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    My mother came into the truth in 1969 when I was 6 years old. I got baptized when I was 12 in 1974 so I could "temporary pioneer" and have tried to be a faithful servant of Jehovah ever since. My prayer every day is to "endure to the end" with the rest of my worldwide brotherhood!

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    I used to have quite a few - knitting, cross stitching, playing piano but have pretty much given everything up. Life and all we need to do to keep spiritually strong in this system takes up most of my time now! Hate to admit it but I'm an avid Classic Star Trek fan and I think "Too Cute" on the Animal Planet Channel is one of the best shows on television to date!
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    God's Word of course! Don't have time to read much else.
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    The only way to keep the truth is to give it away.

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  1. Many times, they deprive you of basic necessities for long periods of time to confuse you and weaken your resolve before the real pain begins (sleep, food, water). You go without sleep for 24 hours or more and you probably have trouble spelling your own name.
  2. If you have pets, it would also be good to let the people you invite know about it. Seems like a lot of people are allergic to pets, but if fore warned, they can take some Benadyrl or something beforehand.
  3. Does anyone know if the person doing this has been caught yet?
  4. Depending on where that story originated, it could of been written falsely that a brother gave them information and names in order to lower the morale of other brothers. It's a common tactic - "So-and-So already told us" in order to get you to agree or talk. They did this in the concentration camps - told other brothers that one of there's compromised and signed when, in reality, no one signed - in order to get others to cave in.
  5. I absolutely hate working with circular knitting needles.
  6. I know, the patterns are totally different now too (instruction wise- they go buy pictures/graphs instead of words). To pick up knitting again like I would like to I would have to totally rewire my brain.
  7. Yes, I have heard that many brothers and sisters in countries dealing with persecution pray for those of us in affluent areas because the numbers getting disfellowshipped due to immorality and pursuit of other pleasures is so much higher than many other places. Personally, I am so grateful for their prayers.
  8. Can you even begin to imagine the relationship Brother Christensen has with Jehovah??!!!! I think his face in that picture says it all - his Father is definitely looking after him and all our faithful brothers and sisters in Russia, Eritrea and Venezula. In one of our recent video's a sister from Mozambique says "love banishes fear" "where there is love, there is no fear". It's obvious from the look on Brother Christensen's face as well as the actions of our other brothers and sisters who are suffering, that this is true! Despite their hardships, they are so resolute in their determination to prove Satan a rotten, lousy liar and filthy coward and Jehovah as the rightful Sovereign of the Universe! I can only imagine how precious and special these ones are in Jehovah's eyes, just as Daniel was! Satan can take everything else away from them except the one thing that truly keeps them "alive" no matter what happens - their love for Jehovah. (Rom. 8:38, 39) No matter where they are or what is being done to them, they can call on Jehovah for help to endure - Satan can't stop that. Even if we were rendered blind, deaf and mute, he couldn't stop it. You'd think Russia would learn from past history, that when you persecute or try to wipe out Jehovah's people, it only makes them sink their feet in deeper and we come out with more Witnesses than we went in with in the first place! All they will end up doing is increasing our numbers over there.
  9. We have an itty bitty house (also includes a two car garage) but we are happy here. This picture is from google earth and i have only modified it to show the arrow, nothing else.
  10. If there is another letter writing campaign, it shouldn't be to government officials in Russia (Putin acts totally unaware that JW's have been declared extremist and yet he received millions of letters regarding this fact when it was happening) but rather the letters need to go out to human rights organizations and the UN, all over the world to get them outraged over the treatment. If more countries enforced sanctions against Russia for their barbaric behavior, then they might let up. But - as has been said before - Jehovah's thinking about things is so much loftier than ours. Perhaps he has something planned to expose the REAL culprits behind this persecution of JW's in Russia.
  11. PM Sylv and she will give you the link you need.
  12. I just pm'd her for the information I need! Wish more people would visit this thread and help!
  13. Ours is the week after the Memorial because we have our Circuit Assembly on the 14th.
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