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  1. It's also of note that unlike most other religions, we don't count anyone as a Witness until they are baptized and active in the ministry. There are thousands of inactive "Witnesses" who are not counted in our yearly report. I think that's a rather huge distinction - you don't get considered a Witness unless you are actually walking and talking as such. It doesn't matter what sort of family one was born into.
  2. Yeah - I just think of the one I posted above. That's the most accurate!
  3. I need a picture of somebody who actually cares how I spend my time...
  4. @Tortuga - my brother are you going to load up this month's talk onto your site? Pretty please? ❤️
  5. Hmmm... I'm not sure it makes sense to conflate people who eat animals with cannibals... They're not comparable in any way.
  6. I thought it was notable a couple of Broadcasts ago, the scene was in Peru and when they mentioned "livestock", they showed guinea pigs!
  7. That sound cool. I can't say I've ever had an official "dinner party".. just friends coming by for something to eat and watch a movie. My dinners are very casual affairs. I wouldn't ask or expect anyone to bring food "they can eat" but it's customary here for people to ask if they can bring anything. At most, I'll say a beverage or maybe dessert. Regarding wine - if they bring it to me, that's great! If I'm thinking about bringing it somewhere else, I'll ask if they're serving wine. Their answer indicates if I bring that or the very delicious French Berry Lemonade I can get from Trader Joe's. That's a hit with everyone!
  8. I'm sort of a mix of all this. I'd NEVER ask or expect anyone to bring their own food to a dinner I'm making for them, unless it was a pot-luck dinner or something like that. I'd be distressed if someone *did* bring their own - the whole point of dinner guests is for them to eat the food I make! If I knew someone was vegetarian (or vegan = horrors 😉 ), I'd ensure there was something on the menu they could eat with good conscience and happy bellies. Usually a salad with choices of toppings and dressing will fit that bill. I generally run the menu by my friends in the first place; they're the usual suspects generally in my service car groups. It helps me think of what would be best to cook; I love suggestions. I don't have a table, so it's plates on laps in my small apartment - I can't have more than four or five people over, anyway. TBH, it would be much more challenging for me to cook vegetarian (or definitely vegan). I'm not a big veggie eater, myself and figuring out how to make plates of vegetables taste as good as a plate of fried chicken or lasagna would definitely stretch my brain! Fortunately, my crew are happy meat eaters!
  9. Yah - I figured that was the case; background enhancement. Thank you! They do sound fantastic! I look forward to more diverse Original Songs... some tunes from Asia/India, Latin America, Polynesian, etc... this was a welcome change up!
  10. I really like this song... and I think it sounds even better in Lingala. You can hear the brother's voice is more relaxed; it sounds wonderful! ❤️ Do you know what "ayé" means? Or is it just a sound to fill in background like "hey or la-la" or something?
  11. Wow, it's 8.42pm Eastern/Bethel time... I wonder why the Broadcast has not posted?
  12. Yay, thank you! How wonderful it's in a different (not Western) style!!!! ❤️ I love it! I can't share any Broadcast link 'til it's on the "official" site... or I get the side-eye from everyone. I'll be happy when it's on JWB!
  13. Americans are crazy. I fail to see any value in this "gun culture" that's held in such high esteem... 😕
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