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  1. We have a huge fire in Northern ontario and there is a total fire ban in Northern and Eastern Ontario. We have had some rain but its nowhere near enough. Pretty crazy. You can see the fire reports here. https://www.ontario.ca/page/forest-fires#NORE
  2. That is interesting that they all attended the summit for persecuted christians. Funny how russia came down so hard on the only groups that represents Jehovah so hard while they were in cahoots with the US religious right wing. Wonder who egged them on toward the ban?
  3. Exactly. I saw a youtube once for white SJW protesting something or other and some Back guys were getting in their face about it. Another Black man articulated very well his thoughts. He said as a Black Man he was 50% more likely to be shot by another black man on his way home from that protest. He was 50% more likely to be assaulting on his way home. He was applauded and he showed that these white SJW group did not have a complaint to complain about. He said I don't have to worry about the white guys he worries about his one race because of how violent and backward they were. Black on black violence is disgusting. Sure there are white bigots out there but there are some of other colours too. They are way more dangerous because they don't see themselves as bigots or racist. Even Black People that perpetuate the crimes against their own race and others don't see the problem they cause because they are blind to it. Its really sad and society at large cannot do anything about it.
  4. I loved firefly I wish they would make another season or two about it. The serenity movie was good for sure. But I felt it was a little disconnected from the series. Nathan Fillian does great work. My wife loves castle and thought she would like this series too.
  5. So post the source of that so we can read what he said. Your info you put in there made it look like he was being rude to us. So please post the link so we can read it for ourselves.
  6. Our are here in Ontario is basically in the center of southern ontario. Its an hour to Toronto, Hour or so to niagara falls. we can get to one of 3 border crossings with in 2 to 3 hours depending on which one we want. There are some nice provincial parks within an hours or so drive. The Grand River Conservation authority has some nice day use parks with in a half hour. We have a great Blues fest that is happening next weekend for 3 days. Jazz fest was the week of the Rib Fest which stinks. We missed it. Biggest draw to this area is Oktoberfest. Largest oktoberfest outside of Bavaria. We never go though because its just a big get drunk and puke festival. We get people that come from all over North America Europe Asia for it. There is the African Lion Safari with in a half hour drive. Never been but it would be fun to go. The biggest draw for us is being a convention city. We never have to travel or stay in a hotel for it. Our Circuit Assemblies are in London. So that is nice only being an hour away.
  7. Br Splane was a CO in alberta canada when My uncle was there. Kind of cool that my uncle knows him.
  8. Ya that one came up in my recommended thread cause of the tornado guy i follow now on youtube
  9. This was a pretty amazing video. Didn't know how diverse lightning can be or that it affected the upper atmosphere the way it did. Very interesting watch.
  10. Like I said it about your perspective on it. I don't recall him using the word cult or cultists at all. Maybe I read it too fast. It is weird when you consider where he is coming from. A complete outsider not knowing anything about us would think it was weird. So what. I don't know about you but I have been called a lot worse for being a witness. Weird is pretty tame.
  11. Hey just because he didnt understand what was going on or why doesnt make that a negative report. I thought it was rather good and brought a little humour to it. I liked it and see why Tom thanks him for it. Sometimes we have to stop reading the negative someone writes to see the positive. Its our view of it that can make the difference.
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