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  1. Up to know no offical conclusion to the case. Our police is one of the slowest in the world. But we are using the same venue normally without any incident, the congress season has started! We have only 2 venues in Luanda which is not enough. This year (if everething goes ok) we are going to start the contruction of 2 new assembly hall!!! Calls for voluntairies have started, we need arround 2 000 people!!!
  2. Thanks for the info Carlos, its always good to know our brothers are fine!!!
  3. I heard it from a coworker who was actually there. He said he is very sad that he could not see the end of the TV show I hope they have the DC later because soon we may start having Cicuit Assembly. SD
  4. There was a (suspicious) new incident in our Assembly Hall in Luanda, Angola last weekend during a convention. It was spotted a very strong smell during saturday morning, some sisters in panic fainted (no brothers this time). After the lunch break it was decided to postpone the Convetion just for safety. Police is working on this one as well. And there is a unofficial word between brothers that the Assembly Hall may be closed for some time. We still dont know what will happen to brothers that did not yet attend the Discrict Convention.
  5. Yep, I think you are missing something!!! The child does not look angry.
  6. But i think more news may come after. The brothers at Bethel may be in contact with the police to know who did it and why. We may have to be more careful in future elections. I don't know how it is in your countries, but in our during election when someone vote you paint your finger index in black. This ink takes like one week to be removed even if you wash it. So during this time of election they can see easily who did not vote and attack easily. During field service some people even ask you to show your finger.... its like the mark of the beast....
  7. Hi Brothers. I live in Angola. I can assure you as brother Fonseca said none died, but something happened. There is not yet a formal report from Police or from Bethel. It is was the first day of convention for these brothers (I had mine in 07/July) on last friday, a sister that was there said that there was a very strong smell (like corpse) near the bothroom of women. Then at some point during the morning most of them were sisters who were just fainting. None died, they just fainted because of this very strong smell. I recieved this photos from a brother that was in this convention. He said the convention had to be postponed, they just had the morning of friday 25/08/2017. The police was called and they arrested 3 men suspected to do it. Now there is no formal report from police yet. This is the part people are especulating: Angola was under election at 23/08/2017. There were suspectious of attach that some people would make to us because we dont vote. All congregations recieved a letter from bethel (before that week) warning all congregations to not make any type of public preach or have meeting during the day of election, and if you go out in the field to conduct studies be very carefull during this day. In my congregation we had Circuit Overseer visit at that week, and the CO decided that we would not go in the field neither have any meeting on 23/08/2017. Then on friday these brother during the convetion add this "attack". Some people say it may be some policital party who are unhappy because we dont vote. I have to say that it looks like an attack but at least the good news is that our brothers are fine!!!
  8. I have tried to create a portable version of Watchtower Library 2016 with the cameyo but it does not work. Has anyone tryied to create it with sucess using other software? SD
  9. I just came from post office to deliver our letters. The price here is expensive, even with the Russia Embassy so near. We had to join in one package all the mails from brothers and sisters of our congregation and asign 2 brothers to do it. When we arrived at post office today to deliver the package it was crouded with alot of brothers and sisters It was like as small convention were you could find some brothers from other circuits, and sharing experiences about the campaign !!!!! The post office lady said that she recieved also letters from also no witnesses willing to participate in this campaign. Its being a very good campaign!
  10. We got as well the European Portuguese version here in Angola. I have to say that it took too long for us to get the European version, our brother in Brazil did not wait that long. Now I will compare to see if it is worth to have 2 translations in the same language. In the past there was just 1 portuguese version of New World Translation.
  11. This novel looks good by what you are saying. I hope for us poor souls who speak portuguese may get a traslation to portuguese as well. Maybe and audible version of this novel in English?
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