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  1. Jehovah said if He didn’t step end man would destroy themselves, and accounts like this just prove the scriptures are being fulfilled. I just try and remember that Those who die will have the resurrection hope, So Satan is just defeating his own purpose. ❤️
  2. Isnt funny how all the things that are supposed to help us and make our lives easier (that humans create) come with so many risks? Headphones, cell phones, tvs/computers, microwaves, cars, straws, etc. (I wonder if pacemakers or IV machines would be included?)
  3. Hmm, first the government goes after JW's and their leader says "he's confused and doesn't understand why JW's are being persecuted," then the news shows what the government does torturing JW's etc. and suddenly news articles are being banned, then they say it's not the JW's meeting together in private homes that's the problem but then they ban them from doing so and steal the property from JW's so they can't meet together to worship.... They sound majorly at odds with themselves 🤣 It reminds me of the fact that a house divided against itself can't stand...
  4. I've always wondered about this as people tell me I treat my pets more like kids lol I know animals were never designed to live forever. Live longer under better circumstance, that I could see. But Jehovah also says he will do away with all pain and tears, so I'm wondering how the death of a pet would affect us? I tend to get easily attached to animals - even when I say I won't....So I have always wondered if we would still be able to cry if we choose to if it's just out of sentiment lol . ❤️
  5. Several friends here will send out an invitation with a small menu of what will be served and a small note - If none of this appeals to you, feel free to bring a dish. That way everyone has something to eat and not just one person shoulders the expenses to provide a large array of different dishes.
  6. I love Yves Rocher products (It's an online store.) They are all natural and I have a lot of skin sensitivities and their makeup remover doesn't bother me like other skincare lines.
  7. For stray dogs many I know carry treats, pepper spray or umbrellas... But I'm a bit torn on this issue 🤣 If I was at a cart & someone let their dog knowingly come at me or someone sitting with me, while we were on public property, I wouldn't have a problem kicking the animal or trying to defend those around me. But, if the animal accidentally broke it's leash and became frightened and perhaps bit at me I would try to subdue the animal peacefully. The same in the public ministry, I try to put myself in their shoes and if someone came on my property and my dog was simply doing it's job by trying to protect me and someone hurt my animal I would not be happy. (Therefore I would try to be the least violent I could while trying to subdue the animal as I am on it's turf and it views me as an intruder.)
  8. I just want respect, to be treated like a human being lol, not to register for the draft 🤣 They either take it too far one way or the other.... No wonder Jehovah said people would be backwards in the last days... https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/03/05/male-military-draft-elizabeth-kyle-labell-lawsuit-constitutional-selective-service/3066858002/
  9. With most people, it only makes me nervous if the person carrying the gun starts acting angry or paranoid lol. I know relatives who carry a weapon (non jw) and I have told them to be careful, someone could take the gun and use it on them.
  10. I know if people follow the laws it would be okay as the guns would be holstered.... im just worried about the people who don’t repect laws and thats half the Ky population, no joke. Our congregation has elders ran off from peoples houses - chased with brooms, guns pointed at them. I will still be happy to go in the ministry 🥰 I will just be more cautious now lol 😅 The world is only gonna get worse so Im learning to adapT in my witnessing. ❤️
  11. It sounds like the laptop is caught in an endless loop and reset cycle. Depending on the model you have, there should be a button you can press when it restarts to get it to go into safe mode. There could be corrupted data files or even a virus. What model of a laptop do you have?
  12. Worried about my mom :( She's either got food poisoning or a nasty virus... Gonna be keeping a close eye on her. ❤️ 

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    2. EccentricM


      Sorry to hear that, as others have said, hope she gets well soon, but keep an eye and don't wait too long if there is no improvement.

    3. Good-O


      how is mom?
















    4. cricket246


      Getting over the virus or whatever it was, unfortunately her lungs are getting worse and it's taxing her heart... One dr wants to correct the surgery he messed up but I don't think she would make it through surgery... Another wants to treat her with meds she had a severe reaction too after being on it for almost 2 years and having several bad bouts of side effects which ended her going anYphylactic the last time she took them.... Just waiting on the drs and all possible options...

  13. Okay so the house - for the state of Kentucky - just passed a law that will allow anyone 21 and older to carry a weapon without a license.... https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/politics/ky-legislature/2019/03/01/kentucky-house-votes-to-let-people-carry-concealed-guns-without-a-permit/3028517002/ and the governor says he will sign it into law... https://www.graydc.com/content/news/Kentuckys-Gov-Matt-Bevin-says-he-will-sign-concealed-carry-bill-into-law-506575381.html The legislation, supported by the National Rifle Association, passed in the state House 60-37. It would let people carry a concealed gun without a permit or training, which is currently required. I wonder if this will have an impact on our meetings or field service here...
  14. https://www.inspire2serve.gov/reports/interim#universalServiceConsidering (This is a government website about the committee) It looks like the government formed a committee to review the selective service and are now considering changing it, scrapping it or taking a more drastic approach : The Commission is charged with considering a range of proposals to strengthen the pathways to service, help the nation defend itself against future adversaries, and break down barriers to military, national, and public service. Below are some examples of alternatives that we intend to discuss at public hearings and in continued conversations with the American people in the coming months. (They are discussing universal service.)
  15. I am hoping they will just scrap it all together 🤣
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