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  1. When I checked this morning, everything was back to normal. All publications, music and videos were there. Thank you everyone for your help.
  2. Ok. So I’ll patiently wait for a bit. In the meantime I’ll download the jwpub version for tomorrow’s watchtower and wait for the rest of the publications to show up. I think that’s the gist of what I have to do haha. Thanks.
  3. I just bought a new iPad Pro and when I install JW Library, the only items I can download are the Bible and daily scriptures. No magazines and the meetings tab says that no publications are available. I pull down on the Home Screen and it says check failed. This is a wifi only model. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Lost my precious dog today. I’m devastated 😢

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    2. happiness IS

      happiness IS

      I lost my precious doggie (my 1 and only pedigree) years ago. I had her for 16 years. I still cry for her. I can't afford to get another pedigree so I  can only look dreamily at the dogs at the pet shops. Poor babies.

      I don't dream about fabulous houses or anything in the NS. Just must have lots of toy Manchester terrier/chihuahua on my bed. 






      double d <3 - double-d-ed-edd-n-eddy Fan Art

    3. MM9106


      Thank you friends for your kind comments. It’s been extremely hard for me. I woke up the other night crying because he would sleep at my feet. I’m getting his ashes soon and that will certainly be emotional for me. I miss him so much. I pray for you friends so you may be comforted by Jehovah and I appreciate the prayers and well wishes. With Jehovah and you dear friends, I’ll be able to overcome this. The scar will still be there but the grief will get easier with time. It just happened so suddenly. He was fine one day and the next he was gone. The pain can feel so strong and unbearable but Jehovah always cares for me. 

    4. Anniebea


      I'm so sorry Mike, it's a deep sadness and unless you've suffered the same loss its very hard to comprehend.. 

  5. I just see the audio file. Is the pdf available?
  6. I got it in JW Library. Odd that the website is having this error. First time I’ve ever had any issue with the website.
  7. I can’t open the video. This is what I see every time I try to watch it. Can’t even see other videos either.
  8. Wow. That’s pretty incredible. Where is this assembly hall?
  9. Brother Johnson’s experience was great. I had the pleasure of meeting him at a convention a while back and he was just happy to talk to the friends. In his talks you can tell that he has a deep love for Jehovah and for the friends. He spoke from the heart. Truly reminds us how valuable our elderly brothers and sisters are. They may not know the newest technology or understand everything about JW Library or another app but their experiences can help all of us. They are a treasure that we need to appreciate. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn from them just by spending time with them and they’ll love the company and attention you give them.
  10. Wonderful update. I love how Brother Splane uses unique expressions that encourage and make you think. “Put the angels to work” is something I’ve never heard before and I love it. Really makes you think how close we work with the angels without even realizing it. How we collaborate with them and how they’re our partners in the preaching work. Let’s put them to work so they can put us to work.
  11. Attended a Zoom funeral for a brother who was well known and over a thousand brothers and sisters from over 10 countries were in attendance. Several bethelites, COs, special pioneers as well. Beautiful service. He will be missed but it’s comforting to know he’s in Jehovah’s memory. 

  12. The one book I just finished reading was The Ride of a Lifetime by Robert Iger. He was the CEO of Disney for 15 years before he stepped down a couple weeks back. He talks about how he started working for ABC as an errand boy when it was small and how he climbed the ranks and how he got into an executive position. He talks about how the Disney merger with ABC happened and there’s fascinating stories about Michael Eisner, Roy E Disney, Steve Jobs, and John Lassiter. Fantastic read. The prologue is what hooked me. It talks about how he reacted when he heard about the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando and the alligator attack that killed a young boy in Disney World on the same weekend when Iger was opening Shanghai Disneyland. He talks about how he was brought to tears and how he went against conventional wisdom to help those affected by those tragedies. Just a fantastic, clean book and I couldn’t put it down. If you like Disney and want to read about some juicy behind the scenes stories of the company, this is it. I highly recommend it. He’s a fantastic story teller. There’s also some never before heard stories about Steve Jobs and how Iger had to convince George Lucas that Star Wars wasn’t as valuable as Pixar and how that lead to some tension with Lucas. Great stuff. I’m a Disney history nut and this book certainly entertained me and I learned even more about the recent history of the company.
  13. He was the GB helper at the Spanish Miami IC. We were able to see recordings of his talks at our RC. He prepared a brief introduction in Spanish to convey the greetings of the US Bethel family to the convention. He did a really job with it. After he finished the intro, he said “sadly that’s all the Spanish I know for today”. Very sincere and simple speaker. Love how he makes what he’s discussing simple and able to really reach the heart. He certainly did that in this month’s broadcasting. Love how we’ve been able to get to know the GB helpers in recent years.
  14. I’m surprised to see Brother Leonard Myers on the program! I went to a circuit assembly in the beginning of September and he was the branch representative. The three talks he gave were really well done. Love the very simple way he speaks and how he explains the scriptures he uses. His talk on the program was wonderful. Ebed Melec is someone we don’t hear about too often but he’s a great example. How he trusted and supported Jeremiah is a great example for us on how to trust and support the faithful slave today. Our trust in the Slave is a reflection of our trust in Jehovah. Really enjoyed that point in his talk.

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