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    First husband and I lived in Germany. I had many problems with my marriage. I sought out a lady in my building that was studing with the witnesses. I then began studying with the sister she studied with. My husband did not like this at all..the abuse became worse..and he finally said I needed to choose between him or Jehovah....so here I am now.. remarried to a wonderful spiritual brother!

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  1. There is now an update on JW Russia. The last paragraph: "Further, the court appointed the procedure for the proceedings: first the interrogation of witnesses, after questioning the defendant and, finally, the arguments of the parties. Schedule of hearings for the next month: April 24, 25, 14, 15, 16, 28, 29, 30 May 2018. The beginning is at 10:30."
  2. Brother Vuyani... I cannot seem to open this mp3 format, to get the transcript... I am here in the states....do you have it in another format...If not I understand.. Thanks!
  3. Have to say, have watched this three times...finally copied down all the references he mentioned..and looked up...took notes...think I'm finally remembering this better!
  4. I too have 'met' God in service. While doing cart witnessing had a man approach telling us that he was God, in fact he believed that all of us are God because.....................God is in our heart...therefore we are all God. Have not heard this 'reasoning ' before!
  5. Excellent talk.....very encouraging to hear before heading out for the day! One worth re-listening to.
  6. Vatican now says it's ok to believe in God and the big bang theory! https://m.phys.org/news/2017-05-vatican-celebrates-big-dispel-faith-science.html
  7. Again...I want to thank everyone...and for Jehovah for drawing me to him...I started studying in 1985. At the time, my then husband, was in the military in Germany. The sister that studied with me...was German..but supported the English congregation. I grew up Lutheran..and when asking one minister in one country a question..I would get a different answer in another country. How blessed I feel, each time I come to this site..to know we 'all speak in agreement' no matter what country we are from! I thank you, brothers and sisters...and Jehovah, ...for such a wonderful brotherhood... I hope to meet each on you someday!
  8. Just read today's 'hearing'....things seem to be going in circles!....but the best part is adjourned till April 12!
  9. When I visit www.jw-russia.org ... I see that they are still 'arguing' and that they will resume again tomorrow... "The court announces a break in the hearing until April 7, 2017 10:00. Entrance to the building will be open from 9:00 am."
  10. Also on JW.ORG...under legal developments.... "...Mark Sanderson, who is a member of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses and who was present at the hearing, stated: “It is disconcerting that the Supreme Court dismissed or denied most motions filed by the Administrative Center. Representatives of many embassies and human rights organizations were present for this hearing. The world is watching.”"
  11. Gigi...can you please explain your statement "...Just as your own mother suffered governmental persecution for her religion," I cannot find any information regarding Putin's mother suffering persecution because of her religion. Can you enlighten me?.thanks
  12. A friend of mine, who is a CO in Texas calculated, somehow, that If every JW wrote one letter to each of the six officials, the pile would be over 25 miles high!
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