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  1. The page is always timely. After nearly every big event, the page reflects our/the Bible's take on it 😊
  2. The US doesn't have anything coordinated like that 🙄😒 Some various states do.. https://www.cnet.com/health/some-states-have-an-app-for-your-covid-19-vaccine-card-heres-what-else-we-found/
  3. Interesting that the entire magazine is study articles only 🤔
  4. They're nice for pleasure- I love horses. But if I need to get somewhere quickly, have parcels, if it's cold, hot, raining, snowing, don't have a lot of space, a vehicle is much more attractive to me.
  5. This is one of the most lovely and thoughtful things I've ever read. 🥲🥰 Well done to that couple in your congregation- they are wonderful!
  6. One thing I never liked about boom mics is that the brothers always held it in my line of sight when I'm commenting. I'd have to move it down so I could see the material. Handheld was much better- but I understand why booms have to come back 😦
  7. I'm with you 100%, @carlos- and I don't have any of your struggles. My Hall is under ten minutes away. But I've gotten more and more quality association over these past two years than any other in the past 17. I don't feel as separated from groups of people as I did before- it feels so much more inclusive of everyone. Manna is delicious- beats growing my own food!
  8. I attended a congregation this past Spring that had Philip Ingram (singer of many of our songs) as the speaker. His talk was good... but it used pix from the Revelation book! You could tell the outline was older... but he's been giving that talks to many different congregations. :shrug: Same...
  9. You'd have to know this brother to know how "unhip" to the times he is! 😄 He runs a couple of our meetings for service and is a bit cringey at times- but we appreciate he's there. If something needs correcting I'm sure someone will do it. Someday... 😉 It was just interesting to me
  10. Brother @vern - We've already long been assured by the GB that the Covid vaccine has no blood products and is acceptable to Jehovah’s Witnesses; they've been extremely and publicly clear on these points. I honestly don't believe it would be wise- or unifying- to suggest to anyone that you have a religious or biblical reason/ argument for your decision against the vaccine. At least not one that represents Jehovah’s Witnesses in any way.. 😲😧
  11. Haha- no.. the song was #139. But I kept thinking about our discussions on the topic here, the entire time. That outline is pretty old.. 😬
  12. We had the old Noah talk today... a full ten minutes about the canopy 😃
  13. Agreed.. 💝 And there was no request asking for anyone to identify their status if they didn't want to. It's just a poll..🤷🏽‍♀️
  14. This is a bombshell, for sure! https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/report-finds-216000-children-were-victims-french-clergy-sex-abuse-since-1950-2021-10-05/

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