motives. d. If we were not completely honest, we would likely have difficulty sticking to the decision. 1. EXAMPLE: a young brother may decide to become a regular pioneer. After some time, however, he struggles to fulfill the hour requirement and he finds little joy in his ministry. He may have thought that his main motive for pioneering was his desire to please Jehovah. Could it be, though, that he was primarily motivated by a desire to please his parents or some person he admired? 2. EXAMPLE: Consider the situation of a Bible student who decides to give up smoking. At first, he struggles, doing well for a week or two, but then he gives in to the urge to smoke. Finally, though, he is successful! His love for Jehovah and his desire to please Him have helped him to conquer the habit.—Col. 1:10; 3:23. 4. Be specific a. The more specific you are, the more likely you are to complete what you start. 1. EXAMPLE: You may have decided to read the Bible more often. But if you do not have a specific schedule in mind, you may not achieve your objective. 2. EXAMPLE: Or the elders in a congregation may decide to shepherd the flock more often, but after some time, they have not followed through on that decision. To be successful, they could ask such questions as these: “Have we identified the brothers and sisters who could especially benefit from more shepherding? Have we set a specific time to visit them?” 5. Be realistic a. None of us have the time, resources, or energy to do everything that we would like to do. b. So be realistic and reasonable. c. When necessary, you may need to change a decision that was beyond your ability to accomplish. “A time to search and a time to give up as lost; A time to keep and a time to throw away” (Eccl. 3:6) d. Suppose, though, that you 1. reviewed your decision 2. adjusted it as needed 3. and feel that you can implement it. e. NEXT: Consider 5 steps that can help you to finish what you start. STEPS TO IMPLEMENT YOUR DECISION 1. Pray for the strength to act a. God can give you “the power to act” and carry out your decision. (Phil. 2:13) b. So ask Jehovah for his holy spirit to give you the power you need. c. Continue praying even if an answer to your request seems to be delayed. d. As Jesus said: “Keep on asking, and it [holy spirit] will be given you.”—Luke 11:9, 13. 2. Create a plan a. “The plans of the diligent surely lead to success, But all who are hasty surely head for poverty” (Pr 21:5) b. To complete any project you start, you need a plan. c. Then you need to work according to that plan. d. Likewise, when you make a decision, list the specific steps you intend to follow to implement that decision. Breaking larger jobs into smaller tasks can help you track your progress more easily. e. EXAMPLE: Paul encouraged the Corinthians to set something aside for their contribution “on the first day of every week” rather than wait and try to collect funds when he arrived. (1 Cor. 16:2) f. Breaking large jobs into small tasks can also keep you from feeling overwhelmed. g. A clear plan that you put in writing can help you turn your decisions into action. (1 Cor. 14:40) h. EXAMPLE: Bodies of elders are directed to assign an elder to record each decision of the body of elders, including who is assigned to follow through and the suggested date for completion. Elders who follow this direction are more likely to carry out their decisions. (1 Cor. 9:26) i. You could try to do something similar with your personal affairs. j. EXAMPLE: For example, you could prepare a daily to-do list and arrange the items in the order you intend to handle them. This can help you not only to complete what you start but also to get more done in less time. 3. Exert yourself a. It takes effort to follow your plan and complete what you start. (Read Romans 12:11.) “Be industrious, not lazy.*(Footnote: “Do not loiter at your business.”) Be aglow with the spirit. Slave for Jehovah” b. Paul told Timothy to “continue applying” himself and to “persevere” in becoming a better teacher. That advice applies equally to other spiritual goals.—1 Tim. 4:13, 16. 4. Manage your time wisely a. Choose a time to implement your decision and stick to it. b. Avoid waiting for the perfect time to act; the perfect time is not likely to come. (Eccl. 11:4) “The one who watches the wind will not sow seed, and the one who looks at the clouds will not reap” c. Be careful not to allow less important things to consume your time and rob you of the energy you need for the more important things. (Phil. 1:10) d. If possible, set aside time during which you have few interruptions. e. Let others know that you need time to concentrate. f. Consider turning off your phone and checking your e-mail or social media at a later time.* 5. Focus on the outcome a. The result, or outcome, of your decision is like the destination of a journey. If you really want to reach that destination, you will keep going even if a road is closed and you thus must change your route. b. In the same way, if we focus on the outcome of our decisions, we will not give up easily when we encounter setbacks or detours. (Gal. 6:9) “So let us not give up in doing what is fine, for in due time we will reap if we do not tire out” WHAT YOU NEED TO COMPLETE WHAT YOU STARTED • The more we apply the wisdom found in God’s Word, the better we become at making good decisions.—Heb. 5:14 “But solid food belongs to mature people, to those who through use have their powers of discernment* trained to distinguish both right and wrong” • Making good decisions is difficult, and implementing them can be a challenge. • But with Jehovah’s help, you can gain the wisdom and strength you need to complete what you start!

    May we live each day as if…



    it were our last chance to maintain our integrity!

    Then, even if we should face death, we would be able to say,

    “Jehovah, I have done my best to keep my integrity, to prove Satan a liar, and to vindicate your name and your sovereignty!”

    We are confident that our life is safe in Jehovah’s hands! :crush:
    (w21 April - Learning From Jesus’ Final Words)
  7. While people may have different opinions about the current vaccines(I don’t want to start any debates😁), I shared this quote above because I wonder why this judge made such a firm statement? Judges are supposed to make decisions based on laws/precedents, so I am just curious if he based his decision on government approval/FDA approval? Anyway, I am just a little curious about that, but what I am more interested in is what is the current government/FDA view on each of the vaccines? So if anyone knows the answer to any of the following questions, please share, thanks. QUESTIONS: I was wondering if anyone knows whether any COVID vaccines have finally been approved by the FDA? (I haven’t heard of any being approved yet) Or are any of the vaccines currently going through the process for FDA approval? Or have any or all of the vaccines already been denied FDA approval?
  8. The “Great CROWD” of earthly survivors out of the Great Tribulation will be…

    favored with the privilege of literally seeing the resurrected “Abraham”, who Jehovah named “Father of a CROWD:D

    1. happiness IS

      happiness IS

      *** it-1 p. 28 Abraham ***
      (Aʹbra·ham) [Father of a Crowd (Multitude)].


      The name given by Jehovah to Abram (meaning “Father Is High (Exalted)”) when he was 99 years old, and when God was reaffirming His promise that Abraham’s offspring would become many

    2. vern


      interesting....  cause all who have faith are considered his children no?


    Does anyone know if there is a way to download the audio for… 

    all of the Bible books at 1 time on JW Library?


    I would like to download the audio of every book in the Bible and have it on my iPad and this way I can listen to it wherever I am even if there is no WiFi.  This would also help me by being able to have available the correct enunciation of Bible names, titles, lands, etc, when there is no WiFi. But the fastest way I see now to download all the audio is just 1 Bible book at a time, which is fine, I was just curious if there was a quicker way?

    Thanks for your help :)

    1. Myew


      JW Library -> Bible -> Download Media (cloud icon in the top right on Android) -> In The Cloud [Check] -> Download All (underneath the headphones icon with 973 files and 1.6GB) ?

      I'm just guessing.

  10. I especially like this last part of the post about how we should recognize that during this pandemic, our loving Father “protected us spiritually” and also how Jehovah spared us “unnecessary anxiety”. So I would add that Jehovah also protected us in another very compassionate and loving way, emotionally! Anxiety and stress is bad enough, but when anxiety and stress are so very high and the world around us has been in panic, losing their jobs, losing their businesses, frantically buying all the wipes, toilet paper, etc, we needed help both spiritually and even emotionally. So Jehovah calmed us, soothed us, like a loving father holds his frightened baby and then also gives the baby some warm “milk” to sooth him/her, our Father soothed us by giving us “milk” and even a personal body”guard” for each of us! So thanks Uani for starting this topic, our Father is so very deserving of love and praise from us for how during these severely critical times He has compassionately cared for us both SPIRITUALLY and EMOTIONALLY! ❤️
  11. Hi Fred, 1 suggestion you might like is if you able are to wait for the next MacBook Pros or Airs, these will either have improved M1 technology or possibly the new M2s will be added. With this M1 technology, you can run iOS “Apps” now on your MacBook! That makes these newest MacBooks very advanced! There are some other topics here on our forum where some of the brothers talk about the M1. There are some issues right now with some apps, so that is 1 reason I mentioned waiting for the next Gen laptops. But the other reason is because right now you can only get the MacBook Pro or Air in 13inches, which is a little small for most people. But the 15” or 17” are supposed to be these next laptops coming out, either some time this year or next year. However, if you need a laptop now and you don’t mind the 13”, the Air has went down in price, on sale for $899.
  12. Brother Neil, 


    I hope you realize what a true TREASURE you are to us. 💜👍



    1. Beggar for the Spirit

      Beggar for the Spirit

      Awwwwww, Sister Ross I must THANK YOU for your deeply moving words! :sunshine:

      I don’t even know what to say. :o

  13. When you are tired emotionally as you go through some trial and you decide to “throw your burden” on your Father Jehovah, and although He is helping you, your trial continues and you finally become exhausted emotionally to the point where you can barely “roll your burden“ to Jehovah, relying on Him, trusting that He will take care of you, then this is a picture of you with your Father caring for you at such a time! ❤️
  14. That was good research Sister @Mclove Here are a couple of quotes from that same article that I found very helpful.

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