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  1. Sister Yanty, I really like your new, colorful profile picture! :sunshine:

    1. happiness IS

      happiness IS

      @Beggar for the Spirit

      Under President Suharto's New Order (1976), he implemented a policy of forced assimilation whereby all Indonesians of Chinese descent had to change their Chinese names to Indonesian sounding ones. 


      I noticed when I went to Jakarta a few years back, most of the brothers of Chinese descent prefered using their Chinese names rather than their formal ones as per their identity cards. Now however there is less restriction on these minority groups so those of Chinese descent can give whatever name they wish to their newborns.


      It is quite a hassle for the affected generations to change their formal names and in fact a Islamized name helped some of these Chinese Indonesians to bypass the discrimination and thus an opportunity to enter state universities. 


      Their informal given name has meaning behind it but the Indonesian names did not have any meaning attached to it. Just something the parents created and sounded a bit like their Chinese names.


  2. I had been doing 18-20 hours fasting for few weeks, and mostly I had several meals during eating window.... Now, I am trying to do one meal a day, which is 23/1... It may not be precisely one meal, but what I want is fewer meals... I tend to stuff myself with food when I have longer eating window, so I think of OMAD to have more self control
  3. I'm not sure about education system in Nigeria during pandemic... But, mostly we are doing it online now... How's meeting there? Is it done by zoom? You can teach trough zoom or other platforms... For example, an American sister is studying Chinese Mandarin through Zoom with me and she will transfer the fee through transferwise
  4. Teaching online? How's internet connection in your place?
  5. I have few close friends, but I am not sure if we are best friend to each other... One is fun but not compassionate, another is helping but she's not as open as I am to her, and so and so... I am thinking if all of their good traits combine into one person, then there is my best friend... As I am older, I get more realistic perspective of human and world which are imperfect but I still believe there is such thing called best friend, though it's not easy to have one... No problem, I still have a lot of TRUE friends....
  6. I am unfamiliar with this vote stuff... What is that?
  7. Actually we may not know exactly what is heatlhy or not as the academic research and study is always progressing, not to mention poltical or economic interest that may interfere the result... In the past, we are told A was not good for your health, and B was recommended... But, now it is the contrast or they claimed C and D are better... In the end, we are already "sick" because of sin, we will die no matter how we choose to be healthy, plus there's unexpected events that may overtake our life... Sure, we will try our best to protect our life, but what is the correct method, I truly dunno... So, are you into carb or fat? Lol
  8. Lol, I like your new avatar. 😄

    1. ivy


      Me too... He is so cute, and his name is Quby :crush:

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