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  1. Right. There is more to being an adult, even legally, than simply knowing right from wrong. Just because someone knows, in a clinical sense, right from wrong does not mean they understand the difference.
  2. It was more common in the past, typically among brothers and sisters who were in the Truth before the NWT was released. The phrase is even in our publications https://wol.jw.org/en/wol/s/r1/lp-e?q=Whore+Babylon&p=par&r=occ But typically we don't use the expression today. You might get some funny looks but no one would really be offended. It would be more like surprise at such archaic language.
  3. As a race fan and a brother this makes me happy
  4. Sounds like it was something they said, not just that they were preaching.
  5. I like the line from a dance movie (I think it was Take the Lead.) "The man leads. The woman chooses to follow."
  6. My step-son enjoys hockey. A lot. He plays pick-up or adult league games as his schedule permits. He's been going to NHL games his entire life. His father-in-law gave his wedding talk this past December. The brother used the Stanley Cup trophy to illustrate the scripture about assigning your wife honor as a weaker or delicate or priceless vessel. She is a prized trophy. I think that was a nice touch. Incorporating something of my child's personality and likes as an illustration for the talk. It drove the point home. It also made the talk personal
  7. We had a part (or was it an article?) years and years ago about this. The basic point was nobody is born into the Truth. Everyone must make the Truth their own. Some youths are born into a Christian home, like @Dismal_Blissdescribed for his children. But they technically are not born (or raised) in the Truth. This is really a minor technicality and is on the same level of distinction as being a member of the Other Sheep vs. Great Crowd. The difference being the Great Crowd will only be identifiable at/after Armageddon. It's minor semantics.
  8. Circumcision could not constitute age of majority because males were circumcised at 8 days of age. Hardly old enough to decide anything for oneself. And only males were circumcised. Such a marker of majority would exclude roughly 50% of the population from ever being capable of reaching majority. And we know mature women were viewed just as much as adult as men.
  9. Yes, if Jehovah chooses to recreate extinct species, that will be different than resurrecting an animal that previously lived and died. It may be possible to bring back some extinct species through selective breeding. I've seen it said that each animal species carries the entire genetic material for all the varieties it can produce. It's just a matter of finding the right combination. The dodo or passenger pigeon might be extinct but, as long as their "kind" is alive, it might be possible to reintroduce the extinct species. A lot of what science tiday calls separate species are really just genetic variations of the same kind.
  10. I should have started drinking wine sooner, obviously. Maybe i can fight future stones
  11. Maybe we won't keep pets like we do now. When all animals no longer fear humans, perhaps we will lose the desire to keep certain domestic animals contained as pets. Why not let sll of them roam free? Some domestic animals bring us love now because we can only get close and play with a limited number of animals. When we experience the joy of playing with a lion, bear, bobcat, elephant, alligator, orca whale, etc... We may no longer desire to limit ourselves to dogs or cats or have the heart to confine any animal to our home property. And i currently have a dog and 2 cats.
  12. You oppose gmo food but favor gmo pets. What an interesting contradiction.
  13. The US branch territory is training everyone who works in the attendant department on how to handle disruptive individuals.
  14. We can only do so much when faced against an armed individual. We have no weapons and no body armor or Kevlar vests. We also aren't trained psychologists with hours and years of crisis management hostage negotiation training. What would you suggest we do? Do you expect it is practical, logical, reasonable, or even realistic for all attendant brothers to undergo professional training in how to deter an armed assailant?
  15. Active shooter reports on U-M campus appear unfounded, sheriff's office says https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2019/03/16/university-michigan-emergency-alert/3188490002/ Social media has said the incident was someone popping balloons
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