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  1. Thanks so much for your reply. While I know pretty much what to do to keep immune system built up I must admit major pain hasn't been an issue for me until now. Yes the massage feels good and helps tremendously. I'm getting more morbility back and pain is getting less. I haven't been consistent with taking oral things. I have only been taking oral supplements 1 or 2x a days I really need to get better at taking things. Since I have had the oil mixture I have done that a few times a day and it helps a lot. I truly appreciate all the advice I've received from everyone and will review it and implement what I can.
  2. Just wondering if any one into natural health have any tips for pain such as using essential oils or specific herbal blends. I've tried boswella, magnesium and turmeric supplements but it doesn't seem to help much. I am not considering over the counter things like 'ibruprophen, asprin, tylenol etc.) as I've used them in the past and they messed up the lining of my tummy and are responsible for a lot of my digestive issues. Anyway, I got a bit too ambitious a couple Wednesdays ago and worked out too much in an online jw exercise class. I came in late so missed the majority of the warm ups. I hadn't done major exercise in a while so my body felt like it had been through major trauma afterwards. I rested for a while and then decided to start lifting heaving things in my house changing mattress sheets, etc. By the next day my lower right back and side above the hip bone were in major pain. I then decided to put one of those hot heat patches on it and it seemed to make the pain expand and get worst. I recently (last 3-4 days) have tried to make an essential oil blend of arnica, peppermint and wintergreen in a 2 oz bottle of oil. I am new to essential oils so I'm not sure if I am doing the blend correctly but it does seem to help some along with my teen daughter giving me a few massages. I've also been doing light exercises to try to make the muscles relax. I have been walking around smelling like life-savers wintergreen mints and in fear that one of my daughters will bite me as she's obsessed with those type of mints. 😂
  3. I don't think religious exemptions are the answer in fact I see it as a trap that the world is falling into. People are using all types of excuses to seek religious exemptions. The GB has made it clear JWs are not against vaccines. That means we shouldn't be trying to seek religious exemptions because we are JWs. This could really be where the government takes all those exemptions and go after the churches that signed the forms. However, even if some (talking about Bro/Sis) don't feel comfortable taking said shot we should respect that even if it's not health or religious exemption related. We don't have all the facts. But the questions is a great one. Thanks for asking.
  4. Why is it necessary to peer pressure people with wording or discourage them from seeking an exemption? It's obvious that if they don't qualify it would be found out when paperwork is reviewed.
  5. May relative job's told their people (the majority that work from home) they must be vaccinated "no waivers" and no testing. Sure they can "attempt" a medical or religious exemption but the process/paperwork is very extensive and not guaranteed. They have until the 15th of this month to turn in any exemption requests. If they don't get vaccinated they will be terminated in November. The exemption process has to go through an outside company, reviewed, etc. The wording in the paperwork isn't even designed to make it easy. It's not as simple as going to your doctor and he stating "what your illness is" and why you shouldn't take it.
  6. They were planning to go that route but after they had a staff meeting they didn't like the environment they would be asked to come into even if it's 1 or 2 times a year considering we have immune compromised individuals in our home. They also says they can't promise people will be wearing masks all the time and they can't mandate that contractor companies that share the same building also get the shot they just need to vouch for their employees. Since people vaccinated and unvaccinated can catch and spread covid right now it's not a risk we can take. All said, they had been planning to leave their job and work part time within a few years so as to spend more time in Jehovah's service. This just makes it easier for them to make that decision.
  7. This situation is evident that man can't direct his own steps. They make blanketed decisions without considering different situations. I have a relative that lives with me that is in a similar situation. Work from home, do all meetings via video conferences. Would never need to go into office except 2 times a year and those meetings could be held via video conferencing yet they decided to mandate the shot. The person has an allergy to 2 ingredients in all 3 shots. In staff meeting it was asked if there is injury will you be responsible, company said you because you are not being force you have a choice and you choose to work here. Fortunately they are in a good financial state to take a job loss. Sure it will mean adjustments in household but we are already pretty frugal. I know not everyone is able to do this. I do pray for you and others that are in the midst of this worldly battle. You are doing everything right, wearing mask, social distancing, washing hands, etc. yet caught in the middle of a political back and forth push. I do not see not taking the shot as fighting against the government. Everyone knows their own body and situation. However, if we were to take part i protests, join campaigns against vaccines, refusing to wear masks in public, practic social distancing, etc. then that would be going against the government. Right now it may seem it's an attack only on people "unvaccinated" but this will soon extend over to those that are vaccinated they just don't see it yet. Consider it training for when the major test comes and we all have to take the side of Jehovah and pure worship.
  8. That Pop It game the monkey is playing with looks like a good stress reliever. 🙃
  9. I didn't mean that it was approved by the Australian govermment. I meant some doctors are using it in Australia. The report explains that. There are a lot of reports that say some doctors are using it (not just that report) to treat patients (no it is not fda approved specifically for covid but fda approved cigarettes and it's not good for us so can we trust that they will always have our best interest at heart?). The fact that people are being helped with said medicine gives cause to consider it. It is ashame when people have to go to court to get a court order for treatment using this medication for their loved ones. I posted an article iink above about a lady in a coma that got better shortly after being given it. She still have a road ahead of her for recovery but she was able to go home. Yet the hospital "declined" to give it to her. An outside doctor had to administer it to her. How many times we go to the doctor and they give us a medicine meant for something else but it helps us. At this point I do not trust anything mainstream media ABC, NBC, etc. share as if they wanted to be "truthful" they would report on the large number of people having adverse reactions taking the shot. I've lost a dear spiritual sister and an uncle. I also just learned the other day that my husband's niece came down with bell's palsy (4 months after her shot). The side effect of the shot she took said Bell's Palsy is a delayed reaction). Why is it a bad thing if alternative treatments are available such as ivermectin? Because it doesn't make as much money as putting people on ventilators and oxygen. We all know there are many ways to get to 1 destination so why can't there be other options. Sad that anything that has promise is attacked and ridiculed. I can now see a parallel with this pandemic and the message we try to preach to the world about God's Kingdom. Because God's Kingdom isn't the "norm" many reject it. Same here if a treatment isn't following the status quo it's rejected, ridiculed and criticized.
  10. Australia is using ivermectin. I don't know how long the video will be available on youtube.
  11. A case back in may that ordered a women be given Ivermectin: For 20 days, Dr. Alan Bain of Chicago drove to Elmhurst Hospital, usually after a full work day, to administer ivermectin to a critically ill woman named Nurije Fype, whose daughter, Desareta, sought and won two court orders for the COVID treatment. Dr. Bain had been asked to give the drug after other hospital physicians declined, despite the court's orders, to give the FDA-approved medication. https://trialsitenews.com/a-doctor-reflects-on-the-fight-for-nurije-fypes-life-and-all-who-helped/ Update: Desareta Fype on twitter@desifype Mom is going through breathing trials! We decided to go with the trachea (early next week) as the safest choice cause she is breathing fast, and we don’t want to risk re-intubation! Slowly heading in a good direction! https://twitter.com/desifype?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1395873041880690692|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fkevinbae.com%2F2021%2Fupdate-nurije-fype-slowly-improving-after-court-ordered-illinois-hospital-to-administer-ivermectin%2F
  12. Hi, Actually, @littlecat posted the initial information about xlear I simply did further research about it and found the articles I shared. I truly hope it helps you and others. Also don't forget to supplement with vitamins like vitamin d3, zinc, etc. You can find information others have posted in this alternative choices forum about what they use.
  13. I recommend JW Broadcasting. I no longer look at the news. It's all slanted 1 sided and only certain narratives are pushed. It's keeping people in fear, divided and depressed. The world is in major chaos and it's not news because the Bible already told us things will get worst. As things are developing I can clearly see how eventually religion can be turned on. I have also changed my search engine to duckduckgo so my searches are not filtered to only show one side. The only news I can trust is at JW Broadcasting and JW.org. The information shared is uniting and upbuilding.
  14. Q&A: Xlear CEO explains Xlear Nasal Spray’s lasting role against COVID-19 https://drugstorenews.com/qa-xlear-ceo-explains-xlear-nasal-sprays-lasting-role-against-covid-19 DSN: How are your retail partners doing with the category and your brand? NJ: The first few months after it started last year, we had a back order situation, but since then, we have been able to keep up with production and to grow our business. Government regulation from the FTC has really slowed us from being able to share science and info here in the United States, so most of our sales growth has been from overseas where we are able to share the science of how nasal sprays work. It really is a simple concept: 90% of the viral load is located in the nose and upper airway, and anything we can do to reduce that viral load is going to slow the spread and reduce symptoms. ... DSN: What do you suggest retailers do to maximize sales and profits? NJ: Share research with your customers. We all are happy that the vaccines have been developed in record time. However, if we continue to stay myopically focused only on them, we are going to fail. We already know that we will never reach herd immunity by the vaccines — there are too many people that either can’t get one or that just don’t want to. Rather than shaming them in the media and calling them “anti-science,” why don’t we just look at other options that can help? That is where nasal sprays could play a role. A multilayered defensive strategy is always the most successful, including washing your hands, washing your nose, wearing an N95 mask and keeping our distance from others when we need to. ... DSN: What is in the pipeline? NJ: With all of the research supporting Xlear, we have applied for an “emergency use authorization” with the FDA. We have five in vitro studies showing how our nasal spray affects the SARS-CoV-2 virus, we have a good understanding of the method of action of how the xylitol blocks adhesion, we have small in-human trials of COVD-19 patients showing great results and we have two larger trials underway right now.

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