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  1. Any notice that songs like 27 (151) went from 2 pages to 4 pages? Also seen other instances of songs going from 2 pages to 3 pages. I guess the feature from Sing to Jehovah where you won't have to flip pages won't be used in this book.
  2. Didn't notice any other new arrangements but I haven't had a chance to listen to them all yet.
  3. Almost like clapping and some oooing by the chorus in the background.
  4. Listen to the new orchestral arrangement for 57 "Preaching to All Sorts of People"
  5. Not to make light of the situation but Learn From the Great Teacher said it so well... *** lr chap. 19 pp. 105-106 Is It Right to Fight? *** What should we do if we see other people fighting? Should we take sides with one or the other?— The Bible tells us what is right. Turn to Proverbs chapter 26, verse 17. It says: “As one grabbing hold of the ears of a dog is anyone passing by that is becoming furious at the quarrel that is not his.” What would happen if you grabbed hold of the ears of a dog? It would hurt the dog, and he would snap at you, wouldn’t he? The more the dog tried to get loose, the harder you would have to hold on to the ears and the more excited the dog would get. If you let him go, he would probably bite you hard. But can you just stand there and hold his ears forever?— Well, that is the kind of trouble that we would be in if we got mixed up in a fight between other people. We may not know who started the fight or why they are fighting. One person may be getting beaten up, but perhaps he stole something from the other one. If we helped him, we would be helping a thief. That would not be good, would it? So, what should you do if you see a fight?— If it is at school, you can run and tell a teacher. And if it is away from school, you can call one of your parents or a policeman. Yes, even when other people want to fight, we should be peaceable.
  6. azram

    Songs 139-142



    Songs 139-142
  7. Revised Bible Teach book available on jw.org in english as of today (PDF). Redesigned cover, read scriptures, scriptures based on revised NWT, etc.
  8. “Learn From the Great Teacher” was updated June 2014. Chapter 46 paragraph 1 used to say: “Do you think God will ever destroy our beautiful earth and our lovely heavens and it’s shining stars?” It was updated to say: “Do you think God would ever let people destroy our beautiful earth?”
  9. Jehovah's Will brochure lesson 28 was updated in June 2014 printing to remove reference to interest free (loans) for KH construction. Now it states "money is made available to congregations needing to build or remodel a KH." QR code date was also updated to 7/14/14.
  10. Page 90 in the 2014 year book was updated in the March 2014 printing. The October 2013 printing said "1924" at the bottom. The March 2014 printing says "1930". Additionally the date on the QR code was updated with the March 2014 printing and page 2 was updated to reflect March 2014 printing.
  11. Jehovah's Will brochure lesson 22 was updated in May 2014 printing to remove reference to the branch appointing MS and Elders. Lesson 17 regarding CO's hasn't been updated yet to say that they appoint them. Maybe they will update that in September.
  12. I am hoping they'll update the Bible Teach book like they did the God's Love book. Update the quotations for the revised NWT and put definite read scriptures in the chapters.
  13. FYI In case you were not aware there are updated versions of the following publications available for download on jw.org. Good News From God - October 2013 printing. Contains updates to some of the scriptures from the revised NWT, including on page 2. The white box showing John 17:3 has been updated. Who Are Doing Jehovah's Will Today? - April 2014 printing. This brochure has been updated on an almost monthly basis to keep pace with all the recent organizational changes. Quotations have been updated to match the revised NWT. Page 2 now states "239 lands". Lesson 11 has been updated to include the new duration and terminology related to assemblies and conventions. Lesson 14 has been completely updated and renamed to "What Schooling Is Provided for Pioneers?" Lesson 19 contains updated related to the Faithful Slave. Lesson 23 has been updated to indicate 700 languages. Lesson 25 has been updated saying "they are built with donations to a central fund" and "kingdom hall construction groups" instead of RBC's. Lesson 28 has statistical and minor updates. Page 32 adds the QR scan code and the updated JW.org logo with the dot. Keep Yourselves in God's Love - February 2014 printing (with further updates 4/21/14 the date of the latest QR code). Quoted scriptures throughout the entire book have been changed to match the revised NWT. Chapter 9 has been renamed "Flee From Sexual Immorality!". Additionally specific scriptures are now listed as read just like in our Watchtower study articles. References to the YPA book now indicates volume 1 or 2. Some changes to text and other material have been made to keep up with most current light. Back cover includes jw.org logo and a QR scan code. Was Life Created? - March 2014 printing. Adds QR scan code and jw.org logo to the back page. Quoted scriptures throughout the entire book have been changed to match the revised NWT. Would You Like to Know the Truth? - November 26, 2013. Adds QR scan code and jw.org logo to the back page. Quoted scriptures throughout the entire book have been changed to match the revised NWT. Listen to God and Live Forever - November 2013 printing. Quoted scriptures throughout the entire book have been changed to match the revised NWT.
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