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  1. Maybe it really was going backwards? Let's start conspiracy theory thread LOL
  2. Conversation in the Kingdom Hall Sister: Who was that young, wrinkle free brother giving a talk on zoom? Brother: That was me... Sister: Pushes his arm ..you funny ..I mean the the good looking brother, 10 years younger than you... Brother: I told you that was me... Sister: hmmm... Brother: Ok..ok ..I pressed "beautifying" button 🤣 Both laughing.
  3. Possible scenario while dressing up for the KH. Found socks …. that was easy and smiles … My shoes… my shoes … I have seen you somewhere here … Kitty kitty shoes where are you? Trying suit on … what? It shrunk 1 size per year, by simply hanging in the wardrobe? Finally dressed up, looking at the mirror and figuring out what’s wrong with the mirror, as the reflection does not match what was there 2 years ago …. Slowly panic sets in …LOL 🤣
  4. This is when situation with Covid-19 will eventually "level up" (could look for better expression hey? But I am tired so excuse me ) Once the borders are open, cases will increase everywhere, therefore vaccination is a protection. I have heard on the news that WA introduced mandatory vaccination for at least 75% workforce , no jab, no job. So definitely they are getting ready for open economy.
  5. Around second part of November (Can't wait!) I will be going on photography tour of Otways National Park and surrounding coastal areas (hoping for nice sunset or sunrise shoots on the coast) I will be in the area for 3-4 days. https://www.parks.vic.gov.au/places-to-see/parks/great-otway-national-park?utm_source=google&utm_medium=maps&utm_campaign=GMB-2020
  6. I got the same this week (but slim version for my fujifilm) The are very comfy (good buy )
  7. Melbourne it's ending the longest lockdown in the world this Friday! We are 70% fully vaccinated and soon reaching 80% when more restrictions will be lifted (like travel in the country) Covid-19 cases are still very high, so it will be interesting to see what happens next. Can't wait to get out from Melbourne and visit some rainforests...:D

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    2. New World Explorer

      New World Explorer

      I know, say no more. Planning Cairns and Daintree River and Tasmania holiday, but when safe to fly, cases are bit high at the moment even if they open borders. I still have personal reservations when it comes to flying hmmm. 

    3. Luigi62


      I was born in cairns and grew up in far north qld.

    4. hatcheckgirl


      Love Cairns! Perfect place to escape the southern winter 👍 Enjoy your freedom brothers and sisters! Safely ❤️

  8. As long as it does not eat our "Milky Way" galaxy LOL
  9. As humans we are able to recharge devices and batteries, Jehovah is able to recharge sun when necessary, I do not worry about “sun running out of woomph…” Donut galaxies are so delicious…perfect snack for our sun LOL 🤣
  10. It's possible that in the near future Covid-19 will be treated as a "passing flu" and the world will resume "new normal" Let's wait and see.
  11. A Sydney-based biotech firm has developed a world-first COVID vaccine, that could be more effective than those currently available. Engeneic uses nanocellular technology to stimulate a strong antibody response. Not only has it been found to work against mutant strains, including Delta.. it's also shown promising signs of long-lasting efficacy, and doesn't require refrigeration. dney -based biotech firm has developed a world-first COVID vaccine, that could be more effective than those currently available. Engeneic uses nanocellular technology to stimulate a strong antibody response. Not only has it been found to work against mutant strains, including Delta.. it's also shown promising signs of long-lasting efficacy, and doesn't require refrigeration.
  12. I like "updating" my talks even when they are not formally revised. I have updated one 2 weeks ago, now working on another one. What do I mean by "updating?" 1. Providing simpler approach and clear understanding of the subject. 2. Refining illustrations 3.Providing more targeted explanations of the scriptures cited. 4. Checking jw.org for newer information to reflect our most current understanding of the subject/scripture etc. (when applicable) I do not subscribe to the theory that once PT is prepared, then it's locked and dusted. For me personally, I see benefits of reviewing and "improving" talks all the time. (Within a reason and time available to do that)
  13. Perhaps you would like to contact WHO organization, and report first case of Narcolepsy occurring in non-human environment? 🤣 Please implement social distancing from other computers, as we do not need another pandemic (who knows what virus is sleeping there? LOL )
  14. Yep, I "vacuum" my computer every 3 months. Could be "communication" problem between motherboard and power supply? Have you checked that all internal connections are solid and secure?
  15. I got the truth when I was 25 y old. (had many friends in the world) So I know first hand how difficult and sensitive is the subject of friends. But to cut the story short, I have made real effort to make friends in the truth. I had to be very open minded, and even consider various age groups. I am "social" person and need friends, but looking back now, I do not regret making effort in the truth when it comes to friends. I was giving public talk in Europe last Sunday, and met wonderful couple ...they said let's create WhatsApp group and keep in touch ..and we did, and do keep in touch. I am keeping in touch with several members here from the forum as well , they are wonderful. (Jehovah blessed me with many friends, today I got wonderful card via post from someone in the congregation saying how much they love me ..it brought tears to my eyes) My challenge today is to "keep in touch with everybody" and give them quality time they deserve, and that's a real challenge in those crazy last days...
  16. I love this reasoning so much Michalle, that's why I find challenging to be friends with those who are not in the truth. Love Those Whom Jehovah Loves First, we must love those whom Jehovah loves. When it comes to associations, people are like sponges. We tend to absorb whatever is around us. Our Creator well knows how dangerous—and how helpful—associations can be for imperfect humans. Therefore, he gives us this wise counsel: “He that is walking with wise persons will become wise, but he that is having dealings with the stupid ones will fare badly.” (Prov. 13:20; 1 Cor. 15:33) None of us want to “fare badly.” Each of us wants to “become wise.” Jehovah cannot be made any wiser than he is, nor can he ever be corrupted by anyone. Yet, he sets a beautiful example for us when it comes to associations. Think of it—which imperfect humans does Jehovah choose as his friends? Jehovah referred to the patriarch Abraham as “my friend.” (Isa. 41:8) This man was outstandingly faithful, righteous, and obedient—a man of faith. (Jas. 2:21-23) That is the kind of friend Jehovah chooses. He befriends such people today. If Jehovah chooses such friends, is it not vital that we likewise choose well, that we walk with wise ones and become wise? W09 8/15
  17. How do you deal Michelle with birthdays, christmas celebrations etc .. when it comes to your friends? Do they respect you stand? Do they know you're a witness?
  18. In the past I have attended workshop with Australian photographer Ken Duncan. https://www.kenduncan.com/ It was fun. For me photography is lees technical (Of course we need to know basics, and sometimes bit more) but just being in the "company" of creation is sufficient to me. I am planning (I hope) to increase my skills, and produce better results, which is not always easy as I love rainforests, and the lighting is often problematic, too much sun and contrasts destroy the feel, so I will try to target more (bright) overcast weather...or even misty weather. I like conditions like this below (credit to Ken D) https://www.kenduncan.com/product/misty-morning-strzelecki-ranges-vic-vx93/
  19. What do you want to learn Richard? I use Canon 6D mark 2 and Fujifilm X S10 If I can help in anyway please let me know. I am currently preparing for photo-shoots of rainforests & waterfalls here in Victoria. (Once we come out from lockdown ) Richard I highly recommend Adobe Lightroom for correcting and editing of your photos, it's fantastic.

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