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  1. 1 Sam 30 The families of David and his men were kidnapped. They found an Egyptian man, frim the capturers, in the field, and took him to David. They gave him food to eat and water to drink . The capturers had abandoned him because he got sick and he had starved for three days before David found him. David asked for the sick man's help to recover their families. The Egyptian's reply: “If you swear to me by God that you will not put me to death and that you will not hand me over to my master, I will lead you down to this marauder band." Lesson: Those who are mistreated have rights to kind treatment and protection; specifically, he asked for protection from his persecutor, his former master. David did not quibble about the legal rights of the master. The man's condition, without further witnesses, gave ample witness of mistreatment. Later, after the Egyptian led David to success, David gave Jehovah credit for helping him. Would Jehovah have done so if David had dealt with the needy man in a legalistic and heavy handed manner?
  2. Would someone post the 'post 1919' Cedar Point, Ohio assembly photo that was panoramic? The audience appeared to be seated under trees, outside. Versions of this have appeared in the publications but not the entire panoramic view. It was lost from our family sadly. It was a prized photo that featured a family member in the audience.
  3. The concluding cite is to Jehovah's loving reassurance at Psalms 32:8, "I will give you advice with my eye upon you," was followed by the entreaty in the succeeding verse, "Do not become like a horse or a mule, without understanding.." Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to remove mule-like stubbornness and prepare our hearts to accept the loving advice Jehovah offers, although it may run counter to our prior experience or expectations. Ps. 32: 9 references Jeremiah 8:6, "no man asked, ‘What have I done?’ Each one (is) returning to the popular course.." Jehovah is listening for earnest entreaties, devoid of self-justification: " I just did what so-n-so told me to do" or "everyone else did it." Adam blamed another, as well. Early Christians, Peter and Paul, didn't succeed when they took short-sighted shortcuts for the sake of expediency. Gal 2:12-14, Acts15:39. Blessings did result from difficult personal adjustments that later enabled them to go the entire distance as future foundation stones of Heavenly Jerusalem. Jesus' insightful counsel was that true divine "wisdom is known by all its children." Luke 7:35 Compare Jude 12b and Ps. 1:3.
  4. Comparing the three accounts in Matt, Mark, and Luke helps show how faith is alive, in action, and tested. The man praying at his daughter's bedside, acted on faith strong enough to leave her side at a critical time, track Jesus down and then fall at his feet begging him. When Jesus agreed to come, it must been as if she were saved that moment. But then, Jesus was delayed; he even said "power went out of me." Would there be power left to heal his daughter? Then tragic news was brought by messenger, she had died. Seeing the father's reaction, Jesus said, "have no fear." Your faith brought you this far, let's go together a lil farther. A little farther now. Pay no attention to these loud mourners, but let's face this together, just you and I. Step by step, this father leaned into his trust in Jehovah, as he heard of Jesus, as he saw him heal another, and heard reassurances. His faith grew based on personal experience under stress. He reached out for an improbable blessing; nothing was impossible, if it were God's will. The years that followed, that daughter's presence was a living reminder of Jehovah's love and future promise of resurrection; "have no fear!"
  5. My internet connection was bad today. Hope it went well with you. 

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      That can be so annoying .It's something we all come to rely on.


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      Precisely 👌

  6. In the same chapter of Corinthians, we are reminded: things seen are temporary. When one takes a job with a temp agency, the office politics don't concern us; we have one foot out the door. When we are laying in the Recovery ward after surgery, we realize that is temporary misery. Yet much time, emotional stress, and preparation are invested in establishing a sense of security; that our present life-style, level of health, or social status will be 'permanent.' The past year has demonstrated how fragile those investments can be; indeed, some have found their investments to be 'sand-like' foundations. Like the ancient Israelites in the wilderness, we learn anew our dependence on the wisdom God gives, and find peace in following His principles instead of relying on "elements that being intensely hot, will melt." 2Pet 3:12
  7. Jehovah's spirit follows patterns so that not only do we recognize the leadings of the spirit in the Bible but also in the way Jehovah communicates with us personally. When his spirit leads us in a different direction, it is specific, up to the minute, addressing current needs or trends to meet present or future needs. Think of how Jehovah incrementally trained Joseph to become a supervisor so that his position benefitted the majority, not just Joseph personally. Increases in pay, benefits, etc. are viewed a bit differently than the world. Will one be freed from enslavement to debt? Will these funds accomplish a certain future purpose alligned with Jehovah's principles? Here to fore, friends may have foregone certain protective measures such as insurances, so that they are dependent on rescue by their brothers. If large or multiple disaster areas occur at once, is such thinking realistic? Jehovah wants us to be full-grown in powers of understanding. He is not coming from a place of fear but a place of love, discipline, and training. Those qualities are Infused in a situation contributing to our growth as responsible Christians, working good towards others, and carrying our own load. Is this helpful?
  8. Found this russian link but could not get ytanslation,,, http://gr-sily.ru/obshestvo/svideteli-iegovy-protestuyut-protiv-svoej-likvidacii-u-zdaniya-verhovnogo-suda-24240.html your edit
  9. "who have his name and the name of his Father, Jehovah, written on their foreheads." Don't know if the JW.org would really fit in here. Had to do a double take at the assembly. It was a little disturbing to have a sister hand me what she considered precious, as a gift, and receive that icon. There have been novel and interesting tools over the decades and this is another one. There is more effect and more bling, true; but without holy spirit, nothing will grow no matter how far we broadcast it, Let us not forget that in 1914, a momentous eventful year, the PhotoDrama of Creation was state of the art and seen by millions. Nonetheless, Jehovah's discipline 5 years later, permitted our brothers' imprisonment in Atlanta and all ground to a virtual halt. It is a cautionary tale, reminding us that Jehovah's examination and cleansing of his temple continues until the end with or without technology.
  10. Alternate Note: Welcome to the New World: Your assigned escort is Sister/Brother ____ who is able to answer most of your questions. First things first. 1. You will rest comfortably in our resort accommodations after a meal and will meet with your immediate family for breakfast tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. 2. Your family reunion of 200 closest relatives is scheduled for the Pacific Ocean ReUnion Resort for the week of _______.. 3. Your New World Orientation classes start the first Monday of the month at 9 a.m. 4. Your resurrection, transportation, and accommodations are generously provided free of charge by your heavenly Father. You will soon learn of many other wonderful gifts that He has waiting just for you.
  11. Beyond chocolate, crossing unplowed winter fields that go on and on, and Canadian geese formations honking overhead, I realize that...... I love people who are authentic, plain-spoken, and loyal to a fault. I love that animals know how to do this without having to be taught; it takes people such a long time to learn this and some never seem to find the courage or conviction. I love that the ugliness of this system will end with the dramatic deafening thunder of Jehovah's disapproval. I love that Jehovah has the sense of humor to show me the absurdity behind human behaviors which makes me laugh out loud despite disappointment over their choices. I love that Jehovah validates our feelings through his Word and that bible characters had warts; large ones! I love that moment when Jehovah's spirit fills the auditorium until it seems the roof of the building will lift off. I love the gentleness that speaks to us from Jehovah's creations. I love that the apostle John was closest to Jesus and the kind of person who spoke from the heart and despite being a fisherman, wrote without shame, "he loved them to the end."

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