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  1. I dont understand the attachment self sustain is the definition of immortal. Angels are not immortal. Therefore, they do not self sustain.
  2. Im sorry. I must have misunderstood. It looked like you were stating as a matter of face we will not eat meat in the paradise to come in the future. My mistake.
  3. A brother from Bethel spoke to me about this. The decision is dice we don't know for sure, and since some of the friends are adamant we won't, it is best to not depict eating meat. The Slave does not want to be a source of stumbling or a cause of complaint. Plus, what if we don't eat meat? Better to depict breads, fruits and vegetables only. Keeps the peace.
  4. Where in the Bible does it say this? I missed that scripture. You might have to travel to another planet to see a living dinosaurs
  5. Yes, if Jehovah chooses to recreate extinct species, that will be different than resurrecting an animal that previously lived and died. It may be possible to bring back some extinct species through selective breeding. I've seen it said that each animal species carries the entire genetic material for all the varieties it can produce. It's just a matter of finding the right combination. The dodo or passenger pigeon might be extinct but, as long as their "kind" is alive, it might be possible to reintroduce the extinct species. A lot of what science tiday calls separate species are really just genetic variations of the same kind.
  6. I should have started drinking wine sooner, obviously. Maybe i can fight future stones
  7. Maybe we won't keep pets like we do now. When all animals no longer fear humans, perhaps we will lose the desire to keep certain domestic animals contained as pets. Why not let sll of them roam free? Some domestic animals bring us love now because we can only get close and play with a limited number of animals. When we experience the joy of playing with a lion, bear, bobcat, elephant, alligator, orca whale, etc... We may no longer desire to limit ourselves to dogs or cats or have the heart to confine any animal to our home property. And i currently have a dog and 2 cats.
  8. You oppose gmo food but favor gmo pets. What an interesting contradiction.
  9. The US branch territory is training everyone who works in the attendant department on how to handle disruptive individuals.
  10. We can only do so much when faced against an armed individual. We have no weapons and no body armor or Kevlar vests. We also aren't trained psychologists with hours and years of crisis management hostage negotiation training. What would you suggest we do? Do you expect it is practical, logical, reasonable, or even realistic for all attendant brothers to undergo professional training in how to deter an armed assailant?
  11. Active shooter reports on U-M campus appear unfounded, sheriff's office says https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2019/03/16/university-michigan-emergency-alert/3188490002/ Social media has said the incident was someone popping balloons
  12. As Christians we do well to constantly remind ourselves on Jehovah's view and his promises for the Kingdom. Notice this Watchtower: In the face of such evil it can be very difficult for us to remain neutral. Without thinking about it, we could easily develop an "us vs. them" attitude. We could even paint some aspects of Babylon the Great as worse than others. For example, it's easy to have more hatred toward the Islamic religions right now because of terrorism but we should not forget that all of Babylon the Great is guilty of heinous crimes. For centuries Christendom also has stained her hands in the blood of innocents. Back in my childhood the terrorists that were setting off bombs and killing innocent civilians thought of themselves as "good Catholics" (although their terrorist campaigns were not fueled by religious ideologies). As we're seeing in the news of late the Catholic leadership has been guilty of many heinous immoral crimes. None of Babylon the Great is innocent and they all have been and will receive negative judgement from Jehovah. We should not allow Satan's machinations to persuade us to violate our neutral stand because one member of Babylon the Great is acting more heinous than any other at a particular moment in time.
  13. We were 4 miles away from the touchdown at a winery. We just finished eating pizza and were playing games. We heard the howl of the wind that sounded like a tornado. Rain going sideways. Then the power went out. It was sn EF-0. Touched down 4 miles away. While EF-0 is the lowest rated tornado there is as far as wind speed, minor damage was still reported in the area. The NWS says most of this damage involved broken and uprooted trees, but there was also some minor structural damage to a few homes.
  14. Doesn't have to be ISIS. Any gun toting, Witness hating individual could be a threat. This is why the Organization is training attendants in their vigilance.
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