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  1. Its discussed somewhat in ours. Ive also seen some people I know post they cannot get it due to heath issues, so they are more socially distanced for safety reasons 🥰 @careful POTS is actually a type of Dysautonomia (autonomic dysfunction). That’s what I have. Your daughter will be in my prayers. 🥰
  2. At first my dr was against me getting one, but now, with all of my new health problems and being underweight (103-105 lbs.) she told me she recommends I get the Pfizer vaccine.... In the past few months, I've been diagnosed with POTS (Postural Orthsotatic Tachycardic Syndrome)/Autonomic Dysfunction, Raynauds, and Hypermobile Ehler Danlos Syndrome... That's on top of a slew of my other health issues. ❤️ I personally know many who due to health cannot get the vaccine, and I am still very scared to be honest... If I had my rathers I would reject it... Unfortunately, though, my dr signed me up for physical therapy which will most likely be in an open room where people use various equipment and noone in my area hardly wants to wear masks anymore... Plus I have various procedures and tests coming up...
  3. This post is in no way to make anyone feel like an outcast. ❤️ And I know exactly how you feel... Plus I'm actually terrified for me, my mom or any of my sibs to get this. If there was a way to avoid this vaccine, I would! Unfortunately, I have to start both physical and swallowing therapy, where I will be around other people and my immune system needs some help... Jehovah and I love all of you, whether vaccinate or unvaccinated - you are not alone ❤️
  4. I am just doing a poll to see which vaccines tend to be used more with lesser side effects. if this type of poll is not allowed, I aologize and please remove it. ❤️
  5. Submitted my application for regular pioneering starting in Sep. 1st. ^_^ Very happy and looking to Jehovah to guide me.<3 Hope everyone is having a good day. 

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    2. RichardPNZ


      Very nice to hear.

      Advice from many pioneers on time is "Early in the week, Early in the month and Early in the year"


    3. ivy
    4. Chachanee


      Yes and I am so happy for you dear sis - I just got my letter for pioneer school in November. 

      I am elated and nervous 😁

  6. It stuck at the part where u add the address. It won’t add it. I deleted the draft twice but it still stuck. Elders gonna get back to me. I guess waiting for assistance.
  7. I finally managed to reset the security questions, upload info/address/photos, etc. And then when I got to the address part in the actual application, it stuck XD It won't add the address from my profile and won't let submit. Electronics will not stop me, hopefully I'll eventually get this submitted. Lol
  8. I set the security questions last night and used them to log in last night around 9:30pm But when I tried to login again a little later with the same security questions, it says they’re incorrect.
  9. I try putting the correct information but keep getting : Too Many Failed Attempts For security purposes, account access is temporarily disabled. You can try again in about 15 minutes. I keep trying. The only thing I can figure out is when I pushed enter, maybe it deleted a letter of something accidentally. Not sure what's going on.
  10. The elders sent me directions on getting a JW.org account. But when I put the security questions in, now it says they're incorrect and blocked me. Trying to reset says wait 24 hours but keeps glitching. Any tips XD
  11. I have personally always thought UFO's were government experiments and projects, do I believe in aliens (lil green men lol) no, but it would be nicer to have friendly aliens than some of the other theories the news has been throwing out there. XD Lol
  12. Anyone know how to print a tract from pdf form, to where it aligns on front and back and is the actual size of a tract?

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    2. carlos


      If you are printing from Adobe Reader, there is an option in the Print menu that says "Actual size". That should print the tract in its actual size.


      As for centering it, there is no option that I can see. Adobe says there is an "Auto-rotate and center" option in the Print menu that is selected by default, but I can't find it in my version of Acrobat.

    3. Hinata


      I like using the “Multiple” print option for this. That way the print will be center aligned, and also printed in the correct size. (No shrinking or oversizing.) What Brother @carlos was talking may be this.


      When printing in Adobe Reader, choose “Multiple” print option (or “Booklet” also works, depending on your needs) In the tab “Pages per sheet” is where you will enter the number of pages (of PDF) you want to print onto a physical paper. In the instance of tracts, choose 1. (that is, 1 by 1.)


      Also, in the “Page order” and in “(Page) Orientation,” choose the appropriate option (either Vertical or Horizontal) so that the print will not be printed to the wrong side. After printing the front page, you can do the same for the back page of the tract.


      The “Booklet” print option is great for printing a multiple paged brochure/magazines, such as the Watchtower magazines.


    4. Eejay


      Sadly, it is quite a challenge to align both sides of some of the publications so that they are exactly in place. I was trying with the Convention invite, but I gave up on this to avoid wasting time, paper, and ink!


      I have found that different printer drivers also yield differing results, so there are a lot of factors, even including the mechanical efficiency of your printer.


      I finally succeeded by transferring screen shots into MSWord, then aligning up the sides visually in double sided printing.

  13. Aren't we going to have a special campaign here in the U.S. in November? Maybe they are trying to help us rekindle our zeal until then. ^_^
  14. I have sporadic tooth sensitivity and that's bad enough.... My best friend told me to swish coconut oil in my mouth to help lessen the pain, may have to try it ❤️ Hope they get you some relief soon.


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