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  1. Not incredibly gifted when it comes to technology although I seem to muddle through ok. I was wondering if it's possible to go on my iPhone through safari and download the choral renditions from Sing Joyfully to Jehovah directly from there, instead of downloading to iTunes and then attaching my phone through a usb? Using an iPhone 6 plus. I know I can download it to the app, but I would like to have a playlist in my iTunes library on my phone.
  2. Still doing my shopping around to see whats best. I've come across an android box, does anyone know if you can get the Broadcasting App on one of those?
  3. The tv has 3 hdmi ports with 2 spare not used yet.
  4. In order for my parents to watch a few videos like the assembly which they cant' always attend it's downloaded onto a usb/flash drive (they have no computer) My parents tv (a smart tv) doesn't have a usb port so to make this a lot easier, I was thinking if I got a roku then I think some of them have a usb port. They would also be able to watch the broadcast on the tv through the downloadable app on the device? Am I right in this? I have an apple tv (3rd generation) , which is great for me, but it has no usb port so it wouldn't help. I don't know much about roku so I was hoping someone here might be able to confirm if I'm right before I head out and get one.
  5. Not that I'm excited or anything, but roughly when should I expect to see the original song listed under audio or video in the app?
  6. I really really love that song. Excitedly waiting for it to be available on the app like the other original songs.
  7. Butter is the first thing I spread on anything I'd put a spread on. But whether its good for you or bad for you, I do like Nutella. If it tastes like chocolate I'll probably love it lol. I've had it slightly warmed and drizzled on a waffle which I thought was amazing.
  8. I don't suppose the chorus versions of Sing Out Joyfully to Jehovah are available in Tagalog are they?
  9. There are so many that come to mind, each for different reasons. One or two that stand out lately, are the one of Jesus on the white horse in the Gods Kingdom Rules book. You can really see the vigor and determination in it. I think its page 229. Another is from the Imitate their Faith book, and also of Jesus. I always wondered what the look on Jesus face would have been as he watched from the shore as Peter dove overboard and swam to shore not wanting to wait for the boat to get there. And in the book their is a depiction of Jesus (almost like a gift to me) Another and for a different reason, it is almost a shocking picture, are the ones from a while back I'm sure in a study magazine, where it shows Adam and Eve as being very old. When I saw it for the first time it was almost shocking (although it shouldn't have been) I guess I was just used to seeing them in depictions of being in Eden, or shortly thereafter. One last one, I still remember to this day, and it I remember it from when I was young, in the orange Paradise book (that's probably dating me lol) of the ark and the animals in Noah's day. Its not a picture like you'd find today but I liked it a lot.
  10. I am still trying to decide whether I'd like to see the movie. I enjoy the original 3 (and even the prequels were ok) but not sure about this one yet. Mainly cause I liked where Jedi ended (I like a happy ending what can I say) I also enjoy spoilers so I know what happens. And it's because of a couple of things I've heard that make me still hesitant about seeing it. Probably will be on dvd if I do see it. I did happen to see the star wars fireworks at Disney for the 18th of December which was really cool, set to Star Wars music, and also the new exhibit they have.
  11. I'd love to ask John the Baptizer and Joseph (Jesus stepfather) what they remember about Jesus. I'm sure that I'm not the only person here who finds that as you study the bible the list of faithful men of old that I'm looking forward to meeting seems to be getting bigger. So limiting it down to one or two is getting harder and harder lol. On my mind lately since I've read the upcoming study article is Abraham. This one wouldn't happen I'd probably only hear about it, but being able to be in the room when it's explained to Naomi that the Messiah came through Ruth's son.. There's a conversation I'd love to be a part of with Moses as well. But I think I'm going to stop here lol.
  12. I'm a little bit nervous mentioning/asking this, but since the topic is Disney's new ride/attraction that they've announced . . . I did read about their new seasonal event they are going to be having (to do with Star Wars). And I'm sure I read 'early in the year'. I'd love to know when abouts this would be but so far there hasn't been any announcements so far on exact dates.
  13. I'm embarrassed to have to ask this (cause I should probably know) but the picture is really neat so I have to ask. Where is the picture of Moses & the burning bush from? Thanks.
  14. Thanks. I found the option in ibooks and at least know how to do it if I need to. I don't need it per say, but if I'm ever sharing with someone beside me, and they need to see it bigger, at least I can do that for them.
  15. Thanks, I'll look into it. There has to be at least something similar if not that one. At least I know what kind of thing to look for.
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