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  1. 40 years ago, the 1981 Hunger strikes ended. I did not understand, then, the sad and tragic results when politics and religion are NOT kept separate. I started studying after that and was Baptized in 1987. I am glad to be neutral and no part of the world .Instead, I am part of a Worldwide loving brotherhood.   

    1. happiness IS

      happiness IS


      The origins of the strike lay in the British Government's withdrawal of Special Category Status for paramilitary prisoners in 1976.

      After that, anyone imprisoned for Troubles-related offences would be treated as criminals and not political prisoners.

      This meant having to wear a prison uniform, something Republican prisoners opposed.

    2. kejedo


      The brother giving Sunday's public talk mentioned hunger strikes along with a list of world problems and their reactions. It made me look up some info on this tragic set of affairs. 


    3. kejedo


      Since I am home recovering from bronchitis, I looked up some documentary info. A couple of commenters, who were active during protests said it was pride that made people unwilling to negotiate, Also they featured the fact that protests of all sorts can lead to violence. I am so glad we have Jehovah's instructions and do not have to learn everything by trial and error.  

  2. Had a nice zoom social meeting last evening with sisters, mostly from previous congregations, one from my current cong joined us, and one lady I had not known before.  


  3. Disappointed. My free-online-Monday-math class for JW family homeschoolers was canceled today, and may meet less often during the summer. Aw, Fibonacci.


    1. Lance



      Teach… do I pass?

  4. Learners are teachers. too. You already knew it.
  5. I admit it: I'm a math head- started long ago. I was an early reader by conning my older sister to show me her vocabulary words. But numbers intrigued me just as much. I remember the first time I counted to 100, and was sure I got it right. Tried it again. Yes, counting to 100 was the same every time. In our haphazard family; the gentle, predictable repetition of number patterns seemed to be a place from which I gleaned consistency. By the beginning of second grade, I was a math tutor. According to my mother, I had been offered a double promotion, but my grandmother, who lived upstairs, did not approve of such. My grandmother had learned only Italian in her family home and had to learn English when she started school. She thought keeping up with the grade level was as much as one could expect. My mother had also been offered a double promotion, but according to her, it was a no-no. As my mother told it, by the start of second grade, the school principal called her again and said as soon as she put out work, Pauline finished it in record time and was helping others. Somehow that exchange led to my helping with after-school math. When I got out of school, my mother would tell me who needed help with their numbers, and I left for my after school assignment. It never dawned on me that my mother may have been getting paid for it. It was ok, I tried to earn money whenever I could to help mom. She seemed always broke and complained about it, endlessly. It didn't dawn on me for many years that she spent money, daily, on cigarettes, gambling, and illicit drugs that one of her sisters accessed. She wasn't so short on money as she was long on expensive habits. Really, it seemed like there was always someone who wanted to learn more number work. From age seven 'til now, age 70, I was always fascinated by explaining and trying different ways to make those maths come alive. Although retired, now, and having taught all academic subjects at the secondary level for more than 35 years, it's those maths that keep me excited about teaching; second only to Bible teaching. I volunteer-teach just one math class a week- Monday on zoom; elementary level for homeschoolers in our cong. who want an extra math workshop. it seems a bit ironic, because I did not necessarily teach elementary math since I was in elementary school. I create most of my material myself, as I did when teaching school. My students are learning to count back change, how to bank a pool shot off one rail by using geometry, how to calculate RBIs for baseball, and how to solve rebus type (concentration) puzzles that I write. They will learn how to balance their checkbook in an upcoming unit on finances. Jehovah's people love continued learning. Some could not imagine how going to pioneer school (or any other theocratic school) could be a goal and a reward. If studying doesn't come naturally to you, find someone to teach. Even when conducting Bible studies, we do well to ask the student how they would share (explain) that concept to others. Teachers are learners.
  6. Heartbreak and prayers for our brothers and sisters in India. Please keep us posted and try to think if there is anything we/I can do directly. This Pandemic is leaving us with a helpless feeling, but if you can fathom up something that will expedite or ease your particular challenge, please offer a suggestion. I'm at a loss for words. (And that doesn't happen too frequently) pauline
  7. https://www.mynews13.com/fl/orlando/health/2020/02/28/not-all-face-masks-will-protect-you-from-illness
  8. Keeping masks on means we are inhaling that which we exhaled. The proportion of oxygen in our re-inhaled exhalate is not proportionally enough to sustain our energy. This may contribute to the reason that many of us are feeling fatigued.
  9. Iron deficiency; had it diagnosed when I was a very young teen. I get a b-12 shot once a month. I do not absorb iron by mouth. I have several internal bleeding problems; ulcers, inoperable hernia, diverticulosis, and it is not clear if I absorb any tablets. Lots of unpredictable things make my stomach bleeding worse. My doc does not discuss changes. B-12 would probably help more if once weekly. Thanks for the info. I'll look into it. I have Benadryl in liquid form, but use it only in emergencies.
  10. Just got back my 5th negative swab test. My other chronic illnesses mimic same symptoms as Covid, with couple of new ones. I am frustrated with my primary doc. She took blood work last month but has not given me my results. I do not know if she has a current h/h for me, as I have severe persistent anemia and have had a lengthy in-hosp stay with long discussions over blood, despite being in a bloodless unit. Since then, I have been in and out of iron infusion labs for intermittent lengths. I thought this abiding fatigue was from Covid, but not. Docs have limited hours now, and no vaccines available. I do not know of any docs around taking new patients.
  11. Let's talk about beards for a while. Do they help or hinder absorption of antivirals? Y(circling the drain, again)S
  12. One of my step-sons (HALF-rican) had covid, recovered, and has had the vaccine. Got the good news (in my opinion) today. Good health to you.
  13. Dear Sister Lisa, I love your doggie pic. Looks like my little fur baby, except BabyGirl is white with black, She is a Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix. Thanks to Jehovah for his loving works of creation.


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