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    I have perfect memory, but forgot where I put it.

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    Married to a wonderful wife !
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    Informally on the roof ! No kidding

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    Photography, Trekking coastal areas in Victoria, Camping,
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    Bible and in the near future New Scrolls !
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    Don't have one ..boring is it ?

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  1. OK..we had a cheese and wine part.. plenty cheese and wine left, so we had another cheese and party again, many brought cheese and wine, so we have cheese and wine for another 2 parities ....I have to laugh ...feels like oil that never ends...Will I ever run out of cheese and wine?

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    2. Gregexplore


      I went to the Post Office and nobody knows about NZ whereabouts...  I think I saw something like NZ on google maps once, but that was before recent software updates...LOL

      Where are you located exactly? LOL :lol1:

    3. Vinnie


      That looks amazingly tantalizing. 


      Can I suggest an international  cheese and wine party in the new system and all of Australia can be your backyard. Just a small party with a few million friends. :thumbsup:


      I've always wanted a reason to visit Auz

    4. Stormswift


      Aussie keeps sitting on us .. you lot gotta lose weight less cheese and donuts.

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