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  1. One elder used to use this anecdote in most of his wedding talks: To the husband- "if you wife asks you if you would like to stop for a beverage, do so."
  2. Not useful in the tropics or at high noon, but on a sunny day, I can find my direction using an analog watch face and the sun. Works on land or sea; I would still like my dog with. Whoops, not trying to go OT, I will read more about emotional contagion, and try to digest its message and application.
  3. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/science/dogs-poop-in-alignment-with-earths-magnetic-field-study-finds I'm pretty sure when I first read about this, that it was conducted by paid German scientists. I haven't seen the deer one, yet, but am also wondering about the usefulness of this info.
  4. Scientists invested time and were paid to form this conclusion. Not sure if it is faulty or not. The question was, "why do do dogs circle around when they defecate?" in my observation, not all dogs do the circle dance, and I have not observed that my two dogs orient them selves in the same direction when they assume position. From the above quoted Smithsonian article: (Dogs will orient themselves along the north-south axis of Earth's magnetic field when they poop.) Finding out just how that magnetic field sense works on a biological level has been more of a challenge. Read more: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/can-humans-detect-magnetic-fields-180971760/#SPYI5ZFHO0ZXlh5J.99
  5. Sequel to previous post: Segue IS correct spelling (keyboarding error previously known as typo.)
  6. I have developed more food insensitivities as I and my health have both grown older. I have been working with a nutritionist for more than a year (having worked as a nutritional specialist myself), and we don't always agree on the food she 'prescribes'. My insurance helps me pay for it, so I try my best. My recent exam showed diverticular disease which I did not have on my last (very recent b/c of my chronic persistent anemia) test. Our beautiful earth and its bounty have been victimized by this system of things. So, to get back on topic and as a seque (correct spelling, check it) from my godiva experience: For many years I did not drink coffee. Then a guest brought a bag of coffee beans called Stumptown Roasters that his family (part Witness owned)produces, and is served exclusively at some coffee houses in NYC, and available online. It really was indescribably delicious and put me back in the habit of one cuppa per day, even though the taste is not the same. So, I imagine that may count as a re-acquired taste. I already have my bacon prepared for early morning before service. Perhaps a story for another thread. Y (sizzlin')S
  7. One time I was visiting a relative and they put out a batch of Godiva's chocolate covered coffee beans for me. Tried the first one and couldn't decide if I liked it or not. Repeated previous step a few times, still couldn't decide about the taste. Then lightning strike of a Java jolt Hit me. Never tried them again.
  8. Beware the Ides of March; or the Nones or the Kalends, These three points were counted (usually from a backwards formula) in every Roman lunar month. To have the calendar catch up to the sun, their was an intercalary month added when called for. Every month had an Ides. We are more aware of the Ides of March because March 15, 44 BCE was the assassination date of Julius Caesar (Actually Gaius Julius, not to be confused with Orange Julius). We never use the word Ide in our language but a Roman coin in 42 BCE has this legend:  "Eid March."

    1. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Thank you for the history, sister. I enjoyed it.

    2. kejedo


      I'm always more interested in the solar-lunar calendar as we approach the Memorial. 


  9. I have another one of my get- togethers coming up. I reserve my community room and cover a basic menu. It includes food that I, myself, don't/ can't eat: several kinds of pizza generally including gluten free; coffee, tea,soda, other beverages like bottled water; dessert, snack - salad, baked macaroni and several other sides . Invitations include the option of bringing anything one would like, including Cds, Cd&gs, or nothing. My casual approach has always worked well. Will try to get a pic up.
  10. Coming down in snowballs, out there. I expect there will be no service tomorrow morning, and i have long doc appts tomorrow afternoon and all day Tuesday. . I will write, some, b/c I need every minute this month - too many unexpected appointments and conflicting appts on Tuesday.. Prayer to Jehovah helps us meet our goals, as suggested by today's Watchtower.
  11. I haven't met an adamant trinitarian for a long time, not even a binitarian-John-one-0ner. When we studied the book of John for MWM there were verses, just about every week that refuted the trynity.
  12. 23 year affair with a priest which produced at least three children. This man never left the priest-hood, and the woman is married now. https://www.nytimes.com/2000/01/02/nyregion/in-person-for-the-love-of-a-priest.html This is not really the bio I was looking for. A number of years ago, there was a tv docu about a woman who had an ongoing affair with a priest, and her children did not know which ones were fathered by him. It was a heartbreaking tale and I believe it led to a nervous break down for the mother in-love-with-the priest. He kept coming back and she was on an emotional ferris wheel. I believe she had passed away by the time of the filming and her children were trying to sort out which ones were sired by the padre. It seems she never revealed their paternity while she was alive. I believe the Catholic church made a cash settlement with the family and if I recall, the priest did not want to meet his offspring - So sad for the grown children filled with pain, unanswered questions, and paternal abandonment issues.
  13. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/12/08/in-1960-she-went-to-confession-and-vanished-now-we-know-the-priest-murdered-her/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.51538b649828 2 attacks on women, one fine paid, failed polygraph, cold case-------------------Surprise! A priest got away with it for decades.
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