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  1. Money, that's right. Sick leave. That's what I was missing. Thanks. What I was trying to do was see it as a company risk analysis view, but the risk analysis wasn't clicking for the mandates with the study.
  2. The point I'm trying to make might be better with scenarios... I'm not saying to not mask or social distance, just the vaccination. Let's say we have Bob. Who either doesn't trust the vaccine, is scared of it, or just doesn't want it because immunity or something of the sort. Scenario One: Bob isn't vaccinated. Sally who is either vaccinated or not vaccinated since she can still catch it either way, comes to work with covid because she doesn't know she has it. Bob gets it.Bob gets severely sick and maybe dies because he was unvaccinated. Job loses a worker. Scenario Two: Bob isn't vaccinated but is being forced by the mandate to get vaccinated or lose his job. Bob refuses. Job loses a worker. Scenario Three: Bob isn't vaccinated, same thing as Scenario One happens, but Bob doesn't get severely sick, even being unvaccinated. Job doesn't lose a worker. Scenario Four: Bob isn't vaccinated but gets the ultimatum to lose job or get it. Bob gets it, he turns into one of the rare cases that had a complication, Job loses a worker. In Scenario 1, 2, and 4, the job loses a worker. Through death, walking out, or death/complications again. Scenario 3, has a chance of death, but if it doesn't happen, the job doesn't lose a worker. So wouldn't the no mandates, scenario 3 be the better risk? All scenarios are assuming Bob is still smart and adheres to masks and social distancing, just doesn't want the vaccine.
  3. Sorry, I'm not saying the vaccination in of itself is useless. What I'm saying is why MANDATE, as in force people, give them an ultimatum to lose their job if they don't get it? The study shows that both vaccinated and unvaccinated have the same viral load and can spread it. So even if they mandate it, and get to the point of only having vaccinated workers, people still get covid. The only thing forcing people to do get it does is make sure they don't get severely sick or die, but going by companies that don't care about their workers, not all, but let's say the big ones, what's the point of literally giving an ultimatum if it doesn't stop people from getting sick? Suggest it, encourage it, yes. What I don't understand is forcing it to people that don't want it given that it doesn't change what happens on the job.
  4. Try all of this, if it still doesn't work we can go through more troubleshooting steps. https://www.drivereasy.com/knowledge/computer-wont-wake-up-from-sleep-windows-10/
  5. Do you have fast startup enabled? That can mess with the sleep mode.
  6. New study out, saying what a lot have known already, but it confuses me.https://www.ucdavis.edu/health/covid-19/news/viral-loads-similar-between-vaccinated-and-unvaccinated-people Like, why the mandates then? I understand why push the vaccination, so people don't get severely sick or die, that's out of concern. But why go to the point of an executive order, force federal, contractors and try to make large jobs force it, if in the end both vaccinated and unvaccinated get and spread it the same? It's not protecting workers anymore than if they didn't have it, just maybe ensuring they don't die. But if it's to ensure they don't die and thus lose that worker, they're losing it anyway by having them choose between the shot and their job. It's this stuff that I'm confused about to the point of distrust.
  7. Is it just a coincidence that a volcano took out a church and then an earthquake took one out? Like that seems kinda eerie.
  8. Can we still be a true christian if we refuse out of fear? The job I was trying to get was federal, I'll just say bye dreams and not get it, with the mandate now a thing. That's refusal but just accepting the consequence.
  9. Can someone more medically trained than my knowledge explain this to me? I, like others who are afraid have been waiting for a more traditional vaccination, or something besides the 'newish but not new' technology shots. So novavax was one I was keeping an eye on... Now I get that a shot should be FDA approved as has been tradition (most shots took years). But the mRNA NEWER technology ones were emergency approved and given everywhere. And we still don't know long term of those. Novavax which is using more traditional and thus longer tried methods, and ones we know more about even if we don't know them all in THIS virus, gets instantly shut down until it's approved and not allowed to get emergency approved? Seems kind of unfair... Especially for the vaccine hesitant that have been waiting on this. Edit: Whole Article : https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2021/08/covid-19-vaccinemaker-novavax-faces-manufacturing-setback
  10. The problem with the statistics of it vs the flu, is as I said before, the way they're marking their numbers. I don't know if this is just U.S or other cuontries as well. But if you go into the hospital with say a heart attack, but you test positive for covid while you're there? It's marked as a Covid death, whether or not the Covid was actually the cause of the heart attack or not. So some cases could have been mild, and just had the wrong timing or compounded. There's even been bizarre cases reported with photos attached where someones relative got in a motorcycle accident an was marked Covid, because they tested positive at death. How can numbers be trusted when you had that type of inflation of them going on? And the nurse videos, I just... that's kinda what broke the straw of belief for me. I see it non-stop said on the news even now that there's hospital bed shortages, and staff shortages. But 1. Despite staff shortages they still find it easy to fire groups of people over not getting vaccinated, despite them being front line workers throughout the entire pandemic that probably have natural antibodies at this point. 2. Dancing videos. All over tiktok made by nurses and hospitals where they somehow found the time to choreograph a dance, in very empty looking hospitals. Along with people going to their local hospitals and them being empty. When I didn't know what to believe for a while someone told me the best way to get away from all the media and news is to look at your own area. Not ignore the others, but look at your own area as well, your hospitals, your neighborhood, your town, and see how they doing. For here in Columbus GA... I've spoken to two paramedics in unrelated incidents last year. One told me it was the biggest hoax on the planet when I told him I was worried of catching it after he asked me what hospital I wanted to go to (which is dangerous advice, and I would have reported the guy had I gotten his name) another told me I had nothing to worry about. On the flip side, a nurse said her mother got it and almost died, but also said her mother had underlying health issues. I took the news's numbers, and ran them against the stats on Google where you look up a county and it shows you the daily cases or deaths you can set it to 'all time' or 'last 30 days.' The numbers reported, are lower than what's shown on the news, and here, at least, the deaths are stagnant, to maybe 1 or 2 every 2 weeks, like what would be the normal of dying anyway. But brother Carlos may have had a point. When I said I was paranoid. I mean, for a year and a half I did not go out, except maybe once. I ordered grocery from Wal Mart to my doorstep, I collected unemployment, I ordered fast food, I somewhat sabotaged my husbands car (basically refused to pay for repairs when it needed it) as a 'necessary sacrifice' to avoid the temptation for him to go out and catch the virus... I did not set foot past the outside front steps for most the duration till like April this year when things seemed to have started to calm down before Delta. I took the 'lock down' to extremes and became a shut-in. So to then get out, and see how it's not so easy to catch it as I thought, compared to the doom playing on the news constantly, it felt somewhat disillusioning.
  11. This one. I don't believe it's a hoax. I believe it was an illness comparable to the flu that's been taken and over-politicized by the nations out of fear and control to fit agendas. I still believe it's to be of concern. I just don't believe it's anything passed the concern of flu which is already deadly in its own right...
  12. I will... But here's an interesting question for thought. When P&S is declared. Will you believe the news? This entire pandemic has taught me to be more skeptic and self-reflective at listening to the media and news, and the leaders of our countries. If they're not going to have my well being in mind then, why should I believe they have it now?
  13. I understand this, and I said, I feel terrible for those people. But I also believe Covid has been exaggerated as the killer it's said to be. I had the Flu in 2017-2018 A. This was the deadliest flu year for ages they said. It killed thousands because the annual flu shot didn't work against it. Just like Covid, it caused pneumonia, and it was the pneumonia that killed the people, and other effects it led to. I believe that there are deaths and that there is a cause of concern. But I believe it in the sense of the annual flu that has literally disappeared from the scene for the year of pandemic..
  14. Call me crazy and insane... But I don't think I believe in the pandemic any more.. Like I respect people are dying, and I feel terrible they are. Something may be killing them... But between the media, the news on all sides, and the reaction of normal people, vs what's on the news.. I don't believe the 'pandemic' part any more.. In the China vids they showed us people having seizures, and dying on the streets. When it came to the U.S none of that happened. Since the pandemic started, the flu levels have gone down, yes people got more hygienic, but the only time you heard of Flu, it was in cases of Covid together (my sister had Covid, Flu, and Pneumonia at once they said.) They recently said the PCR tests of the past could not differentiate between Flu and Covid, and they're being changed... Despite vaccination being said to be the 'end-all' those vaccinated still get, give, and transmit covid just lesser symptoms more possibility of no deaths. Yet, the media has still made it a point to blame the virus on unvaccinated to the point it's come down to almost near segregation and wars over being vaccinated or not unvaccinated. (I still remain unvaccinated as of now.) There are dancing tiktok videos of nurses, and empty hospitals from last year. While I believe a few dances to throw off steam is good. This is more than a few, there are hundreds of these videos, and as one guy put it 'in a real pandemic you won't have empty hospitals and time off for medical professionals, people would be lined up to get in, and dying while waiting.' We hear 'hospital staff shortages' and 'not enough beds in the hospital' but then we have time off for them to choreograph a dance? The media has just killed my outlook on this. I still mask, I still take Vitamin D (4000iu), C, and Zinc every day. But .. I'm not staying a shut-in anymore, and I think it's wide exaggerated of a virus that's like the flu, but was politicized. Especially when comparing the numbers of how many people die annually anyways from other things. And then also looking at how if you have a heart attack and covid, it's blamed on covid. But if you have a heart attack a day after the vaccine, it's the heart attack, no matter what. Vaccine only gets blamed if it was allergic reaction or instantly as you got the vaccination, but anything with covid is always covid... When looking at the misinformation. I think this is was more a test for the GT than anything. Not in the virus itself, but the handling of it. The way people were shown to just give up everything and listen to the media. The media tells them to panic. They panicked. The media tells them millions are dying but can only show thousands. They believe it. The media tells them to get an experimental injection that's not FDA approved (yet novavax, the more traditional style of vaccination in technology that's been out much longer that they're making just got shut down until it's FDA approved.... ) and they take it. They tell them to blame those unvaccinated, they instantly turn against people, and treat them like garbage. They say the virus won't go away until 100% vaccinated, despite the stats and other doctors showing that max vaccination can be bad, and they turn around and listen to them and blame unvaxed even more and go so far as to illegally get a third shot for a 'booster.' They are literally living on the media and doing everything wanted, and believing anything, no longer using common sense, discretion, or reasoning. So... when the media chooses to say Religion is dangerous, it must be given up, it must be blamed, it must be 100% gone. ... I can definitely see now after this 'pandemic' how people, the masses will give it up. But then how they'll blame and fight the ones (like the current unvaccinated, and 'my freedom' people) for trying to keep it. Because it's literally happening as a beta test right now. This is just my thoughts lately, and pure opinion. But another thing. I went to Maryland the 2nd-4th. I didn't fly and had a friend drive me because I was paranoid of the catching covid in ariports. I originally bought N95 masks and was going to double mask with cloth, and ninja around people to avoid it. ... In the end I gave up double masking because the N95 was head masks and the cloth ears, and they kept sliding down and fighting over which one would stay on my face. I gave up on the N95 just wore cloth. Because of the mask I kept dropping my glasses, like over 20 times, and put those germ infested back on my face. I rode Metro, Bus, and went to 2 restaurants on the 2nd in the middle of DC when I met a friend. I went to 2 crowded museums in the same day. Spy museum and Sky/Space museum. I got turned away on my appointment the 4th for 'covid concerns' (allergies/sore throat I always get) and told to reschedule for 17th-19th. I went home, 2 weeks later, have not had covid despite all the risks I ended up taking. Only things I did in the end were the cloth mask, and D, C, and Zinc every day. Plus hand sanitizer a few times. That's just my experience... While I will continue to of course wear a cloth mask, and take the vitamins (since D levels were low in all covid cases) ... I still now hold to the opinion that this virus is highly exaggerated for the healthy. And it was underlying healths, old age, and other effects that led to the deaths like the flu. Again, opinion and just how I see it now. But as a hypochondriac, even I am not going to worry and stay shut in my house paranoid as much as I have been anymore.


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