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    I have perfect memory, but forgot where I put it.

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    Married to a wonderful wife !
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    Informally on the roof ! No kidding

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    Photography, Trekking coastal areas in Victoria, Camping,
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    Bible and in the near future New Scrolls !
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  1. Working on photobook for my mum, lots of organizing, selecting etc..goodbye Saturday! :coffee:Although Momento software is great!

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    2. GrumpysWife


      What a loving thing to do. She's gonna love it. 

    3. Gregexplore


      She's gonna love it ...although the pain of doing it is incredible

      I use Momento books which is used by wedding photographers..quality product.

      Yes, final result will be fantastic.

    4. Good-O


      You all will enjoy this so much!  I did this many years ago while recuperating after back surgery.  I made several albums of JW pictures, about 30 years worth, and the congregation enjoys it to this day.  Your mom will be so happy.   Also made DVDs....so nice to go back to see these grown b/s when they were babies.  The KH spring cleanings and the get-to-gathers are such favorites.....some go back to the 70s.  Only sad when we see those we have  lost in death or just wandered away.  Hope to see them all one day.  Enjoy!   

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