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  1. It's not in JW language, but is in the JW library sign language app: https://www.jw.org/en/online-help/jw-library-sign-language/features/ This won't teach you ASL, but all our videos and Bible are there. As @Stormswift said, there are apps available to help you learn, but the best way is to be with the deaf, and, if possible, join a sign language group or Congregation. I've had a similar experience in BSL, and it's great fun!
  2. I had one do that a while ago - seems to be a memory conflict issue, and sadly the only solution was a new device....
  3. According to news reports here in the UK, she used the radiator HOSE to drink water from a nearby stream/water source. Not to drink the actual vehicle radiator water!
  4. You don't need to do anything. It is a known problem, and will update once the problem has been fixed. It's an app problem, not a Roku problem, so buying a new one won't help. The only thing we can do it exercise patience!
  5. Thanks @For Hire 24, but it's clean - no malware, and cache all cleared, and a fresh install of JW library.
  6. Yes, that's Dudley assembly hall - except for the second photo which is Bowes Road, North London. We had a regional convention there 2 years ago whilst Dudley was having some work done. All the assemblies are back at Dudley now. Yes, you need to enter "British Sign Language", not "BSL"!
  7. @moosic it would be great if you could get to an assembly, you will really enjoy it! In the meantime, there are loads of BSL videos on jw.org: https://www.jw.org/bfi/publications/ We have the watchtower and workbook every week, as well as the majority of publications and all the meeting videos. They're also on jw broadcasting.
  8. Oh yes @Jonathan77, there are dialects! Many dialects & accents! Even numbers are signed differently. @moosic at the assembly we have about 800 of which about 500 are hearing, so don't worry about attending. The circuit overseer's and Bethel representative talks are spoken with a translator, but all others are signed only. Most try to go to a hearing assembly in order to get the spiritual food clearly. And the signing levels are from beginner to expert, so don't worry about your level Try and get there; you'll really enjoy it! August 31 - September 2 at Dudley assembly hall. We have all our assemblies there, regional and circuit. It really is a wonderful experience.
  9. Ok, thanks @SUNRAY. Thanks for the quick reply! Anyone else out there with any other ideas???
  10. Hi all, especially @SUNRAY A brother in our Cong has just had this same problem occur. Did you manage to fix it? I've cleared the cache, cleared the app, and nothing changes. Thanks, Peter
  11. Me too Greg... But mine is in sign language; lots of contemplating & meditating! 12 hours to go for us in South Wales, UK
  12. I have an Aldi just round the corner from where I work - Caerphilly, UK. Go there frequently! And a Lidi...
  13. That is so wrong. Apart from breaking the legal agreement, If someone clicks on a YouTube video, it registers a view even if they only watch a few seconds and stop. There is no guarantee that they watched the full video. So the time counted will be impossible to calculate! Apart from breaking the terms of use of course!
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