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  1. Had a fun afternoon in service today. We don't usually do thurs aft, but this week end is assembly. Was in the car group for a bit with a six year old home-schooler, his 27 y/o sister,and his mother. The other two were on a call, so, as usual,the 6 year old and I were embedded in deep conversations. At some point he said, "My head is exploding." I told him a trick I knew to take in information without feeling like my head was exploding. He also had an index card of thing to research.  One of the questions I posed: "is a buttload a real thing?"I also asked him if we were really related, would his sister

    be my sister, daughter, grandaughter or niece. He said, "you love her so much, she would be your real niece."The other two came back to the car, and his mother asked what he was doing. "Taking in information." Then he showed her his index card of things to research. He was laughing at the questions. Next time I'll ask him abut a fartlek. We might even do some.

    1. TiaCyre



      The ages are similar to me and my sibling(s) - oh what a joy you had.  I can't wait to work with you!

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