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  1. What fiddling did you have to do? The watchtower dvd works fine for us but not jw library. Not sure what fiddling you might have done. 😊 Thank you.
  2. Has anyone managed to get the watchtower dvd to run on an M1 Mac through windows or any other means? thanks
  3. There is a link in this thread that seems to suggest there is a limit to how long a person is protected by being vaccinated. The protection reduces as the months go by apparently. It mentions differences between some of the vaccines. Like many studies though, is it fully accurate. We will see.
  4. A couple of stories I have read in the past couple of days. I assume this story means that boosters will indeed be needed. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-58322882 ——————————————————— Also this… Covid jab response low for some immunosuppressed people https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-58317261
  5. My neighbour has lupus and no bad reaction with the vaccine. She has been very ill with lupus itself. Your comment reminded me that she said that she had no bad reaction. She has numerous medical issues as well.
  6. Any more recent news on using jwlibrary with an m1 Mac please?
  7. Those poor people. Horrific the desperation and fear some have. Enough to risk everything to try and get away. Sickening stories.
  8. Heard the other day that one of my older sons (29) his other half and two of my very young grandsons have all been confirmed with Covid last Saturday. He as well as his partner are both getting more ill each day that goes by. Temperature, nausea, headache, cough and now finding it harder to breath. He was due his second jab last Thursday but instead had to be tested due to to feeling ill. Hoping the one jab will be enough to help. Today he has lost his taste and sense of smell. That’s 7 or 8 days so far and no improvement. My youngest grandson was hospitalised with another virus that affected his breathing a month or so ago and was very ill. Hoping he will be ok with this so soon after that. So if you are getting vaccinated don’t put it off. The sooner the better.

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