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  1. For me it was when I was 10 months old... got everything ranging from food or toys, I just had to scream a little bit ...LOL Golden times .....
  2. Wow, he chose to make a very provocative statements Good time to remind ourselves to be a neutral among this wicked generation. (As we are)
  3. Once we are baptised, we come under judicial system that is universal to all baptised persons But of course not everyone is held to the ONE rigid rule, but loving shepherds consider each case individually taking a lot into consideration when dealing with sin. But the baptism is a marker, regardless of age. (When talking about being responsible to be held at judicial level) Example: Ap Peter appeared as unbalanced and unfaithful person when denying Jesus, yet Jesus granted him privilege of using 3 Kingdom keys, King David comes to mind as well. We see that Jehovah takes a lot into consideration, things that are invisible to humans, he can see.
  4. Do you mean to get “stoned” with wine ? LOL
  5. French air crash investigators say ‘clear similarities’ between Boeing 737 MAX crashes The BEA investigators found that the sensor readings in both flights were similar. In the US, a group of engineers with the Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing claimed over the weekend that Boeing downplayed safety concerns surrounding the MCAS system in a bid to bring the 737 MAX to market before rival Airbus launched its own next-generation narrow body aircraft. The engineers also claimed that the FAA delegated much of the 737 MAX’s safety testing to Boeing itself, and were content to trust the company’s conclusions. Other air safety regulators around the world then certified the MAX 8 based on the FAA’s thumbs up. The US Department of Transportation is now investigating the FAA’s approval of the aircraft, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday. Federal prosecutors have reportedly issued a subpoena to at least one person involved in the development of the 737 MAX. https://www.rt.com/news/454132-investigators-boeing-crashes-similar/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS
  6. Tested TimeWarp on GoPro7 Black today, I like it, speeds that appeal to me are x5 and x10 . x15 or more a way to fast for me ...stabilization works well.
  7. Visitors to Rome soon notice how many of its streets and alleyways are paved with cobblestones. They're very much part of the fabric of the historic heart of the city. But while the tourists may admire them, many Romans are far from keen. A local newspaper recently put it like this: "Only the tourists and the angels love the cobblestones unconditionally. The rest of us, those who have the stones under our feet or under our wheels every day, detest them, or fear them... or admire them from a distance." https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-22639754 I was one of those tourists ..took more interest in them, then posing for the photo LOL ...LOL ....LOL
  8. OK....I want to go to Japan.....thanks for ruining my finances LOL
  9. The "shooter" made triple 6 sign with his hand in the court, I saw the picture on the news. What he was watching and reading prior to shooting, greatly influenced him to commit such a great atrocity. How timely is FDS advice, that we must guard our mental powers and read the Bible daily.
  10. Ok, some testing done...very general (still have to test wide vs Linear mode) Distortion in wide is BIG ...does not bother me. Regular video HD settings, did not test 4K yet. Stabilization when walking 7/10 ...which is GOOD! Stabilization while running.. I have to give 8/10 because I was impressed how the background was stable. HyperSmooth is very effective GoPro isn’t shy about its capabilities, going as far as claiming that its the best in-camera video stabilisation system not just of any action camera, but of any camera. If you buy this camera for photos then, think twice because in it's design GoPro7 Black is not a photo camera, it's really made for videos. It will take decent photos, but I am fussy regarding the photo quality. (would not relay on this camera for good photos) It will take decent photos to post on social media . Transfer of media from GoPro to my phone app was good, no hassle there. From the GoPro app you can view images and footage, control the camera remotely and upload footage and images to the cloud, and you can also set up a Live connection to your chosen social account.... TBC
  11. Testing GoPro7 Black in the park today, update coming soon Likes, dislikes etc...
  12. Friends, I am reading the comments and can sense non-neutral views and comments. Let's not go there at all, no point. We belong to different domain, and what is happening in "satan's domain" we know it very well. It's a fine line between reporting news and "attaching" our viewpoint to the news... let's not cross our neutral line
  13. I wouldn't go there at all, I would engage in RV's etc... not good day for NZ
  14. I have 2 Himalayan lamps in my study room, and 1 each in every other room, I like orange light they are emitting at night (I run them 24/7) I am not sure how effective they ate in combating EMF as some suggest that the lamps are to weak, but little is better then nothing I suppose.
  15. Wasn’t caused by those who practise “religion of peace” It was more like islamophobic terrorist attack, hostile attack on Muslims. He was right-wing extremist.
  16. Reporting 49 dead ...wow, NZ? who would expect this? hmmmm
  17. Apple's wireless AirPods may cause cancer, according to hundreds of scientists from all over the world. More than 250 scientists have signed a petition urging the United Nations and World Health Organization to develop stronger guidelines regarding the potential cancer risk and other health effects caused by non-ionizing electromagnetic fields, or EMFs. Last year, Apple sold more than 28 million pairs of AirPods and more than 16 million the year prior, according to the Daily Mail. The popular AirPods connect wirelessly to a user's phone or computer via Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth technology uses low-power radio waves. The petition warns against all types of radio frequency radiation, including WiFi, cellular data, and Bluetooth devices. What's the story? Some animal studies have suggested there is a link between radio frequency radiation and cancer. "Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines," according to the petition. Some experts believe that AirPods may be especially dangerous since the devices sit deep inside the ear canal where they emit radiation to fragile parts of the ear. The scientists also noted other possible health hazards, including an increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, and neurological disorders. Do other researchers disagree? Some researchers disagree with the authors of the petition. https://www.theblaze.com/news/wireless-headphones-cancer-link-warning?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=mixi&utm_campaign=theblaze
  18. We were no more created to rule over our fellow humans than we were created to live under water

    Awake number 1

    1. Alan


      to the point!




    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      I love this. We might be able to go under water, but not live there. We do not belong there...

  19. I went to sleep during major turbulence on Qantas over India Describe major? ..ok ... bags..loose items on the floor everywhere, one crew lady kept sliding for 10 m on the floor hitting chair (blood, she got hurt..) Call me crazy but I just gave up and went to sleep (actually fell asleep) turbulence lasted 1 hour on and off (we hit the edge of major weather situation) When I woke up, the plane was smooth again and landed in London just fine. Planes are built to withstand turbulence, I fly often. (trains crush as well... )
  20. Got GoPro7 ...initial thoughts ....battery life extremely poor (you need several batteries - they are not that expensive) Image quality ...nahhh very average. Video on "wide" setting ..fish-like ...(can live with that) Portability ..waterproof ..video stabilization are the biggest attributes. Worth the money? hmmmm....NO. I think it's overpriced. Would I buy it again ..yes ..I need waterproof camera.
  21. China Orders Airlines to Ground All Boeing 737 Max 8 Aircraft BEIJING — Responding to the second crash of a Boeing 737 Max 8 soon after takeoff in less than five months, China ordered its airlines on Monday morning to ground all 96 of the aircraft that they operate. The Civil Aviation Administration of China noted in its announcement of the grounding that both the Ethiopian Airlines crash on Sunday and a Lion Air crash in Indonesia in late October had involved very recently delivered Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft that crashed soon after takeoff. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/10/business/boeing-737-max-8-aircraft-crash-china.html?partner=rss&emc=rss
  22. The 737 MAX, a new plane from US aircraft manufacturer Boeing, faces fresh scrutiny of its safety record after being involved in two crashes in six months. The single-aisle airliner, which undertook its first commercial flight in May 2017, came under the spotlight in October last year in the wake of a fatal accident in Indonesia. Lion Air Flight 610 vanished from radar shortly after taking off from Jakarta on October 29, crashing into waters off the north coast of Java Island and killing all 189 people on board. About 30 relatives of the crash victims have since filed lawsuits in the United States against Boeing, alleging that faults with the new airliner, including with its anti-stalling system, led to the deaths. Its main competitor is the Airbus A320, which is also designed for short and medium-haul flights. https://www.nation.co.ke/news/The-new-Boeing-737-MAX-two-crashes-in-six-months/1056-5018414-tfig6qz/ There is no suggestion yet as to what caused the latest disaster, and no evidence that the two incidents are linked in causality. What is known, however, is that both flights took place on the Boeing 737 MAX 8 -- a new model recently unveiled to great fanfare by the US aviation giant, that saw its first flight less than two years ago. "It's highly suspicious," said Mary Schiavo, a CNN aviation analyst and the former Inspector General of the U.S. Transportation Department. "Here we have a brand-new aircraft that's gone down twice in a year. That rings alarm bells in the aviation industry, because that just doesn't happen." "The similarities with Lion Air are too great not to be concerned," Schiavo said. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/03/10/africa/ethiopian-airlines-crash-boeing-max-8-intl/index.html No 737 Max for me.... too scared. Would book Airbus instead.
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